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Delighted welcome Deena Goldstein to Smorgasbord and to share her memoir Ok, Little Bird

About the book

In the world of Little Bird, three siblings experience the same father differently. Navigating stringent rules, cantankerous family dinners, unfiltered commentaries, and lots of love, OK, Little Bird takes the reader on a bouncy ride from laughter to tears.

Everything is funny till a seemingly invincible father succumbs to a terminal illness amidst the Covid19 pandemic. Little Bird sets out to make things ok for her father one last time. Through a lifetime of wry banter, voicemails, letters and bad gifts, fly with Little Bird as she learns that even in the worst of times, the gem of laughter is the best coping tool of all.

One of the reviews for the book

I have never fully comprehended why some people reread books they have just completed. For me, I am always eager to move on to the next book. This wonderful book is my first exception. I am currently rereading, “Ok, Little Bird.” I have to, really.

Poignant passages a plenty, so many hilarious anecdotes and an inspiring abundance of wisdom in the face of an elderly, loved one’s arduous decline.

For me, I wish this book had been written six years ago, as many of my father’s final life chapter’s experiences were akin, to that of Ms. Goldstein’s. This book undoubtedly would have helped me in coping emotionally and perhaps, even spiritually with my own, aged father’s inevitability.

I surmise that although, “Ok, Little Bird,” was not intended to be a “self-help” book, I believe in many ways that in the best sense, it is that too. Not in the preachy manner that so many self-help books seem to ultimately end up as. It’s the author’s natural, unassuming openness that subtly encourages the reader that you can pine weightily for a treasured, loved one and at the same time, also be “OK.”

Ms. Goldstein has a self-effacing knack for allowing us to latch on and delight in her enduring, cherished experiences with her father. Ultimately, the reader will wish that they could have rubbed elbows with this warm, good-hearted, fastidious, and of course, filter-less funnyman.

The reader may very well want to engage with this impressive author as well! 

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About Deena Goldstein

Award-winning multimedia artist and former stand-up comedian Deena Goldstein pens her debut memoir “OK, Little Bird”. Deena’s artwork has been featured in solo and collective exhibitions, receiving numerous honors for her original acrylics. Now “Little Bird” shares the unique, irreverent and touching relationship with her quirky, loveable cowboy father. Deena’s flair for humor and all things offbeat makes this book a memorable debut.

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