Smorgasbord Blogger Weekly – November 3rd 2022 – D.G.Kaye with Christy Birmingham-Reyes, Ritu Bhathal, Pete Springer, Audrey Driscoll, Traci Kenworth

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed in the last week or so.

Now that I have got my WIP on its way to be scrutinised…. I have a little more time to spend doing what I love which is reading other blogger’s posts.

Debby Gies was the guest of Christy Birmingham- Reyes chatting about her new podcast – Grief-: Real Talk. A commonsense and also comforting approach to grief in all its manisfestations.

Head over to read the post Interview D.G. Kaye and Christy Birmingham-Reyes

It would be hard not to notice the turmoil that is British politics in the last few months, particularly the short lived premiership of Liz Truss. However, we do now have a new Prime Minister and Ritu Bhathal explores this new development and the hopes and fears about how it will turn out.

Head over to read Ritu’s thoughts and leave your opinion: This is not our ‘Obama Moment’ in UK Politics

Pete Springer shares a story from his late teen years and introduces a flat-mate who has a bit of a fast and loose approach to life. Pete shares how over the years the story of this guy’s life developed with the ultimate irony…

Head over to enjoy this story with a twist: Pete Springer with the Ultimate Irony

As someone who has just finished winterising her garden, I could certainly appreciate Audrey Driscoll’s post on the harsh truths about this time consuming but rewarding year round care of the space around our homes. Audrey also shares some beautiful shots of her garden that frankly make me realise I am slacking.

Head over to discover the six harsh truths about gardening and to enjoy Audrey’s photos: Six Harsh Truths about Gardening.

Margaret from the blog From Pyrenees to Pennines shares a day out at Studley Royal’s deer park in North Yorkshire. A wonderful safari with deer and autumn foliage which reminds us of the amazing areas of natural beauty in the UK and its abundance of stunning wildlife.

Head over to enjoy this safari with Margaret: We’re going on a deer walk.

And to end today’s selection a post from Traci Kenworth who shares her love of cats and their natures. Traci also generously shares a selection of posts from other bloggers from the week and always an honour to be included.

Head over to discover more about Traci’s love of cats and some perhaps new bloggers to you: Cats Rule and blogging links


Thanks very much for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy these posts in full.. Sally.