Smorgasbord Weekly Blogger January 9th 2022 – Funnies, Story Reading Ape, Moon Blessings Colleen Chesebro, #Mercury D.G. Kaye, #Bookreviews Jacquie Biggar, #Shrimp New Vintage Kitchen, #Customerservice John Howell.

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed in the last week or so and I hope you will head over to enjoy in full.. thanks Sally.

The first post is from The Story Reading Ape and are funnies posted on New Year’s Day.. a great way to start the year.. and you can find more laughter each Monday on Chris’s blog.

Head over to enjoy all the funnies: The Story Reading Ape New Year’s Day Funnies

The next post is from Colleen Chesebro with some magic to begin the year with. The moon is a powerful force on the earth and the ebb and flow of water and life….

New Moon Blessings – Spell for Abundance 1/2/2022 

The January 2022 New Moon is today, January 2nd!

There are so many versions of the New Moon Blessings Abundance spell that no one knows who came up with the idea first! My Sister of the Fey, Annette Rochelle Aben, first introduced me to her version of the abundance spell several years ago… you know what? It worked! It’s all based on the Law of Abundance.

Find out more about the Law of Abundance: A Witch’s Brew – Moon Blessings

The next post from Debby Gies is also about the cosmic influence on our lives as she shares news of this upcoming Mercury Retrograde on January 13th with its impact on communications and plans.. an effect she is already experiencing with cancelled flights and being on hold for four hours to get a human response… to travel or not to travel.. a dilemma!

Hello Mercury Retrograde 2022

It’s a new year and a clean slate, and hopes are high that this year will be the end of the Coronavirus as we know it. But the fact remains that we are globally, high in virus and numbers, due to the the recent appearance of Omicron. We can all hope that as this virus continues, it will tamper down, lose it’s hurricane strength, and hopefully, no new strains will mutate. And in the meantime, because the world is already in chaos trying to stamp out this virus, we’re about to have our first Mercury Retrograde of 2022. Crazy times 2.0. It begins January 13th, lasting until February 3rd. But these dates are not inclusive. Like a full moon, retrogrades begin their ‘retroshade’ effects within a week or two of its arrival date, and can linger just as long after completion. And I’m already experiencing the shakeup.

Head over to read all about Mercury’s Mischief and the weeks to be aware of them this year: D.G. Kaye – Hello Mercury Retrograde 2022

The next post is from Jacquie Biggar who shares her holiday reading.. some familiar faces (thank you Jacquie for including me) Jacquie also shares some amazing snow pictures and wonderful family news about her daughter’s academic achievements.

My Holiday Reading List- Books to Warm Your Heart on a Cold Winter’s Night #BookReviews @dlfinnauthor @Marsharwest @sgc58 @Sandra_Cox 

Books reviewed by Jacquie over the holidays

Head over to read Jacquie’s new year update and her reviews for the books: Holiday Reading book reviews by Jacquie Biggar

Now time for some culinary expertise and a delicious sounding, lighter post festivity recipe from Dorothy of the New Vintage Kitchen… definitely on the menu. Dorothy also shares her family Christmas which sounds amazing.

Lemon Garlic Shrimp over Spaghetti Squash, something light for the new year 

We’ve indulged, and now it is time to think about a little lighter experience at the dinner table!

The stars were with us, and our family was able to gather together and celebrate the holidays this year, only the second time we’ve all been together in over two years. This being Vermont, with its unpredictable weather fluctuations, the celebration happened almost a week after Christmas. Toss a December 30th granddaughter’s birthday in the mix, and we had a wonderful Christmas/Birthday/New Year gathering of my whole brood. In these unpredictable times, any event actually happening is a blessing indeed! 

Head over to grab this delicious sounding recipe: New Vintage Kitchen – Lemon Garlic Shrimp

And last but not least is one of John Howell’s Top Ten Things Not to Do… and having been through the customer service wringer myself more than a few times… I took note of John’s tips.

This list was inspired by standing in line at Wal-Mart to return a screwdriver that broke. I know. Why would I buy a screwdriver at Wal-Mart? Long story. Let’s just say it was an emergency purchase that did not go well. I hope you enjoy the list.

Top Ten Things Not to do in Customer Service.

10 If you are next at the customer service desk, do not fall asleep. If you do, at best, you will get yelled at by the crowd. At worst, you will not hear the word “Next” and will be knocked off your feet by the person behind you. This could lead to a severe injury. ) Or even worse when you fall on your returns which are glass Christmas ornaments)

9 If you are at the customer service desk, have your receipt ready. If you don’t, at best, you will take precious time to find it causing your linemates to want to kill you with their bare hands. At worst, the time it takes to find the receipt will be multiplied exponentially for the last person in line. (You do raise the possibility that they might just pass away from old age before getting to the front of the line) 

Head over to enjoy the other eight top tips from John: Top Ten Things not to do in Customer Service


Thanks for dropping in and I hope you will head over to enjoy these posts in full.. thanks Sally.