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A warm welcome to J. A. Newman as she joins the other authors in the Cafe and Bookstore with her books… Featured today is her recently released mystery on February 26th, Bay of Secrets.


About the book

Shifting between the 1960s and the present, Bay of Secrets is a spellbinding saga of mystery and enduring love.When Jayne returns to Seawinds, her family home in Cornwall, she is determined to solve the mystery surrounding her father’s death.But why is the house revealing its secrets after fifty years and why are Jayne and her siblings drawn to the bay?

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Also by J.A. Newman

One of the reviews for No One Comes Close – A Memoir

Candyman 5.0 out of 5 stars Memories are made of … this?  Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 1 June 2018

What if?

What if someone contacts you after several years: someone to whom you’ve been attracted, someone you’ve often wondered … what if?

Julie Newman’s memoir takes that as its starting point: a message out of the blue she’s received. Her marriage to Mel is colourless, uninteresting. Ron, all the way out there in Australia, seems to have settled on his feet. It’s very beautiful out there and he’s done well for himself. But is he really happy with Claudette?

Is his contact with Julie more than just a hello and how are you? Could there really be a future with him: one that could make them both happy until death us do part?

Ron’s the opposite of Mel and the full colour version of everything that Julie is missing from her bland everyday routine, or so she thinks. The wheels are set in motion as Julie responds to his request to re-establish contact, even if it means a long journey for one of them. She needs to be sure of its final destination, doesn’t she? What if?

Newman’s journal style book is an easy read in attention-span chunks. As Julie and Ron circle each other her writing becomes ever more intimate, to the point where the reader feels they are intruding in an almost voyeuristic way. Diaries are after all meant to be read only by their composer: a way of pouring out their emotions to the one person they always turn to for advice – themselves.

In drawing us in to the plot of the will-they-won’t-they we become even more entangled in the cups of tea and stolen moments, eagerly watching for the final moments, to discover whether love will find a way. Or just head for the exit.

What if?

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About J.A. Newman

J.A. Newman was born in Kent. As a young child she relied heavily on her imagination to amuse herself. At primary school she was repeatedly told off for daydreaming and at senior school she filled her rough note books with comic strip stories. On leaving school she enjoyed a career in hairdressing and owned her own business whilst living in Hertfordshire. In 2008 she retired to Cornwall with her husband where she found inspiration for much of her writing.

J.A.Newman has kept a diary for most of her life, the inspiration for her memoir titled ‘No One Comes Close’. This is an emotional roller-coaster set in 1966 and 1987, published in 2017.

Her second publication, published in 2018, ‘Where There’s a Will’, is a lighthearted tale of rags to riches.

And last but by no means least ,’Bay of Secrets’ is a haunting novel of intrigue, love and loss set in her favourite part of Cornwall.

She is currently researching for a historical novel set in the English Civil War.

Connect to Julie Newman

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Twitter: @julie3wwn

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