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The new featured author today is Marc D. Crepeaux and his novel Modern Waste, a thriller set in a small town in north Georgia.

413uvvutltl-_uy250_About the book

Modern Waste is a thrilling adventure of deception, murder, and corruption in a small town in north Georgia. The town’s gangs and old families control the county and its police. A rival from another town is taking over, and war is breaking out. As the title suggests, the book is filled with lives thrown away, and futures desecrated. This is about part of modern society that is often lost, people that live in the middle. They are on the fringe, between lawlessness and legitimacy.

A selection of reviews for the book

Fast-Paced and Intense  ByJ_T_D on September 30, 2014

If you’re looking for black and white crime fiction dripping with romanticism look elsewhere. “Modern Waste” is set in the backwoods of North Georgia far removed from the comfort and sterility of the suburbs, in a world both more genuine and more disturbing than the overstimulated non-stop race to nowhere of modern life. It’s set in places where many people are only a generation removed from honest work that’s now in short supply and drugs are a perfect solution for the bored and the broke. It’s about a reality where doing the right thing requires doing the wrong things. I liked how the action kept flowing with just enough detail to draw me into their world and left me yearning for more.

Grit your teeth and inhale the smoke of Modern Waste! By Amazon Customer on November 2, 2015

I couldn’t help but feel like I knew the narrator as I consumed the pages. Even more eerily, I felt like he really knew me. If you’re a delicate Lilly living in denial then you’re in the wrong place. If you’ve forgotten to pick the kids up from school because you were caught in the throes of a good plot then call your Mema and tell her what time they get out, because you’re headed to Rome Georgia and like many others before, you won’t be returning directly.

Beautiful, Violent, Sad, and Just Great! By Kevin Lintner on August 11, 2015

“Modern Waste” is a dark and intelligent thriller that captures the reader’s attention right from the start and keeps it all of the way through the book. The story while riddled with sadness, never drags and does not rely on cliches and predictable plot devices. This is a character driven tale and the characters are the standout. From Vince, a drug kingpin to the members of a rival drug organization to the corrupt local law, every character that graces these pages is fully developed and has a purpose to advance the story. If you are a fan of the gritty crime stories by Elmore Leonard, especially “Fire In The Hole” which spawned the TV series Justified, you will love this story. “Modern Waste” is just as entertaining, but is much more elegiac, serving as a funeral song for an area and its residents seemingly forgotten by the rest of world.

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Also by Marc D. Crepeaux


This collection of poetry, prose and art is a salute and celebration of the modern American worker. Generations of unrecognized heroes who wash our cars, mow our lawns, bake our bread, douse our fires, take out our garbage, teach our kids, grow our food, build our houses, mend our roads, and defend our freedom.The American Dream is still there for all of them, hidden in plain sight, riddled with confusion and abandonment.

One of the reviews for the collection

Some of these poems spoke directly to my heart. “The Dreaded Interview”, I got my teaching degree late in life and had to go to what seemed like hundreds of interview before I finally got my first teaching job… only to have to start all over the following year. “Where Testosterone Flows”, I know this was suppose to be a bonding between a father and his son, it still brought back many memories of my father and his daughter, me. All the projects started and many never finished, the tools sitting on top of the china cabinet waiting to be put away, but we may need them again soon. Thank you so much for helping me relive my past. 

51isfpzk0el-_uy250_Marc’s latest project is a collaborative anthology that he also edited. Letters Never Meant to be Read by Marc Crepeaux (Author, Editor), Kristi Denker (Author), Joel Dockery (Author), Brandon Lawrence (Author), Meghan Rynn (Author)

Have you ever wanted to write a letter to that guy or gal you brushed up against on the train? How about that lost love or the friend that did you wrong? The family member who never really saw you? The teacher or boss who declined to see your worth? What about the person you wished you had thanked? Letters that the writers had no intention of ever sending, this collection of salty rants and unspoken melodies has been curated for the entire world to marvel upon. This book offers a hard glimpse into the perspective and time of the letter writer. If you do have any letters of your own, send them, signed or anonymous. Correspondence will always be considered for the next collection. We dare you…

Raw on January 9, 2017

This is single handedly the best book I have read in the past year. I do not typically enjoy reading non-fiction but this raw exposed book felt like a work of fiction. It had some of the Go Ask Alice type vibes. It is also fantastically edited not something I have come to expect from indie authors. This book was AMAZING. I can’t wait for volume 2. 

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About Marc D. Crepeaux

Marc D. Crepeaux is a curator, editor and writer for Letters Never Meant to be Read. Marc has also authored the gritty, Southern crime novel Modern Waste and the poetry collection Worked Stiff: Poetry and Prose for the Common. He is from Killawog, NY and spent much of his late-teens and early twenties in NYC where he acted like a maniac. He now works as an English teacher and a Captain in the Army Reserves, among other entrepreneurial endeavors, and holds an MFA in Creative Writing. Marc lives in a more calming environment with his wife, two daughters, two dogs, and two fish in Rome, GA.

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