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The first post today is from poet Willow Willers and it a tribute to the women who worked to keep the home fires burning, as part of this year’s International Women’s Day 2019

I am running so late today , I have not had time to write a post for International Women’s Day. I thought I would re-post an SoCs from November 2016. In that post I pad tribute to the women of WW1 and WW2 who took over all the jobs that the men who had been sent off to war left empty here in what was known then as Great Britain.

Not only did the women do these , sometimes very dangerous jobs,but they looked after the families and homes. Now I do not wish in any way to detract from the huge sacrifice of all the men who fought for our countries during the two wars .

First a poem.


Remember the women left back home.

They made the ammunition for Tommy
Dangerous work,they died too, it was not funny.
Women became officers of the law
Something never heard of before.
Nurses, drivers even pilots for planes
Remember them we will never know their names
Someone had to give the farmers a hand
Remember the men were at war in a foreign land.
The members of the ” fairer sex ”
Drove the buses, trains and lorries
Kept all essential job going, however complex
They also fed the family and kept the Home Fires Burning

©Willow Willers

Please head over and read this wonderful post as I am sure like me you had mothers, grandmothers and even great grandmothers who played their part in one way or another in the war effort. Some great photos tooWillow Willers International Women’s Day 2019

About Willow

This is my chance to display my poetry and pros . In a way it is mainly for my own expression of the pent up feelings and stress that usually pins me into a corner on a daily basis! My profile tells you all you need to know about me , my poems I think tell you even more. I hope you can enjoy my work, feel free to drop in at any time you are always welcome.

The next post is from Jim Borden on that elusive state of retirement….

Well That Wasn’t The Answer I Was Hoping For! But…

A recent headline caught my attention immediately:
What is the ideal age to retire?

It’s a question I’ve been giving more and more thought to, now that I’m getting, well, you know…

I was hoping the article was going to reveal that the ideal age was sooner than I thought, which would mean I was that much closer to retiring.

But then I read the subtitle:

Never, according to a neuroscientist

Wait – you mean I’m meant to work my entire life?

Head over to read more about the benefits of not retirement and options to keep occupied if you do: What is the Ideal Age to Retire by Jim Borden

About Jim Borden

Husband, dad, brother, uncle, nephew, friend, teacher, ex-swimmer, blogger, vegan, juggler, learner, introvert.

Now that I’ve reduced myself to a cultural stereotype (with a hat tip to Woody Allen), who am I when I take away all the labels?

This blog has given me a chance to think more deeply about many things, and to share those thoughts with the world (well at least a really tiny part of the world). And in sharing those thoughts, I’ve started to understand a little bit of who I am. A 60-something guy trying to figure out the world, and his place in it.

Now for a recipe for an Irish dish that is very popular, especially on cold wet winter days from Dorothy of The New Vintage Kitchen. You will also find a number of variations on a theme for the ingredients, and if you browse the archives you will be leaving with some inspiration to create wonderful dishes.

Modern Twist on Colcannon

Image New Vintage Kitchen

Traditionally, colcannon is an Irish dish composed of mashed potatoes with cabbage or kale. But with a few twists, this dish is lightened up for the 21st Century, and stars in three delicious left-over creations.

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here, a time to visit some of the traditional dishes that traveled from Ireland to our New England communities. We’re not talking about green bagels or beer here, but home-cooked dishes that called the hungry to the table.
Comfort food at its best!

Colcannon is peasant comfort food at its best. This combination of mashed potatoes and cabbage is tasty, satisfying, filling, and uses easily found, inexpensive ingredients. This humble bowl of mash is served on its own with butter added to a little crater in the center of the moon, which melts! It is often accompanied by a protein such as Irish bacon or sausages, but often it’s just enjoyed on its own.

At this time of year, we can easily make it from local produce from our winter markets!

Head over to read the recipe for this all round dish that also packs a powerful nutritional punch: Dorothy’s New Vintage Kitchen – A lighter Irish Colcannon

Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy these posts in full.. thanks Sally.