Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Monday 13th January 2020 – #SunshineBlogger Mark Bierman, #Readingaloud Jennie Fitzkee, #Indieshowcase Richard Dee

The first post is from author Mark Bierman and is his response to The Sunshine Blogger Award. I am delighted to be nominated, but that is not why I am sharing.

In the first couple of years of my blogging I was thrilled to be nominated for an award and I still am. It was an amazing way to meet new bloggers by following the others who were nominated and it also gave my blog a huge boost in new readers. It is an honour to be nominated, and it is also an opportunity to nominate other bloggers, some of whom might be just starting their blogging and would appreciate being showcased and a chance to meet other writers. I know that many of you are award free, and appreciate the time it does take to respond, but I hope that you might reconsider the odd one or two in 2020 and use it as a chance to put your favourite bloggers in the spotlight… we all love a bit of recognition from time to time.

I came off a few long days of work to find a wonderful surprise when I checked the comments on my blogsite.

I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I was pleasantly surprised and honored!

The award is given out by members of the blogging community in recognition of their inspiring, creative, and motivational blogs.

I would like to thank Chris, whose informative and motivational blog Living Healthier  and Happier   is full of helpful articles that give great advice on diet, mental/physical health, financial issues, and everyday challenges. I highly recommend a visit, just click on the link above.

Chris has asked me to answer eleven personal questions, so here goes:

Head over to find out more about Mark Bierman via his responses and who are the eleven blogs he has nominated: Mark Bierman – The Sunshine Blogger Award

Find out more about Mark’s novel Vanished and read the reviews: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK

Next is a post from teacher Jennie Fitzkee with more reasons why books and reading is so important.. especially when reading aloud..

A Free ‘Oral Vaccine’ for Literacy

Yes, there really is a free oral vaccine for literacy. It is reading aloud. No, not reading. Reading aloud. Because, in order to become a reader (and a lifelong reader) you have to hear the words – first – over and over again.

When hearing those words becomes a pleasure, like the constant sound of the ocean, the magic has begun. And those words grow more words. And you fall in love with words, the sound of words.

You look at words and pictures in books that are read to you and make a connection with the printed word. By the time you are six, you are eager to read those words on your own. And you do. You do well in school, too. All of those words you have heard for years contributed to your academic success. You love reading books on your own, yet you still enjoy reading aloud.

Head over to read the post in full and share your experiences of the joy of reading aloud: Jennie Fitzkee – Reading Aloud

The next post is the first of the Indie showcases on Richard Dee’s blog and if you have not been a guest yet it is a great place to get noticed. Meet author P.J.MacLayne

At the age of eighteen, thanks to the Irish Rovers, I met the unicorn that inspired my first attempt at writing a book. It was high fantasy, but of course, I didn’t know that back then. I also had no idea about writing in chapters, the number of words expected, head-hopping, all the usual hazards. All I knew was that I wanted to get a story down on paper.

And I did. With paper and pen and pencil. I was in way over my head and knew it. I did it anyway. Justifiably, I was proud of myself, even though I knew the finished product lacked a good opening and was burdened by a few weak plot points. I still have that manuscript, somewhere.

I didn’t try to write another book for—let’s just say lots of years and leave it at that. I had some minor success with poetry and it fed my creative spirit for a long time. At least one of my poems survives in an internet archive of a magazine.

One day I heard about this thing called NaNoWriMo, a challenge to write 50,000 words—a book, basically—in one month. I had a story bumping around in my head that wouldn’t fit into a poem, and the challenge sounded like fun, so I decided to give it a try.

Well, fun may not have been the right word for the experience. And I didn’t “win’ by getting 50,000 words on paper. At least I tried. And it got me hooked.

Three books later and I finally wrote one that I thought was worth publishing. Which led to the inevitable question—how the heck does that work? I knew the basics about agents, publishing houses, and cover letters, but not the nitty-gritty details.

Head over to find out more about P.J. MacLayne and her books: Richard Dee’s Indie Showcase with P.J. MacLayne

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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Thursday 21st November 2019 -#Crystals M.J. Mallon, #Indieshowcase Richard Dee, #Blogcomments Hugh W. Roberts

The first post today is from author M.J. Mallon who is writing for The Sisters of the Fey blog.. Marjorie found herself in The Wyrd Shop – with witches hanging from the rafters and displays of wonderful crystals of every kind.

The Wyrd Shop #Edinburgh #crystals #writing inspiration #mindfulness #walkingmeditation

Whilst up in Edinburgh in October I managed to visit the Wyrd Shop which I’ve been intending to go to for some time.

It’s a really unusual little shop down the Royal Mile on 154 Canongate Edinburgh, EH8 8DD.

I wasn’t disappointed. If crystals are your thing then a trip to the Wyrd shop is a must. As well as crystals they have witchy items such as wands, tarot cards, runes, dragons, fairies and the like.

Shortly after arriving the lady shopkeeper pointed out that I was looking at a very small area of crystals. There were cabinets behind and to the rear of the shop too.

This is interesting! Since my trip to the Wyrd shop I have started doing a course on Mindfulness which combines meditation and a way of looking at the world with fresh, inquisitive eyes.

I’ve been trying out mindful walking. You might like to explore this yourself. Here is a link to do so:

Head over to discover more about mindfulness and some of the crystals that Marjorie bought that day: Inspiration, Mindfulness, Walking, Meditation with M.J. Mallon – Sisters of the Fey

M.J.Mallon, Buy:Amazon UK Website: M.J. Mallon –  Goodreads: Goodreads

The next post is from author Richard Dees and is one of his popular Indie Showcases, and in this post he introduces us to author Jae Malone who shares her story and her inspiration behind her writing.

Please welcome this weeks guest Jae Malone

Thank you Richard, for giving me this opportunity to publicise my books and my love of an area I go back to whenever the opportunity allows; the West Country, mainly Somerset and Dorset. Having grown up in Sherborne in Dorset and later, living near Glastonbury reignited my fascination with the Mendip Hills. The network of limestone caves is a perfect setting for some powerful fantasy scenes.

Having read showcases by friends, Helen Hollick and Angela Rigley, I agree marketing is the main problem. However, as I understand it, and here perhaps I should say – allegedly – mainstream publishing rarely puts as much effort into marketing new authors as in previous times, preferring to concentrate on better known authors who have an established fan base.

Following our escape from an abusive marriage, my children and I spent time in women’s refuges while trying to establish a new life. Later, having successfully moved on and studying for an HND in Business Administration, a lecturer suggested I write my story as something positive for others in similar situations and thought it might be cathartic. I tried, and it wasn’t. It felt as though my emotional scars were being torn open. However, although I was never able to write the full story, I have written three short stories relating to episodes during that time: ‘Sanctuary’ and two one-hour real-time incidents.

Encouragement to write from my lecturer and my second husband, David, gave me the confidence to try and surprisingly, after years of office work and raising a family, I found my imagination still worked. I wrote, ‘Silver Linings’ a Christmas fantasy adventure of a world populated by human and fantasy characters that sparked into flame and continued in a series of four now published books, with a prequel explaining how various events in these books occurred, and a spin-off led by two of the newer characters currently in the pipe-line.

Head over and find out more about Jae and her books: Richard Dee’s Indie Showcase with Jae Malone

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And now time for another tutorial from Hugh Roberts on the subject of blogging. Whilst it is lovely to receive likes, it is very special to receive a comment from a reader who leaves a comment. It is how relationships here in the blogging community are developed and is important. Hugh shares his tips on how to increase the number of comments that you receive.

During the time I’ve been blogging, I’ve found many ways of getting readers to interact with me. Today, I’m going to share with you what I believe are the five most important and easiest ways of generating comments.

In one of her recent blog posts, blogging expert Janice Wald says that search engines such as Google and Bing are attracted to blog posts that contain at least 30 comments. Why? Because they show that the blog is active.

Janice goes on to say that value-added comments can bring in lots of extra traffic and boost the post’s SEO ranking too. Comments help lengthen a blog post, and search engines are attracted to long posts rather than short ones.

Long posts Vs short posts. Which one is best? Head over to read the rest of this very helpful post:

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