Buy Music for Christmas – Garry George Wilkes – Rock and Classical composer.

This Buy Music for Christmas is promoting an extraordinary man, Garry George Wilkes, a Rock and Classical Composer, Lyricist and Musician. Garry has been diagnosed with a number of mental health issues over the years and more recently, at only 60 years old the onset of vascular dementia.


His story is one of survival, triumph and also achievement. It also highlights the role that is played by those who love and care for a person with mental illness. A support team that has to bend to accommodate the needs of a person who is driven in many ways to perform but has to live their lives with a strict code of conduct and routine.

A few weeks ago Garry talked about his childhood and young life and the traumatic events that led to his breakdown in his 20s. He also shared his music which encompasses many styles including Rock, Classical ballet scores, musicals, and as a talented lyricist. He is very honest about his mental health issues and the effect on his family and friends. He understands very well that the restrictions that he puts on himself impacts heavily on those around him. He shared his highs and lows, his passion for music and through his photographs, his life until now.

His latest project, co-written with his talented composer/musician nephew, Jameson Tabor, is a musical about his life. ReAwakeningis an opportunity not just to communicate openly about mental illness but to illustrate how it does not always define you, or prevent you from achieving success.

He is helping to fund this musical and get it in production as quickly as possible with the sale of his haunting song It Swallowed Me Whole for just 99cents. I have put the links for Amazon and also CD Baby.

It would be great if we could help this happen so please share the post. Thank you. .
You can buy Garry’s Single It Swallowed Me Whole on his website for $.99 USD and at all the major music outlets like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and dozens of other music stores around the Web.

For the five interviews with this exceptional man please click on this link.