Size Matters Serialisation – Chapter 18 – Final notes and getting started.


This is the last chapter in the main part of Size Matters and there is a second section which contains some of the tools that will help you get started including food diary templates, Candida Questionnaire, weight charts and food and nutritional information. Tables do not always translate well to WP, so if you would like copies of those then contact me direct and I will send via email.

The main worry that concerns people who have lost a considerable amount of weight is that they will put the pounds back on again. I trust that you now have a better understanding of your body and the type of fuel best suited to you. The program should become a way of life, with the odd dash of high living thrown in for good measure. I have reached some conclusions about body weight management over the last eighteen years that will prevent me from ever returning to obesity.

Number one is that everybody is unique in the way they utilise the food they eat. This is dependent on lifestyle, age, sex, activity level, and to a degree genetic background. Once you have found the right dietary balance, one that offers you energy, fitness and health, you will want to continue eating that way. Take this program and adapt the basic ingredients to suit your own personal requirements. Be in control of your own eating habits and do not simply let your body dictate what you eat.

Another conclusion that I have come to is that the body has a fine-tuned detection system where food’s nutritional value is concerned. For example, if you take two people of the same height and activity level, eating exactly the same amount of calories, you may find that one puts on weight very easily, whilst the other stays at the same weight or loses weight. However, one of these diets may consist of 2,000 calories of fruit, vegetables, grains and protein, with moderate amounts of fat and sugar, while the other may consist of high levels of fat and sugar and small amounts of fruit, vegetables, grains and proteins. If the proportion of nutritional food is too low, the body may decide that there is a deficiency and start to store food to ensure that it can obtain all the nutrients it needs.

I have learned not to underestimate my own body. I did so for over forty years and suffered the consequences. This body of mine is now my most precious asset. Provided I do not meet my destiny in the form of a truck or untreatable disease, I hope to live out my natural life span with all my mental and physical faculties intact.

When I am old, I want to be active and alert, not sitting in a chair barely able to remember yesterday. I believe that the ageing process can be managed with diet and supplementation in order to prevent deficiencies which cause damage to the body and the mental faculties. Having tasted health, fitness and energy, I will not let them go easily. This one conclusion alone will keep me from returning to a heavier weight.

As you will now realise, I am very keen on my accumulation theory. My resting heart beat when I weighed 330 lbs (150 kg) was 85 beats per minute and if I was just walking gently, it would rise to over 140 beats per minute; hard work for a pump that has only one life span.

My resting heartbeat is now 45 beats per minute and it takes me 20 minutes of aerobic exercise to raise my heart rate to over 130 beats per minute. In my case, if you do the sums for the next forty years, which takes me to over 100 years old, it should convince you of the benefits of being slimmer and fitter:

Old resting heart rate

At 85 beats per minute x 60 x 24 x 365 x 40 = 1,787,040,000 beats in the next 40 years

New resting heart rate

At 45 beats per minute x 60 x 24 x 365 x 40 = 946,080,000 beats in the next 40 years

As you can see, my resting heart is going to beat nearly a billion times less over the rest of my lifetime, which has to save on a great deal of wear and tear. Remember that this is based on the resting heart rate, but the mathematics works across all levels of activity for the heart.

The same theory applies to other parts of the body, which are all now having to work less. Your joints will be able to move more efficiently at your ideal weight and there will be less cartilage damage, decreasing the possibility of wear on the joint head. Your internal organs require a certain amount of fat to cushion them from unexpected damage through accidents. However, when you reach your ideal weight, the excess fat that has been strangling the organs and inhibiting them from working as they should will be gone, and this will prevent them from becoming diseased and withered.

On the subject of fat accumulating over the years I have posted this table a number of times but it is worth taking a look at from time to time. We tend to think of things in two when it comes to food. When you put your hand in the cookie jar, do you usually pull two biscuits out instead of just one? Does your toaster look lonely when you only put one slice of bread in so you add another? Many of my clients will fill in their two week food diary before coming to see me and will point out that they have a very good diet and that they only have two plain digestive biscuits with their coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon.

Those four biscuits add up to 300 calories a day x 365 = 109,500 calories in a year. Each pound of body fat is related approximately to 3,500 calories. This means that by eating those four biscuits each day you will accumulate over 31 lbs of body fat. As most people are looking to lose 28lbs or so it seems logical that at least halving the intake of biscuits each day might be a place to start!

fat accumulation table

Items on the list are also healthy options but it is important to remember that you can have too much of a good thing as well. Unless you have an extremely active lifestyle your calorie requirements need to be taken into consideration and your best bet is high on vegetables, lean protein, moderate on healthy fats such as olive oil, moderate on high sugar fruits and low to moderate on grains. ‘Cook from Scratch’ and cut out the industrially processed foods.

This program is not only about losing weight to look good in a new outfit, or on the sports field, it is also about the health and functionality of parts of your body that you cannot see. When the damage has been done, it can be irreversible. Remember this when you are tempted to return to your old lifestyle. Take a look at your checklist of all the reasons why you wanted to lose weight in the first place: do you really want to go back to that? Catalogue all the benefits you now enjoy: would you want to give all that up?

New Year’s Eve 1995 330lbs

170lbs 1999

When you have finished your program, which may be in a matter of weeks, months or even years, take a photograph and put it next to the one you took at the beginning. This is your achievement and deserves to be rewarded. Celebrate a successful completion of the project and then plan how you are going to maintain this level of health and fitness.

Now it is time to design your own program and learn to live a different life than the one you are used to. Your future is in your hands. This is your chance to take back control of your weight and health and in a few short months you will wonder why you waited so long.

You will find the other 17 chapters of Size Matters in this directory. I will leave the book up on the blog until the New Year.

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