Smorgasbord Summer Music Festival – Get your rock ‘n’ roll boots on with my top five picks..

This week it is time go get your feet tapping and take to the floor for some serious rock ‘n’ roll…I have hundreds of rock songs in the music folders and on tapes, vinyl and CD… and it was tough to just pick five tracks to share with you..

If I had to choose my top bands then Status Quo would definitely be on the list…here is Caroline…I dare you not to tap your feet… uploaded by Mahogany Records

Buy Status Quo:Amazon

Then of course there has to be Queen with a song that gave hope to all well endowed girls in a time of skinny models….  Fat Bottomed Girls…uploaded by  Queen Official

Buy music by Queen: Amazon

Two amazing artists getting together with Tearing us Apart.. Eric Clapton and Tina Turner.. fabulous…I have this on repeat….uploaded by hifi metallic

Buy music by Tina Turner: Amazon    Buy Music by Eric Clapton: Amazon

There would not be a top five without Bruce Springsteen Dancing in the Dark uploaded by Bruce Springsteen

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And to finish this very short selection of my top picks… Creedence Clearwater Revival with Bad Moon Rising…uploaded by DRIVERATOMIC

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Thank you for tuning in and I hope it has got your heart pumping and your feet tapping… next week a little more classical…..

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – The Music Column – 1991 – Always Look on the Bright Side of Life and Bohemian Rhapsody

Doesn’t time fly by when you are enjoying yourself? It only seems like yesterday that I wrote the first post in this series for the year 1962 when I was nine and in love with Nat King Cole and Richard Chamberlain. Twenty-nine years later I was still listening to Nat King Cole and re-watching Shogun and The Thorn Birds which had pride of place in my VHS collection.

At the end of 1990 after six months working as Advertising Sales Manager for the holiday brochure subsidiary of the newspaper I had moved over from, I decided that cold calling to hotels and seaside B&BS was not perhaps the direction I wanted my career to go in. It had been a great three years but my hours were long and so were David’s and something had to give.

I decided to work for myself and I began to offer my services to start ups in our local area that needed someone to look at their marketing and promotion. At the same time I signed up for Echoes L’Arome and for the next 15 months I held perfume parties locally and built up a network of about five agents who did likewise. We lived in South Woodford and my patch was the Walthamstow area and for a time things went well. I smelt nice that is for certain.

In essence it was a pyramid business with everyone getting their percentage and I got into it at the wrong end of the business. The market was actually pretty saturated in the London area and I ended up going further and further afield to build my network. On one occasion I was in a tower block in East London when I was confronted with a handful of gentlemen who felt the need to interfere in my business. Luckily I am endowed with a fluency in Anglo-Saxon and they were rather taken aback that this ‘posh bird’ could out do them in that department. Their obvious bemusement gave me time to slip off down the stairs to my car but my enthusiasm was waning and by Christmas after a few good parties I decided to go back to work. 1992 thankfully proved to be a much better year for me and more about that next week.

In the meantime, whilst I ended my tenure with L’Arome I was left with a sample box of perfumes that were actually great quality and I continued to sample for a number of years.

We did not have the time nor the cash to go far in 1991 but we had some good parties at the house and I listened to music in the car as I navigated my way around North London without the aid of a Satnav and with a trusty A-Z.

Time for the music of 1991 and there were several hits that year that have stood the test of time and included Bryan AdamsEverything I Do I Do It For You. Cher The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss), Right Said Fred I’m Too Sexy, Jason DonovanAny Dream Will Do, Vic Reeves & The Wonder StuffDizzy, Michael Jackson Black or White, The Clash – Should I Stay Or Should I Go, George Michael and Elton JohnDon’t Let The Sun Go Down on Me, Diana Ross When You Tell Me That You Love Me, QueenBohemian Rhapsody, Beverley CravenPromise Me (One of my party pieces). And the unforgettable Monty Python’s Flying Circus with the most played funeral song! Always Look On The Bright Side of Life! A we head into Thanksgiving for those of you in the United States and as we in the UK move into Brexit… perhaps we do need to look on the bright side of life!  But also to celebrate the release of the movie.. Bohemian Rhapsody as well.

Here is Always Look on the Bright Side of Life… and you can buy it HERE

And here is the link to buy the original soundtrack from the new movie – Bohemian Rhapsody HERE

Here is the original sung by Freddie Mercury.

Thank you for dropping in and if you have a favourite track that you would like me to play at the end of the post next week..please leave the song title and artist in the comments. thanks Sally

Sally’s Drive Time Play List #Music to get the weekend started – 1979 – Queen and Dr. Hook

Welcome to the music that populates my iPod from the olden days to the present.. Some songs stay in your mind and heart for a lifetime and I only have to listen to a track and it brings back memories very clearly.

Each summer I have held a virtual summer party and this year it will be going on all over a weekend in August.  I will be playing your requests with a link to your blog…. dance tracks, romantic end of the evening ballads let me have the title and artist and I will do the rest.

It is now 1979 and I am working as assistant manager at a hotel in the heart of the Snowdonia National Park.

In the spring of 1979 a number of events took place that made me realise that I needed to put a little more distance between me and my past. I gave my notice in at the school at half-term in February and began buying The Lady Magazine again weekly. After all I had found one great job in its classifieds and hopefully I would find another.

I was sad to leave the school, the teachers and the pupils as it had been a wonderful 15 months where I had regained my self-confidence. I had travelled to foreign countries and other parts of Britain but never really gone far on my own. Perhaps time to rectify that.

I applied for a number of positions in the hotel industry and one in particular caught my eye. Gothic mansion, three star hotel in the heart of the Snowdonia National Park. I had to send my details, experience and a photograph with details of when I could start before the season began at Easter.

A week later I received a phone call from the then manager who asked a few questions and I later found out; checking my speaking voice out. A few days later I received an acceptance letter with travel instructions to reach the hotel the day after the school broke up for the Easter Holidays.

In those days of course there was no Internet and heading off to the depth of Wales was equivalent of running off to Panama. Or so my parents thought when I told them!

With two suitcases and a sense of trepidation I boarded the train from East Sussex and connected in London for a train to Wales.

You can read some of my adventures in these posts.

Hotel Receptionist, Ghostly arrival and quick promotion

Hotel Assistant Manager, Swashbuckle and Romance.

In the meantime the music of 1979 continued to be a little mixed as to style and the top hits of the year included Art Garfunkel with Bright Eyes from the film Watership Down, Cliff Richard with We Don’t Talk Anymore, one song that I played continuously by Dr. Hook, When You’re in Love with a Beautiful Woman.

The Boomtown Rats mirrored most people’s opinion with I Don’t Like Mondays and Ian Dury and the Blockheads with one of the best pickup lines of the decade. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick!

Since I could dance all night and Queen are up there with Status Quo for me for those years….. Here is Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Buy music by Queen: Queen at Amazon

And here is Dr. Hook with When You Are In Love with A Beautiful Woman

Buy Music by Dr. Hook: Dr. Hook on Amazon

I hope you have enjoyed today’s selection of music that I love and please do not forget if you would like your favourite music played at the summer party coming up in August… put the title and the artist in the comments…

William Price King in concert – The Show Must Go On by Brian May and Queen

This poignant song by Queen and largely written by Brian May, is one that the band’s following will always associate with the loss of Freddy Mercury. It was the final track on their 1991 album Innuendo and refers to the efforts Freddy made to perform in the last weeks of his life as he struggled with the complications caused by AIDS. He was very ill when he recorded the song and there were doubts as to whether he could perform. The song was released as a single six weeks before he died and was in the charts twice.. Once again after his death. It was first played live in 1992 for The Freddy Mercury Tribute Concert with Elton John singing lead vocals.  The Show Must Go On…..appropriate indeed.

Here is William Price King with his beautiful version of this track that means so much to Queen fans around the world.

William Price King


Earlier this week William wrote and article for a music blog that you might find very interesting as Jazz fans.   The Art of Jazz Singing is a fascinating look at the complexities of this style of music.

William Price King is an American jazz singer, musician and composer. Originally he studied classical music and opera but over the last 30 years his style has evolved to what many refer to as the ‘sweet point’ where music and voice come together so beautifully.

His vocal mentors are two of the greatest giants in jazz, Nat King Cole and Mel Torme. His debut jazz album is called ‘Home,’ a collection of contemporary songs and whilst clearly a homage to their wonderful legacy it brings a new and refreshing complexity to the vocals that is entrancing.

William is currently in France where he performs in popular Jazz Venues in Nice and surrounding area. His album ‘Home’ is available to download and more details in the Buy Music for Christmas.

Links to website –
Facebook –
Twitter – @wpkofficial
Regular Venue –

You can find William’s performances that we feature each Wednesday in the following link

And the previous posts on the life and music of Nat King Cole, Mel Torme and Ella Fitzgerals here..