New series of Posts from Your Archives beginning March 1st 2018 – Your chance to share past Gems.

We are now about to start a new four week series of posts from your archives that you would like to share with a new audience, mine.

The idea behind the series was to share your previous posts, perhaps from your early days of blogging, that you feel deserve another airing to a wider audience.  Not only that they will encourage readers to head over and read your current posts.

They should be 12 months old at least or 6 months if you are a new blogger.

The posts are a showcase for your blog, your writing style and you personally so please send links to posts that you feel reflect this.

The theme is LIFE and POSITIVITY in all its glory. Family, travel, short stories, non-fiction, poetry, history, food, recipes, pets, health, relationships, music, photography, art.


As you will see you will have an opportunity to promote your work, such as books, at the end of the posts.

If you just wish to promote your books without contributing posts, then that comes under a separate set of promotions.

How to submit your posts.

  • Email me Four links from your archives of the posts you would like to share with a new audience…
  • Also include a link to a recent post of a blogger who you would like to thank for their support.
  • You have four posts so you can send me up to four bloggers links.
  • Please also include – your three main social media links (in full please). Your Amazon link for books. If there is no bio on your blog or photo (both should be really) then please send those separately attached to the email. (If you have previously been featured on Smorgasbord I will have these already on file.
  • All posts and images are copyrighted to the original blogger on the archive posts and if you do not have a credit for the images you use in your posts it would be helpful if you supplied those. If they are your own images I will include that in the copyright statement.

I hope that you will enjoy this opportunity to share your writing and blog. The only thing that I ask is that you share on your own social media and respond to comments.

It does make a big difference to the number of interactions you receive and also the number of people who will head over to your blog and follow you.  If you are an author this is yet another way to promote your books and is a selling opportunity.

 I know that some of you are very modest.. so if you would like to participate but not sure which posts to submit… let me know and I will pop into your archives and pick four.. and run by you for approval.


N.B Please note that if you email between 15th and 20th February I will be offline and will respond on my return. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.