Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Music Column – The Breakfast Show with William Price King and Sally Cronin – Chart Hits 1964 Part One

Each week William and I will select two top hits from the charts starting with 1960 for two weeks followed by 1961 etc..through to 1985. We will also include some of the notable events in those years for the up and coming stars who were centre stage at the time.

Every four weeks at the weekend there will be a spin-off show where we will feature four guests sharing their memories of the music of a particular decade we are working on. An opportunity to share your work and your can find the details: The Breakfast Show 2021

Welcome to our show and we are excited to share decades of music with you in 2021. Here is my first selection of  top 1964 hits which I hope you will enjoy.  William.

News Event: February 11th Beatles 1st live appearance in US; Washington, D.C. Coliseum

The Beatles  –  It’s been a hard day’s night

‘It’s been a hard day’s night’ topped the charts in both the US and the UK. Rolling Stone ranked it #307 on the magazine’s list of the ‘500 Greatest Albums of All Time’.  Q  magazine placed it at #5 on its list ‘The 100 Greatest British Albums Ever’ and it made it to #22 in Colin Larkin’s book ‘All Time Top 1000 Albums’.

News Event: March 21st 9th Eurovision Song Contest: Gigliola Cinquetti for Italy wins singing “Non ho l’eta” in Copenhagen

Mary Wells  –  My Guy

‘My guy’ was Mary Wells’ biggest hit. It peaked at #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100, #1 on the Cashbox Hot 100, #5 on the UK Top Singles chart, #9 in Ireland, and #3 in Australia. It was also featured in the film ‘More American Graffiti’ (1979).

News EventJune 3rd Rolling Stones begin 1st US tour (with Bobby Goldsboro & Bobby Vee)

Now time for my first picks from 1964 and these are tracks that were playing everywhere this year.

Roy Orbison – Oh Pretty Woman

“Oh, Pretty Woman” or “Pretty Woman” is a song recorded by Roy Orbison, written by Orbison and Bill Dees. It was released as a single in on August 29th, 1964 on Monument Records and spent three weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 from September 26, 1964, the second single by Orbison to top the US charts. It was also Orbison’s third single to top the UK Singles Chart (for a total of three weeks).

“Oh, Pretty Woman” was later used for the title of the 1990 film Pretty Woman starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, and the 2018 Broadway musical Pretty Woman: The Musical. Roy Orbison 

News Event: June 5th Davie Jones & King Bees debut “I Can’t Help Thinking About Me”; group disbands but Davie Jones goes on to success as David Bowie

Cilla Black – Anyone Who Had A Heart

“Anyone Who Had a Heart” is a song written by Burt Bacharach (music) and Hal David (lyrics) for Dionne Warwick in 1963. In January 1964, Warwick’s original recording hit the Top Ten in the United States, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, South Africa, Belgium and Australia.

In the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and New Zealand, Warwick’s recording lost out to a cover version by Cilla Black. Black’s version was a UK number-one hit for three weeks in February/March 1964 and was also the fourth best-selling single of 1964 in the UK cillablackofficial

News Event: July 4th Beachboys’ “I Get Around” reaches #1

Additional sources: On This Day – Music – Hits of the 60s: Sixties City – Wikipedia

Your Hosts for The Breakfast Show

William Price King is an American jazz singer, crooner, and composer.

His interest in music began at an early age when he studied piano and clarinet in high school. At Morehouse College in Atlanta where he grew up, he sang in the Glee Club and studied classical music. After graduation he went off to the Yale School of Music where he earned a Masters degree. From there he journeyed to New York where he created a jazz trio ‘Au Naturel’ which performed in some of the hottest venues in Manhattan including gigs on Broadway and the famous ‘Rainbow Room.’ These gigs opened doors for performances in Montreal and a European tour.

While touring Europe he met a lovely French lady, Jeanne Maïstre, who, a year later became his wife. King left the group ‘Au Naturel’ and settled in the south of France where he started a new life on the French Riviera, opening his own music school – the “Price King Ecole Internationale de Chant.” He has had the pleasure over the years of seeing many of his students excel as singers on a professional level, and some going on to become national celebrities. He continues to coach young singers today, in his spare time.

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Sally Cronin is an author, blogger and broadcaster who enjoyed four years as part of the team on Onda Cero International’s English speaking morning show in Marbella and then for two years as a presenter on Expressfm the local radio station in Portsmouth. She co-presented two ‘Drive Time’ shows a week with Adrian Knight, hosted the live Thursday Afternoon Show and The Sunday Morning Show guests including musicians and authors. Following this she became Station Director for a local internet television station for two years, producing and presenting the daily news segment, outside broadcasts and co-presenting the Adrian and Sally chat show live on Friday evenings.

She and her husband David have now returned to Ireland where they live on the Wexford Coast where she blogs and continues to write books.

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Next week 1964 PartTwo.. we hope you will tune in.. as always we love to hear from you.. thanks William and Sally.



Smorgasbord Music Column – 1992 – London Docklands, Roy Orbison – Request from Jane Risdon – Gloria Estefan

Welcome to 1992 and we have just celebrated our fifth Christmas in our house in South Woodford. I was working job hunting and at the same time helping a couple of friends with their respective business start-ups. David was now Engineering Director of the cable and telecommunications company in the Docklands and although he was working long hours we did have a great time popping into the cinema in the centre of London most weekends.

We also would have gatherings to our house from time to time as we still missed the progressive parties that enjoyed during our time in Houston. The house would be packed out with friends and David’s colleagues and buckets of frozen margaritas were prepared and waiting to be consumed. Ice cold Corona beers sweated in iced baby baths and plates of food were placed around the kitchen, dining room and lounge for people to help themselves whenever.

It was all very informal with dancing in the big old Victorian kitchen with its creaky wooden floors. Not that anyone noticed by the time the dancing started. We also had some Karoke tapes that were well used and it was not unknown for me to grab the mike and belt out Heartbreaker or Crazy.

But by the Easter I was well and truly into job hunting and a chance conversation the CEO of David’s company who we had known for several years led to a three month contract to develop the current customer service team of ten into twenty to handle the growth of the telephony services now being offered.

That three month contract would turn into over four years with various changes of location and roles in the rapidly expanding company.

It was now not only UK owned as two new partners would join in the next year. A major cable television company from Colorado and Telephony company from Canada. It was to be an interesting time but the immediate job for me was to move from a paper based billing system and to grow the team.

We were in the heart of the Docklands and our customers were in the partly gentrified East End of London. Some wonderful people and some who frankly could be pretty scary. Customers for the cable television were given a couple of weeks grace period when the bill was not paid and then disconnected. There would be a queue around the block next morning and on occasion I arrived in my office to find that there had been visitors in the night.

My window was broken a couple of times and because my door to the rest of customer services was securely locked, they would content themselves with wreaking havoc in that small space. I would also receive the occasional death threat when a disconnect took place during a particularly riveting event such as a Las Vegas Heavy Weight title fight!

Things rarely became physical, although verbal fisticuffs at the front desk sometimes needed the intervention of a rather large and miffed manager who sometimes had to suspend the more conventional rules of customer service. Once however, I had to bang on the counter rather loudly to get a 7 foot gentleman to remove his hands from around our receptionist’s neck and offer to take it outside with him. This I did to the entertainment of the queue waiting to pay their suspended accounts. We were nose to nose for about five minutes before he apologised to me and then to the receptionist who was unharmed and gracious enough to accept his assurances that he would never be in arrears again.

Apparently my Anglo-Saxon terminology did the trick, not just with the gentleman concerned, but with many of those who were disconnected regularly, and the next month we had remarkably few to pull the switch on. I had reason to be grateful for my time as the landlady of the pub on the Isle of Wight where I had to deal with skinheads every weekend!

That aside, I loved my job and when later in the year the position was made permanent I was delighted.

Despite both of us working long hours we were in the same building and sometimes we would leave the cars at home and travel by train and light railway. That way in the evenings we could go to dinner in the centre of London and get the last tube home.

The music that we played at the parties were a mixture of good old 70s, 80s and 90s hits that I have showcased in previous weeks. But there were some new albums and singles in the collection from 1992, including these classics.

Shakespear’s Sister Stay, Whitney Houston I Will Always Love You, Wet Wet WetGoodnight Girl, QueenBohemian Rhapsody/These Are The Days of Our Lives, UndercoverBaker Street, The TemptationsMy Girl, Billy Ray CyrusAchy Breaky Heart, Michael JacksonHeal The World, Mariah Carey I’ll Be There, Guns ‘N RosesKnockin’ On Heaven’s Door, Take ThatA Million Love Songs and the wonderful Roy Orbison – I Drove All Night.

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If you have a favourite track that you would like to share.. please put the title and artist in the comments section. Thanks Sally.

This week’s request is from author Jane Risdon who has had a long career in the music industry and has actually met Gloria Estefan.. and has asked for this hit from this amazing artist’s long career

My thanks to Jane for suggesting this track.

Jane Risdon, Buy:

One of the recent reviews for Only One Woman –

An interesting read I wasn’t sure how it would work with two authors, but it is cleverly written like a diary of the two girls Renza and Stella who become involved with Scott the sexy guy from the band. Set in the late sixties there are lots of references to music and magazines and general things of these times. Renza can’t believe her luck when the band move in next door to her. Her life isn’t that exciting and she has to help her Mum a lot with the rest of her large family when all of a sudden she’s popular with the girls at school who want to hang out in her garden to see the boys. After falling for Scott Renza unfortunately has to move to Germany with her Dad as he is in the army. Stella comes into Scott’s life slightly older then Renza who will Scott choose. It was good reading the story through the eyes of both girls in their diary. I won’t give any spoilers to say who Scott ends up with. I wonder if there will be a second book following on so we can see if he made the right decision.

Don’t forget to leave your request in the comments… thanks Sally