Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – And My Heart Crumples Like a Coke Can by Ali Whitelock

Very pleased to welcome Ali Whitelock to the Cafe and Bookstore with her books, including the newly released poetry collection – And My Heart Crumples Like a Coke Can.

About And My Heart Crumples Like a Coke Can

Raw and beautiful and completely devoid of pretension, Ali Whitelock’s poems will speak to anyone who’s ever messed up, been confused, wished they’d done things differently; to anyone who’s had an affair and regretted it, who’s been loved completely but was too blind to see it.

Editorial reviews for the collection

‘One of the wittiest, liveliest and most moving collections I’ve read in recent years. These poems are sassy, heartwrenching and unforgettable. They evoke the best of Bukowski and Ginsberg while being the unique product of a contemporary female mind, a mind that is hilarious, provocative and – remarkable. Reading this collection made me feel like I was at a book festival, stand-up comedy night and therapy session all at once. Every poem is an event. Kevin MacNeil, author of The Brilliant & Forever, The Stornoway Way, A Method Actor’s Guide to Jekyll & Hyde, The Diary of Archie the Alpaca.

‘Ali Whitelock’s observations are funny and playful, there is a real honesty to her work and it is in no way pretentious, it’s the kind of poetry that I want to re-read even before I have finished reading it. Edward Crossan, Poetry Editor, Polygon Edinburgh.

‘Ali Whitelock writes a poetry of excoriating tenderness. Whitelock is Bukowski with a Glaswegian accent and a nicer wardrobe. These poems, trying not to be poems at all, are acts of love and defiant triumphs of order over disorder, Hurrahs that cry down all disarray.’ Mark Tredinnick, poet and author of The Blue Plateau, The Little Red Writing Book, Blue Wren Cantos, The Lyre Bird & Other Poems.

You can read some of Ali’s Poetry: American Journal of Poetry

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Also by Ali Whitelock

About Poking Seaweed with a Stick and Running Away from the Smell

Alison Whitelock dreamed of shooting her father with a sawn-off shotgun. Her brother planned to use the longest knife in the cutlery drawer, and her mother tried to poison him with out-of-date tranquillisers. This wee book is a bittersweet account of growing up in Scotland in the strange and brutal kingdom we call home. But ‘Poking Seaweed with a Stick’ is anything but a tale of childhood suffering; it is an enchanted Scottish tale that will have you smiling through your tears and laughing till you cry.

Remarkably life-affirming.’ – ‘Sydney Morning Herald’
‘A hilarious, no-misery memoir,’The Scotsman
‘Candid and rhythmic…humour is her safeguard against the terrible things she tells us,’ – Sunday Herald (Glasgow)
‘Charmingly cynical,’The Scottish Review of Books

And from the readers…

This is a great read – very funny with the Scottish humour and style really coming through.

May 28, 2017 Gwen Wilson rated it Five Stars

This is a delightful memoir, even though many of the stories are about painful events. All told in a unique voice with clever use of repetition without being annoying. A strong use of humour carries the emotional load. There were a couple of stories I would have liked to know the outcome – perhaps these will be revisited in a sequel. Passed it on to my husband and he read it within a couple of days, and I overheard him talking to others about it. That’s big praise indeed!

Other reviews can be found here: Alison Whitelock Goodreads

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About Ali Whitelock

They say those born overseas will always ache for the sky under which they were born. My particular bit of sky hovers directly above Scotland and spends most of its time obscured by clouds––almost permanently pregnant with rain, hail, occasionally snow.

I am a Scottish poet/writer living in Australia. My first book, ‘poking seaweed with a stick and running away from the smell’ was launched at Sydney Writers Festival and published to critical acclaim in Australia and the UK. A few years later, after an abrupt life lesson, then stumbling upon Mary Oliver’s, ‘Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?’ I took the decision to give up my spectacularly boring day job in order to write full-time.

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