Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update #Reviews – Miriam Hurdle, Linda G. Hill and Mark D. Giglio

Welcome to the Friday author update for books on the shelves of the Cafe. The first book today to receive a recent review is Miriam Hurdle for her collection Songs of the Heartstrings: Poems of Gratitude and Beatitude.

About  Songs of Heartstrings

Human being has the willpower to travel through an exhausting journey, win a tough battle, and heal a deep wound. Strength from hope keeps us going until the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight and striving until the storm is over.

This poetic memoir comprises themes ranging from the suffering through an undesirable relationship, surviving an aggressive cancer, to the happiness in true love, the joy of parenthood, and gratefulness toward the Maker. Hurdle reveals the honest self-talk and reflects a heart filled with optimism, faith and trust. She illustrates the poems with her beautiful photos and paintings.

A recent review for the collection

“Songs of Heartstrings – Poems of Gratitude and Beatitude” is a most enjoyable book of poetry. Told in the first person, Miriam Hurdle takes you along on her many journeys, in the ups and downs, of life. I particularly enjoyed the photos, placed before many of the poems. It brought me closer to what Miriam was relaying in her words.

My favorite poem is “Life’s Currents”. Here, the author reminds us we are never alone, no matter the hardships we might face in our time here on Earth. There is no doubt Miriam has a strong faith and relies on it for many of life’s obstacles.

The book is broken up into eight different sections, making it a very pleasant read. Miriam uses different styles of poetry, so you’re never just reading. She easily gets and keeps your attention throughout. If you are looking for a poetry book filled with inspiration, and thought provoking passages, this is the book for you. I highly recommend this to any and every one, as I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Songs of Heartstrings – Poems of Gratitude and Beatitude”.

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The next recent review is for award- winning author Linda G. Hill, and her modern-day Gothic romance series, The Magician’s Blood: A Paranormal Romance- The Great Dagmaru Book Two.

About the Magician’s Blood

Herman Anderson is in love. Thrilled to travel across Canada with her boyfriend as his assistant onstage, she returns to her hometown—the first stop on the Great Dagmaru magic tour. Anticipating a reunion with her brother, instead she finds her family has moved without a trace.

Stephen Dagmar’s career as a stage magician is taking off. With Herman by his side, his only concern is her father’s dislike for him. But as Herman’s father makes a prediction and resolves to come between them, Stephen’s family curse returns to haunt him.

Darkness descends as the reality of the Dagmar’s incubus bloodline surfaces for the first time in over a generation. Can Herman and Stephen’s relationship survive this new trial? Will Herman survive at all?

A sinful tale of beauty and romance, love and determination, The Magician’s Blood will chill you and leave you breathless for more. *18+ Contains explicit scenes.

One of the reviews for the book

Linda Hill has a way with words! I was consumed by the plot and the story-telling, and enjoyed its pace so much that I had trouble putting it down when it was time to sleep. Linda Hill has set very high standards for herself, and I look forward to reading more from this author! Highly entertaining!!

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Also by Linda G. Hill

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The final author today with a recent review is Mark D. Giglio for Alchemist Gift (Alchemist Series Book 1)

About The Alchemist Gift.

Time travel to the age of alchemy.

The life of grad student Roland Hughes changes when he cheats on his long-term girlfriend Liz. Soon after, specters of Renaissance men and women pull him back to a time of witchcraft, magic and curses.

Roland pays dearly for his fling, and desperately wishes for another chance. The cosmos hears and delivers him – with the help of the enchanted Alchemist Cabinet – to a new life and time.

But will he redeem himself, or chase the same temptations?

One of the recent reviews for the book

Marilyn J. Collier 5.0 out of 5 starsTime Travel February 2, 2019

You start in the 14th century, then pop to the 21st century with Roland and Liz. Their romance is on hold while Roland tries to get his studies in order. Liz has the high powered job and an attentive married boss. Then you’re back in the 14th century with witchcraft and miracles and, of course, the bad apples in the Catholic church hunting for the witches, a tad futile with the first group miraculously rescued by the wood from an old apple orchard. The wood is as much a part of the unfolding drama as the characters involved for it becomes the Alchemists chest that transcends time. Roland stumbles onto the chest and looks in one of the drawers. There is a folded paper with his name and several thousand dollars. This gives him the wherewithal to purchase said chest. His romance with Liz seems nowhere and he examines the chest in his rented, dingy rooms. Something explodes and he winds up in the 14th century almost in the arms of Sofia, the daughter of the cabinet maker. She has been raised by the man known to have dabbled in the art of alchemy while at this studies. He is now mostly bedridden. Roland is not able to remember his past life and develops a strong attachment to the two. The countryside is besieged by the Protestant forces from the North. The local duke is allied with the Catholics and he too has an adopted daughter. His abuse of her has stirred her into a plot or revenge. A chance meeting of Roland while the Duke’s soldiers make off with a number of orphans to sell to a slave market, causes her and Roland to strike a deal for gold through the process of alchemy. Will the scheme work? How will Roland, Sofia, and Liz all resolve the missing parts of their lives will be found within the tale.

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Also by Mark D. Giglio

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