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The first review is for the collection published on October 16th by M.L. Holton…Sticks and Stones: Ten Canadian Short Stories

About the collection

Ten Canadian Short Stories from Canadian artist and author, Margaret Lindsay Holton
Eclectic & Electric. Satisfying & Satiating. Delightful literary morsels to feed the mind …

From the INTRODUCTION: “… I am offering these stories to a wide range of readers because sharing well-chosen words expands our minds. New synaptic connections are made. We learn. We become more than we are. And, in these challenging times of reflection and crisis, reading really is a supportive and reassuring Gift that we can offer each other.” – mlholton

“Beautiful. A fine collection of memorable moments.” – “Cinematic.”
“Details described impeccably.” – “I loved these stories immensely.”

Experience isolated island life in the North, inner-city dilemmas, a heart-felt funeral, star-crossed lovers, untidy father-daughter dynamics, stories filled with razor-sharp elders and ever-constant rebellious youth – this collection is about life and the living.

An early review on Goodreads

Sep 13, 2021 M. Walker really liked it

Sticks and stones is a great collection of short stories. The descriptive work in these stories are absolutely wonderful! The book gives you a perspective view a life, love, and everything in between. I really enjoyed it! 

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A selection of books by Margaret Lindsay Holton

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Another new release receiving great reviews is by Fiona Tarr – Presumed Missing (Foxy Mysteries Book 2) –

About the book

Most Runaways are Found Within 48 hours. So where is Gemma?

It’s been nearly two weeks since her disappearance. The police investigation has hit a brick wall until Liz, a high-class escort and part-time private investigator, takes on the case.

Detective Jack Cunningham thought he’d seen the last of Liz. But now her missing girl case has been linked to two interstate murders. With everyone on high alert, Jack and Liz team up once again.

Liz has no choice. She must jeopardise their budding relationship and lead Jack into her dark past to uncover a side of the sex trade he never knew existed. With a deadly predator at large, it’s a risk she’ll have to take, because the clock is ticking for Gemma.

One of the recent reviews for the book on Goodreads

Sep 15, 2021 Jim Phillips rated it five stars

An excellent mystery with a good storyline and a strong female character. A new detective agency keeps Liz very busy, but she still finds time for her former business. A real page turner that I would highly recommend. 

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A selection of books by Fiona Tarr

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And the third recently released book to be receiving great reviews is by JP Mclean – a paranormal thriller Blood Mark.

About the book

What if your lifelong curse is the only thing keeping you alive? Abandoned at birth, life has always been a battle for Jane Walker. She and her best friend, Sadie, spent years fighting to survive Vancouver’s cutthroat underbelly. That would have been tough enough without Jane’s mysterious afflictions: an intricate pattern of blood-red birthmarks that snake around her body and vivid, heart-wrenching nightmares that feel so real she wakes up screaming.

After she meets the first man who isn’t repulsed by her birthmarks, Jane thinks she might finally have a chance at happiness. Her belief seems confirmed as the birthmarks she’s spent her life so ashamed of magically begin to disappear. Yet, the quicker her scarlet marks vanish, the more lucid and disturbing Jane’s nightmares become—until it’s impossible to discern her dreams from reality, and Jane comes to a horrifying realization:

The nightmares that have plagued her since childhood are actually visions of real people being stalked by a deadly killer. And all this time, her birthmarks have been the only things protecting her from becoming his next victim.

Blood Mark is the first in a brand-new paranormal thriller series by JP McLean, author of The Gift Legacy series and whose writing has been described as “. . . deftly crafted, impressively original, and inherently compelling from first page to last.”

A recent review for the book

Sep 29, 2021 John Kerry rated it five stars

Books can be powerful and moving, but they can also be just plain entertaining. After all, there would be little incentive to explore the world of fiction if it didn’t offer some joys! Thriller writers have understood this for ages, which is why an action-packed thriller remains the best choice for beach days and airplane travel. But any book can benefit from a bit of genre-bending, which is why we’re partial to the supernatural thriller: that special book that feels like a speculative fiction novel with a bit of thriller thrown in, or vice versa.

Anyone who knows me knows I love all things supernatural…and paranormal…and thriller related. So what’s better than a thrilling paranormal series or a great supernatural read? Well, a paranormal Thriller series of course. So Blood Mark is the first in a brand-new paranormal thriller series by JP McLean reads for you to sink your teeth into. I’ll be honest: I actually just read this book recently and I cannot stop thinking about it. Are you a mystry thriller reader who loves attempting to guess the twist with every new piece of information you receive? Because I am and this novel did not disappoint. This novel was truly addicting to the point where I kept trying to sneak my Kindle into the office so I could keep reading.

JP McLean truly has a way with words and this spooky story is sure to grab you from the start. It really does have all the best elements of a thriller novel mixed with paranormal horror for you to enjoy. Highly Recommended! 

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Also by JP McLean

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