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There are some articles on food studies that I just gloss over to be honest as they are usually funded by parties with an invested interest. In recent years the sugar cartels have been very active as are the meat and grain consortiums.

However, one area that I am definitely interested in is industrialised food. I avoid the term processed food because some of our natural products will go through some form of processing to reach our tables.. dairy products for example.

However, industrially produced food is a very different beast and that is because it is usually more man-made than naturally sourced. Over the years governments have forced food manufacturers to add more and more to the labels until it has become a farce. Apart from needing a visit to an optician for bottle top glasses to read the print, you need a degree in chemistry to identify the ingredients.

Those of you who visit the blog regularly already know that I advocate a cook from scratch approach to food that not only eliminates most of the chemical additives but  also provides nutrients in a form the body understands and can process.

An estimated 75% of diseases that kill us prematurely are lifestyle related. It is not just about eating too much and not taking enough exercise. It is about the nature of the food we consume.

If that food contains anti-freeze and you eat on a regular basis then you are compromising your liver. If your liver is working inefficiently then toxins will build up in the body. If toxins overwhelm your major organs and your bloodstream you will develop disease.

I am not the food police, but it seems crazy to me that we are willing to put our lives and the lives of our children at risk for the sake of convenience and cost.

I have done the sums and cooking from scratch, and in bulk takes less time, costs less and is much healthier.

I will leave you to read the article and whilst some of the claims may only refer to certain brands that are available it is worth thinking first before buying something that looks too good to be true… it probably is!

Do you know what you are eating? Ingredients from human hair and beavers’ scent sacs used in popular foods like bread and ice cream

‘Study lifts the lid on bizarre ingredients used by food and drink industry
An ingredient derived from human hair prolongs the shelf life of bread
Vanilla flavouring in ice cream may derive from the castor sacs of beavers
Some chicken nuggets contain a chemical found in breast implants

Sweepings from the floors of barber shops in China and a secretion from a very intimate part of a beaver are ending up on the nation’s tables, it is claimed.

A study has lifted the lid on some of the bizarre ingredients used by the food industry, beauty giants and others.

Researchers have revealed that some supermarket bread contains an ingredient derived from human hair’

Some of the other secret ingredients that were discovered during the study are equally interesting..

Ready made cake mix – Anti-freeze ingredient propylene glycol is used to stop fat clumping together

Marshmallows – Made using Gelatine which is made from boiled animal bones

Chicken nuggets – Some chicken nuggets contain dimethylpolysiloxane which is used to make silicone breast implants

Read the rest of the article here….

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