Smorgasbord Blogger Spotlight January 23rd 2023 – #Reviews D.L. Finn, #Reading Robbie Cheadle, #Writinglinks D.G. Kaye, #Diary Yvette Calliero, #Interview Judith Barrow, #Funnies The Story Reading Ape, #Powercut Cheryl Oreglia

A small selection of the posts I have enjoyed this week and I hope you will head over to enjoy in full. Thanks Sally.

Denise Finn shares three of her reviews from the first part of January for Harmony Kent, Elizabeth Gauffreau and Alex Craigie. Amazing books and I can highly recommend too.

Head over to read Denise’s reviews for these wonderful books: Denise Finn January Book Reviews

Robbie Cheadle explores the best way to teaching our children about the natural environment and conservation as it is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. She shares some excellent ways of making sharing about nature and conservation with children both educational and fun on Writing to be Read.

Head over to read this interesting post from Robbie: Growing Bookworms – Teaching Children about Nature and Conservation

Debby Gies shares her monthly compilation of helpful writer’s tips including Anne R. Allen Ruth Harris, Diana Peach Diana Urban, Jessica Bell, and Hugh Roberts..

Head over to take advantage of Debby’s foraging for great writer’s tips: January Writing and Blogging Tips from D.G. Kaye

Yvette Calliero has been participating in the RRBC 30-Day #Blogging Challenge #GetToKnowMe with a blog post a day. One of the interesting by products is, having read this post is just how much we cram into our days in one way or another. Another reason for finding ways to relax and unwind from time to time. Lovely way to get to know our fellow bloggers.

Head over to enjoy sharing a day with Yvette: A Day in My Life with Yvette

Judith Barrow shares another her Places in our Memories with guest Kathy Miles… lovely recollections of Liverpool and Wales.

Head over to meet Kathy and enjoy her memories: Places in our Memories with poet Kathy Miles

As always Chris the Story Reading Ape manages to find the funniest characters online including this couple… some of the gags are a little close to home.

Head over for some laughter: The Story Reading Ape – Monday Funnies

Cheryl Oreglia had a three day powercut so went on a road trip which highlighted the devastation of the storm front on the Californian coast..It was quite the adventure and in typical Cheryl style, was infused with good humour.

Head over to share the adventure with Cheryl: We are still in the Dark


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Smorgasbord Blogger Weekly – March 20th 2022 – #Writing Traci Kenworth, #Audiobooks #Children Robbie Cheadle, #Review Elizabeth Gauffreau, #Interview Judith Barrow, #Blogging Hugh Roberts

A small selection of posts I have read and enjoyed over the last week or so and I hope you will head over to enjoy in full. Thanks Sally.

In the first post Traci Kenworth explores pimples.. not just those that break out on important days such as your wedding but in other areas even writing. Tracy also shares a selection of links to posts you might enjoy…

The Pimples That Invade Writing – Traci Kenworth

Pimples can ruin your day. I remember many a day gazing into the mirror, seeing that horrible red invader. It always showed up in the midst of a big event. Prom. A date. The day of your wedding. Always inconvenient. Always hideous. You just wanted to crawl back under the covers and avoid anyone you knew seeing you. 

Head over to enjoy the rest of the post: Pimples that invade our writing

The next author today is Robbie Cheadle, as a regular contributor to Writing to be Read and Kaye Lynn Booth.  It is part of the Growing Bookworms series and Robbie shares audio books that introduce children to music.. including Peter and the Wolf, one of my favourites.

When I was a little girl in the pre-preparatory school, one of my favourite music lessons was when our teacher played the audio book of Peter and the Wolf. I loved the story about Peter who needed to protect his pets from a hungry wolf. Most of all, I loved the sounds of the musical instruments that accompanied the story. Each character in the story has its own musical instrument and each sound is perfectly suited to the character. Our teacher used this story to teach us about the different musical instruments, which family of instrument it belonged to, and the sound it made. 

Find out more about how audio books can teach children about music: Robbie Cheadle – Writing to be Read

The next post is a review from Elizabeth Gauffreau for Tales from the Annexe by Audrey Driscoll.

As its subtitle indicates, Tales from the Annex is a collection of seven stories based on H.P. Lovecraft’s Herbert West character, followed by seven other tales.

I went into the collection not having read Driscoll’s Herbert West novels or anything by H.P. Lovecraft. I was very curious to see whether these tales could stand on their own, as well as to gain insight into why this character would inspire a contemporary writer to reanimate him in her own fiction.  

Head over to read the rest of Liz’s review for the book: Tales from the Annexe

The next post is from Judith Barrow who is celebrating the upcoming Honno Book Fair coming up on May 7th in Pembrokeshire, with profiles of the authors featured in the fair.  In this post Judith introduces us to Annette Purdey Pugh

Introducing my friends and fellow (or should that be sister?) authors of Honno – The longest-standing independent women’s press in the UK – who will be at the Honno Book Fair on the 7th May 2022 , 10.00am until 4.00pm, at the Queens Hall, Narberth, Pembrokeshire. Over the next few weeks I’ll be introducing the each author. I’ll also be showcasing Honno, the publishers.

If you’re in the area,we’d be thrilled if you popped in to say hello

Today, I’m really pleased to be joined by Annette Purdey Pugh. 

Head over to discover more about Annette Purdey Pugh and her work: Meet Annette Purdey Pugh – Honno Book Fair.

In the final post congratulations to Hugh Roberts who looks back at his 8 years of blogging, the changes not just in formats but also in the people met and enjoyed over that time. Some sadly for one reason or another are no longer with us, but it is amazing how many of our writing community are still going strong.

Banner for the blog post 'Blogging - Is It All That You Want It To Be?'

In February 2022, I passed a blogging milestone. WordPress informed me that I’d been blogging for eight years! But that notification had me asking questions while I looked back at those eight years.
Banner for the blog post ‘Blogging – Is It All That You Want It To Be?’

What are your thoughts on the world of blogging?

Eight years? It doesn’t seem that long ago that I started to blog. I know of bloggers who have been blogging for much longer than me and who continue to write and publish posts full of interesting content that are always of the highest quality. Not only do they care deeply about what they write, but what they publish. That makes all the difference – knowing what to publish and what not to publish.

Head over to read the rest of Hugh’s post and share your own thoughts about blogging: Blogging, is it all that you want it to be?


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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday 10th March 2021 – #Interview Judith Barrow, #Reviews D.L. Finn, #History Pat Furstenberg

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed in the last few days and I hope that you will head over to enjoy in full… thanks Sally.

The first post is from Judith Barrow who  interviews fellow Honno author Carol Lovekin.. a terrific interview which I am sure you will enjoy.

A few Moments With Carol Lovekin

Hello, dear reader, and welcome.

Like you, I am a guest; invited by Judith to appear on her blog and answer some questions. This is an event, frankly. Since lockdown has put paid to physical book launches and fairs, sitting down to write about my author self and my books is a treat. So thank you, Judith!

Judith and I are both published by Honno, the Welsh women’s Press. It’s the longest standing women-only press in the UK and I think I can safely speak for both of us when I say it is an honour and a privilege to be a Honno Girl. That said, we’re not girls anymore! We are both women of a certain age who, although we were already writers, came to publishing later than some. Judith was first published by Honno in 2010; my debut came out in 2016.

Although we write in very different genres, our stories share some similarities. We both write strong women characters and explore family dynamics, not least, the relationships between mothers and daughters, and sisters.

I recall first meeting Judith at a Honno gathering before I was published. Ghostbird, my debut, had been accepted but I was very much the new girl. Judith immediately struck me as down-to-earth, friendly and very funny. I was soon to learn her dry wit and no-nonsense Northern persona sat comfortably alongside her kindness and supportive nature.

Over the years we have become good friends. (I’m still a bit star-struck to be honest. Judith really is a wonderful novelist and her published output is prolific.) It’s an extra special pleasure then to chat with her on her blog.

Head over to enjoy the interview with Carol Lovekin in full: A few Moments With Carol Lovekin and Judith Barrow

The next post is from D.L. Finn and is part one of her recommended reads for March.

March Book Reviews Part 1!  – Colleen Chesebro, Teagan Geneviene, Harmony Kent and P.T.L Perrin

Slices of Soul by Harmony Kent

“Slice of Soul” is a beautiful collection of poetry that tugged on my emotions. There is a story weaved into the poems that had a memoir feel to it. Each section was a narrative of the author progressing through periods of her life. So many feelings arose, but each one felt authentic and direct from the soul. I really connected to the ocean or guitar passages but appreciated each part of the journey. This is a book I will be reading again 

Head over to read the rest of the reviews: Author D.L. Finn March Book Reviews Part 1!

The final post today is from Pat Furstenberg, with the fascinating history of The Black Church in Brasov and an excerpt from Pat’s WIP.

The Golden Gate Portal of Black Church, Brasov, and a Story 

golden gate portal black church brasov

The Golden Gate Portal of Black Church, Brasov dates from 1450, a time when Vlad Tepes was a lad of only 19 years old and already an ex-prince (3 month Voievode of Wallachia at the age of 17), and now a political fugitive, a nomad in Moldavia where he was consolidating his friendship with his maternal cousin, future Stephen the Great.

There are seven points of entrance into the Black Church of Brasov. Starting west, in clock wise motion, they are the West Portal and also the main entrance, the Sacrificial Portal and the Golden Gate Portal (1450) on the North side, and on the South side the door to the vestry and a small access door followed by the South Portal (1467), and the Confessional Door.

Head over to find out more about the Black Church and read the excerpt from Pat’s WIP: The Golden Gate Portal of Black Church, Brasov, and a Story


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