Smorgasbord Christmas Party -Guest Susan M. Toy with Best Books Read 2016

word-cloud-11I am delighted to welcome another guest to the Christmas Party.. Susan M. Toy has been in the publishing business for a very long time and devotes her time to promoting authors of all genres on her blog and on social media. Susan’s Reading Recommendation posts and archive are a treasure trove of great writing, which is why I am even more honoured to have one of my books in such good company.

Susan is looking back at what has been a bumper year for Indie authors with the first part of her review. She will be looking at mainstream authors in part two on her own blog… so keep an eye open.  I will now hand you over to Susan M. Toy.                     

Best Books Read in 2016 – Part 1 by Susan M. Toy

For the past couple of years I posted lists to my blog of The Best Books I Read in 2015 and 2014. During 2016 I read so many great books that I decided to divide the list into two parts: Indie Authors and Traditionally Published Authors. I’m also breaking with tradition by posting the list of Indie Authors as a guest post on Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life blog, by invitation. Sally has long been a great support of me and my writing as well as of many other independent authors around the world, including most on this list, so I jumped at the opportunity of spreading the word about Holiday Reads by telling her readers first of these books, the very best Indie books I have read this year. Besides which … one of Sally’s books is on my list!

You may recognize most of the authors here – and not just because they’re great authors! With the exception of two, all have been promoted on my blog, Reading Recommendations. (Those two not promoted were discoveries I made when the authors offered free downloads. Both were a pleasant surprise!) And another two of the authors listed, Michael Fay and Timothy L. Phillips, I have published myself! And I can guarantee I would not have published their books if I hadn’t thought them to be great writers with fine stories to tell!

So, in no particular order, here are the Best Indie-authored books I read in 2016! (Please note I have included links to my blog for those authors who have been promoted on Reading Recommendations.)

No More Mulberries by Mary Smith


Passion and Draft Dodger by Michael Fay


A Handful of Pebbles by Sara Alexi


Full Circle and Blood on the Water by Tim Baker


My Camino Walk: A Way to Healing by Timothy L. Phillips


The Gift: Revelation by J.P. McLean


Just an Odd Job Girl by Sally Cronin

Just an odd job girl sgc

Surviving Michael by Joseph Birchall


Fascination by Kevin Brennan


Naked Alliances by S.K. Nicholls


Deadly Impasse by Seumas Gallacher


The Seance by Tricia Drammeh


Astute readers will notice that several authors listed here have also appeared on my earlier lists. That’s because they are very good writers who consistently publish great books!

About Susan M. Toy.


Susan M. Toy has been a bookseller and an award-winning publishers’ sales rep. While living on the Caribbean island of Bequia, Susan began writing the first of four Bequia-based novels as well as another novel, three novellas and numerous short stories. “Island in the Clouds, a Bequia Perspectives novel” is the first print publication from Alberta’s newest publishing company, IslandCatEditions, owned and operated in Calgary, Alberta, by Susan Toy.

A self-styled “author impresario,” Toy has promoted fellow Alberta authors to provincial libraries, writers and readers, since 2009 through her original business, Alberta Books Canada. A long-time participant in the publishing business, primarily promoting and selling books, Susan sees this new publishing venture as a means of “introducing theories I have developed on the direction this business is moving and how to effectively reach new readers.” Releasing “Island in the Clouds” first as an eBook in February 2012 and testing interest in a possible print edition was part of Susan’s publication plan.

Susan M. Toy shares her time between a trailer in Canada and a house, with four cats in the yard, on the Caribbean island of Bequia.

Books by Susan M. Toy


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Thank you for dropping into the party today and I hope you will explore these recommended books further.  Sally