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Welcome to author Pamela Schloesser Canepa and her novella Made For Me the first in the science fiction and fantasy Made For Me series.

About Made For Me.

An unusual, futuristic romance. What will the search for love be like in the future? The year is 2032, and Abrielle is looking for true love. In a world ruled by technology, where computers make much of our decisions for us, Abrielle is about to meet the man of her dreams, thanks to a guaranteed matchmaker website. What she encounters on that first date will be a tale to rival any first date story you’ve ever heard.

Sampson is also looking for love. Open-minded, spontaneous, and financially stable, he seems to be the perfect man. Yet, underneath it all, he harbors a glaring secret. Sampson has spent his lifetime passing for something that he is not, yet his love surpasses that of any human Abrielle has known. Though they seem to be a match made in heaven, Abrielle and Sampson are breaking many rules and will certainly face some unique challenges. In order to live a life with him, Abrielle must decide which rules are actually worth breaking, and in the process, learn a lot about herself.

The latest review for Made for Me.

Made For Me, by Pamela Schloesser Canepa is a futuristic romance that demonstrates the true strength of love. When Abrielle finds Sampson via a dating website (yes, they still use them in 2032), she is surprised to learn that he holds a secret that will impact them both.

I got a certain love conquers all type feeling from this tale. Not in a cliché way, but in a tender way that spoke to my heart. The relationship between the two main characters showed a charming and at times cheeky bond that blossoms into life.

The words flowed well and made for a delightful read that unfolds naturally.

Can Abrielle and Sampson keep their secret? I recommend that you give this a read and find out. Rated 5/5 stars.

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One of the reviews for the third book in the series From Bedlam to Ben

Ben is considered a second class citizen. In a racist society, he’d be the oppressed minority. I personally believe that many common religious identities/groups create this superiority mindfulness in humans, therefore fostering this sense of disrespect for all other living things. This is one underlying theme that I gathered from this novel. Norrie on the other hand, was brought up learning to respect all, specifically Ben’s android type. The author brought this across this theme very subtly, which I really loved. Blending this theme with Sci-Fi is quite rare, and it was an interesting plot development. Great style of writing, smooth, and a nice easy pace that at the same time keeps you absorbs with the story.

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About Pamela Schloesser Canepa

Pamela had a childhood full of travel and moving, and started writing poems and stories as a child to provide entertainment for long trips. After a while, her family settled in the southeast. Writing provided an outlet for private thoughts and emotions for years, until she decided she was ready to share her ideas with the world. Pamela’s genres include science fiction, realistic fiction, and poetry of all types. “Made for Me” is Pamela’s first published work of fiction. Her sequel, “Seeing through Sampson’s Eyes”, has been published as of June 6th. Pamela is now working on editing a full-length time-travel novel for publication in e-book and print, hopefully in the next year!

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