Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday 13th January 2021 – #Humour The Story Reading Ape, #Writing Charles Yallowitz, #Inspiration Robbie Cheadle.

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The Story Reading Ape delivers a wonderful selection of funnies every Monday and they are top of the line… this week’s are no exception..

Head over to enjoy the rest of these hilarious funnies.. well worth it: The Story Reading Ape – Monday Funnies 11th January

Now for some writing tips from prolific fantasy author Charles E. Yallowitz

7 Tips to Writing in 2021 (Not That This Year Is Really Any Different Than Previous Ones)

Last year, things were a really wild road in terms of writing. Not only for myself, but for others from what I could see. It either felt like we had all the time in the world or couldn’t get a second to ourselves. I managed to write the last 4 volumes of War of Nytefall last year while doing remote working. It wasn’t as easy as one would think in lockdown since I also had to work, help my son with school, and avoid going mad from either being cooped up or watching the news for more than 15 minutes. Again, I’m not the only one who experienced this. It was exhausting and oddly exhilarating, which resulted in me learning a few things about writing in the future. (Okay, I knew them already, but this experience renewed the memory.)

Notes are incredibly valuable. You never know exactly how long a writing period will last even when things are slowing down. Sickness, family time, waking up with no author mojo, or simple fatigue can push you back in the midst of a roll. If you maintain some notes about where you are, you will need less time to get back into the story once you return. It doesn’t have to be detailed. It can even be about how you were feeling or where you think they story is going. Whatever works for you to get back into the swing of things.

Head over to read the other 6 tips that Charles has shared, useful for both established and new authors: Writing Tips from Charles Yallowitz

The final post today is the second in a series by Robbie Cheadle hosted by Bella on Thoughts ‘n’ Life blog.

To be inspired by others is a great way to spark in us a determination and motivation. It is also a short cut way to fast forward our learning, and increase our tool box of options and understanding.

Therefore, I have asked a few blogger friends, if they don’t mind being interviewed and featured on my blog with the intention to inspire us with their journey. Click here to read the introductory post. 

Where does the inspiration to write come from? Featuring Robbie Cheadle Part 2

In this three-part series, we will be speaking to Robbie/Roberta Cheadle who has written books in several genres, whilst running a household, working full-time as an accountant, and actively managing two blogs (Robbie’s inspirations (started in 2016), and Roberta Writes (started in 2018)).

In part one, we learnt about Robbie’s Children’s books which she wrote with her son.

Today, we will focus on how she got into writing, the fictionalised biography she wrote with her mother, how she started to write Horror, and we will also discuss editing, researching, beta-reading and more.

Robbie’s Writing Journey – How it All Started.

As a girl, I always wrote poetry and shorts passages of descriptive prose. I read a huge amount, having learned to read at 4 years old. Some of my favourite books, including Anne of Green Gables and Emily of New Moon, both by L.M. Montgomery, inspired me to write.

Head over to read the rest of this motivating post from Robbie: Lets Get Inspired by Robbie Cheadle Part 2 of 3


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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday March 4th 2020 – #AuthorSpotlight James J. Cudney, #Bookoffer Darlene Foster, #Funnies The Story Reading Ape

The first post is from James J. Cudney and is one of his popular author spotlights. If you are looking for a great place to be noticed, then being a guest of James is a good start.

Today’s post is an author spotlight. You’ll get to know the author and the author’s books, view book covers and marketing campaigns, read an interview between the author and me, and discover where to learn more about the author’s work, including social media contact links. Let’s meet…

About the Author

I am a semi-retired corporate investigator for the software industry here in the U.K. I live in a little village just outside of Stratford-upon-Avon in the English Midlands. I must confess, though, that I have yet to visit Bill Shakespeare’s home even though I walk past it about once a week! After a career spent fighting white-collar crime, I now spend most of my time reading, thinking and writing about life in medieval and modern China – and especially about the history of the administration of justice there.

Head over to enjoy the rest of the spotlight featuring Laurence Westwood: Author Spotlight with James J. Cudney

James J. Cudney, Buy: Amazon US  andAmazon UK  – Website/Blog: This is my truth nowGoodreads: James J. Cudney

And now birthday greetings to Darlene Foster who is celebrating by offering Amanda in Holland: Missing in Action at a reduced price. She also shares some wonderful photographs of Holland

I have a birthday coming up soon. Didn´t I just have one? They sure seem to come around quickly these days. To celebrate I am offering the e-version of Amanda in Holland: Missing in Action for 99 cents USD, or equivalent, from March 4 to March 11, 2020.

It’s a quick read and will transport you to Holland without you having to get on an airplane, bus, train, or boat.

Head over to enjoy a five star review for Amanda in Holland and some more lovely photos: Darlene Foster Happy Birthday Book Sale

Darlene Foster, Buy: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK – Website/BlogDarlene Foster WordPress – Goodreads: Goodreads

Please visit Amazon or Darlene’s blog to view all her books.


It is Wednesday and if you are anything like me you are ready for some humour to keep you going for the rest of the week.. The Story Reading Ape is guaranteed to lift your spirits, aided and abetted by his aunt Maxine who has very strong opinions.. she doesn’t pull her punches so remember to duck when you head over.. Here are a couple of her ‘moments’…

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