Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – November 28th – December 5th 2020 -Partying, Aretha, Book Reviews, Aromatherapy and Funnies

final weekly round up

Welcome to the weekly round up with posts you might have missed this week on Smorgasbord.

As you will see it has been a busy week on the Christmas Book Fair front and it looks like I will have just enough time to include all the authors currently in the Cafe and Bookstore with recent reviews before Christmas. I won’t be taking any new authors until the New Year now and already have some terrific ones lined up.

The Cafe and Bookstore is seven years old now and time for a revamp for 2021. The book fair has been a great opportunity to update the authors on the shelves and I have some more details to add to them to provide more comprehensive information.

Next year I also want to go back to the Blogger Daily at least three times a week as I know I have neglected to get around your blogs as much as I would like. I am going to tie this in to the authors in the Cafe so that I can take another opportunity to promote your books.

Anyway more on that in the New Year..

In the meantime as I have been into author’s Amazon and Goodreads, I have noticed that there are some missed opportunities.  Here is a quick check list.

  1. Make sure that your bio is on both US and UK Amazon author pages. They will put books up, but not your bio from your country of origin.
  2. Some books are missing from author pages and also on Goodreads and need to be claimed through your author central page.
  3. Some authors are not linking their blogs to their twitter so posts about their books or promotions not going there automatically.
  4. I found quite a few Twitter accounts without a pinned tweet, which is very useful to expand your profile, or to promote books or blog.

Just to let you know that the slots for the Christmas Party have all been filled and some wonderful pets have been brought along.. I am sure you will enjoy meeting them..thanks to all those who have participated.

On to the posts from the week and my thanks to William Price King, Debby Gies, Marcia Meara and Joy Lennick for their contributions.. and to you for all your support..

I was delighted to be a guest at Ani’s Advent party along with co-host Sue Vincent and there will be a new guest every day through December, something to watch out for… My post is about the food treats that your pets can enjoy at Christmas and those that might be toxic.. there is a lovely poem introduction from Ani.. and I hope you will head over to read in full: Ani’s Advent Party – Christmas Treats for Pets.

William new music column

William Price King with Soul singer Aretha Franklin – The Rise to Fame.

Life’s Rich Tapestry – #Fantasy- The Enhancement Project by Sally Cronin

smorgasbord book reviews

Past Book Reviews 2019 – #Psychological Thriller- Hope by Terry Tyler

Past Book Reviews 2019 -#Poetry The New Asylum: a memoir of psychiatry by Frank Prem

A year after I reviewed Hope above… this week a review for Terry Tyler’s latest book

Smorgasbord Book Reviews 2020– Post-Apocalyptic Murder Mystery – The Visitor – Terry Tyler

letters from america

February 1986 – Trip to Dallas, #Southfork Ranch and Tornedoes

Christmas Archives


Christmas at the House of 1,000 Santas by Marcia Meara

#WWII – My Welsh Christmases by Joy Lennick

The 13 Trolls of Christmas! by Carol Taylor


Marjoram Essential Oil – Muscles and Stress

christmas book fair children

New Author – #Historical – Daily Bread (Becoming America’s Stories, #1) by Antoinette Truglio Martin

#Butterflies Bette A. Stevens, #Shyness Janice Spina, #Bees Paul Noel, #Puppies Victoria Zigler

Christmas Book Fair 2020

New Authors on the shelves

New Author in the Cafe – #Historical #Fantasy – The Year the Swans Came by Barbara Spencer

#1960s #Thriller – Paris Escapade by Ted Myers

#Mystery Mary Anne Edwards, #Paranormalthriller D.L. Finn, #Vaudeville Elizabeth Gauffreau

#Romance Olga Nunez Miret, #WWII Marina Osipva, #Psychologicalthriller Toni Pike

#Romance Ritu Bhathal, #GuideDog Ann Chiappetta, #Mystery J.A. Newman

#Design Valentina Cirasola, #Thriller Chuck Bowie, #Family James J. Cudney, #Historical Paul Edmondson.

#Romance Jacquie Biggar, #Fantasy C.S. Boyack, #Fantasy Charles E. Yallowitz, #Relationships Stevie Turner

#Authors – Blogging Anne R. Allen, #Networking Lizzie Chantree, #Inspiration Harmony Kent

#Thriller Mark Bierman, #Historical Romance Christine Campbell, #Afghanistan Patricia Furstenberg #Sci-fi Thriller Richard Dee,

laughter lines final

December 1st 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Crunches and More Weird Facts

December 3rd 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Santa and Weird Facts.

Laughter Lines Extra – with host Sally Cronin – December 4th 2020 with guest Ann Patras


Thank you so much for dropping in and hope you have enjoyed this week’s post.. have a safe week.. thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up – November 22nd – 28th 2020 – Friends and Collaborators, Thanksgiving, Food, Book Fair, Alexander Technique, Music and Funnies

Welcome to this week’s round up of posts you may have missed on Smorgasbord.

I hope all of you are well, in some countries there does seem to be a decrease in the daily infection figures but this week saw those daily figures rising to over 500,000 a day.  Here in Southern Ireland the return to a full lockdown for six weeks has seen the numbers drop from 1200 a day to just over 200 which has prompted the government to lift many of the restrictions on small businesses and restaurants, but pubs that don’t serve food will not be allowed to open. Obviously the hospitality trade has been severely hit, but the economic picture is more positive with increased online spending and restaurants converting to takeaway.

I have been using the time in isolation to finally get to grips with my WIPs… fingers crossed there will be another eBook short story collection out before Christmas, and in the spring I will be celebrating the 25 year anniversary of my weight loss and training to be a nutritional therapist.  I have spent most of the year updating my first book Size Matters and writing an additional segment on the obesity epidemic and where in the life cycle we should be focusing our energies.  It will also feature the programme that I designed for myself and also the clients I went on to work with, plus an easy to use nutritional guide at the back of the book.This one will be in print and eBook and I am excited to get this three year project completed in time for a milestone year personally.

In the meantime there are books to promote and if you are a regular visitor you will have noticed I have made a start on the Christmas Book Fairs with the intention of featuring everyone on the shelves of both Cafes before Christmas.

Every year I like to have a party and I think after the year we have had, I am going to dedicate the weekends from mid-December to some fun and frivolity.

This year the Christmas party is going to be held over two weekends (or more posts if enough guests respond) .. 12th/13th and 19th/20th of December. The theme is our pets, past and present, who usually love the activities at Christmas, especially the extra treats going around at the time.

Most of us have photographs of our dogs, cats and other cuddly members of the family.(A Christmas theme would be great but not essential).. but if you don’t have any photographs of your own pets, then you can borrow one for the occasion…there are plenty of funny images of pets at Christmas on the web that are free to use. Or you might find a friend or family member willing to lend you one for the party.

There will be food and drink of course and a video or two and I will make sure to add your details including bio, books or blog and social media. Those who don’t attend the party in person are very welcome to add their links in the comments.

Check out the link to find out more: Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Christmas Party 2020 – Invite a pet (yours or one you have borrowed)

As always some amazing contributions this week.. and a special thank you to William Price King as we celebrate his six years of the Music Column with a repeat of the interview that began our friendship in 2014.. We also have some amazing food and recipes in Carol Taylor’s A-Z featuring the letter ‘W’ and some funnies courtesy of resident comedienne author D.G. Kaye, Debby Gies. This week author Daniel Kemp returned for his fortnightly Open Mic night with funnies to get the weekend started in style.

William Price King – American jazz singer, crooner, and composer – Interview April 2014

Carol Taylor – A – Z of Food ‘W’ for Wakame, Wasabi, Walnuts, Watercress, and Wax Beans

Milestones Along the Way – #Ireland #Waterford – How I met Joan

Life’s Rich Tapestry – #Cats For the Love of Lily

Whatever else 2020 has been, it has not been short on Friendship and Community – by Sally Cronin

January 1986 – New Mexico, Mckittrick Canyon and the Living Desert – Part Two

Smorgasbord Book Reviews – #Haiti #Thriller – Vanished by Mark Bierman

Past Book Reviews 2019 – Braxton Campus Mysteries – Book 3 – Flower Power Trip by James J. Cudney

Past Book Reviews 2019 -#Prehistoric The Quest for Home Book 2 of the Crossroads Trilogy) by Jacqui Murray

Past Book Reviews 2019 -#Thriller Passport to Death by Yigal Zur

Christmas Book Fair – New Author – I’m Going to My First Comic Convention by Candy Keane

#Bedtimestories Doug Parker, #Wolves Elizabeth Jade, #Flamingos Wanda Luthman

#Release – #Nature Joyce Murphy, #Adventure Jemima Pett, #Stepmother Toni Pike. 

New Author on the Shelves

New Author – #Memoir #Travel Plunge: One Woman’s Pursuit of a Life Less Ordinary by Liesbet Collaert

#Supernatural Jessica Bakkers, #DieselPunk Teagan Riordain Geneviene, #Historical Allan Hudson

#Thrillers Carol Balawyder, Leyla Cardena, John L. DeBoer

#Memoirs – Marian Longenecker Beaman, Brigid P. Gallagher, D.G. Kaye

The Alexander Technique – Part Three – Standing, Sitting and Walking Correctly

November 24th 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin – Birdseed and More Weird Facts

November 26th 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin- Thanksgiving Special and More Weird Facts

November 27th 2020 – Another Open Mic Night with author Daniel Kemp


Thank you very much for all your support.. have a good weekend and week to follow.. Sally.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – 11th -17th October 2020 -Jazz, Elephant’s Ears, Pumpkin Flower Fritters and Rennaisance Festival

Welcome to the round up with posts that you might have missed during the week on Smorgasbord.

I hope that despite the increase in cases in most of our countries, you are staying safe. With politics and Covid-19 it is hard to find some good news headlines but tucked away you can find a gem or two.

Canadian Researchers Gave Homeless People $7500 Each And The Results Are So Uplifting

Challenging the stereotypes of homeless people in Canada, a research project from a Vancouver-based charitable organization found that simply giving money to homeless people isn’t as bad an idea as some people might think. Read more: Good News Network

New Fix-It Clinic is Using Zoom and Global Community to Help You Repair Items For Free

How many YouTube tutorials does it take to screw in a lightbulb? One—if that many.

Fixit Clinic

But when you need to fix something that’s beyond your level of DIY expertise, with nearly a bazillion videos offering differing and sometimes conflicting repair advice, it can be hard to know where to turn—or, at least it was until the advent of Fixit Clinic Read more about this great initiative: The Good News Network

So if you need a bit of a lift and a change from the daily litany of pessimism head over to The Good News Network

On the home front the last couple of days I have been moving pot plants around, taking some around the back of the garden to see out the next few months and setting out the winter flowering plants. Not a very bright day but with rain coming in for the next ten days I took the opportunity to take some photographs…

Time to get on with the posts from the week….

William Price King with American Jazz drummer and bandleader Art Blakey

‘T’ for Tea and Toast, Turmeric, Tobasco, Tahini, Tamarind and Elephant’s Ears (it is a T)

how a pumpkin flower fritter looks like

Pumpkin Flowers Fritters: at the Pumpkin Patch

Life Changing Moments – I knew that there was a book inside me waiting to be written by Joyce Hampton

#Thriller – Skeleton Run by John L. DeBoer

#Afghatinstan #MilitaryDogs Patricia Furstenburg, #History #Tudors Tony Riches

My parent’s visit – Part Two – Rennaisance Festival, Anniversary Party and nearly lights out!

Poetry – In Remembrance – The War Poets – Rupert Brooke

Photograph by Cris Saur @crisaur

Pot Luck – Poetry Friday ~ Wild Fire by Vashti Quiroz-Vega

Milestones Along the Way – #Ireland #Waterford 1950s The Saga of Selby

Chapter Eleven – Favourite Walks in Ireland

#Free Book and Some of my Very Odd Jobs – Hotel Senior Receptionist

#Free Book and Some of my Very Odd Jobs – Hotel Assistant Manager

#Free Book and Some of my Very Odd Jobs -The Sheep Farm

#Reviews Dawn Doig, Emily-Jane Hills Orford and Wanda Luthman

#ParanormalThriller – This Last Chance by D.L. Finn

#Memoir Brigid P. Gallagher , #Sci-fi Richard Dee, #Mystery Diana J. Febry

#Pre-Historic Jacqui Murray, #Fantasy Deborah Jay, #Mystery Amy M. Reade

#Paranormal Marcia Meara, #Fantasy A. J. Alexander, #MurderMystery Jessica Norrie

Image wikipedia.

Medicine Woman’s Treasure Chest – Essential Oils and Aromatherapy – Bergamot essential oil

Omega 3s

The endocrine system and hormones Part Two

Smorgasbord Laughter Lines – Oct 13th 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin

October 15th 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin

October 16th 2020 – Another Open Mic Night with author Daniel Kemp

Thank you very much for dropping and all your support, have a great weekend and I hope you will join me again next week.. thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up – 19th -26th July -Josh Groban, Naan Bread, Fairy Tales, Waterford, Poetry, Reviews and Funnies

Welcome to the round up of posts that you might have missed this week on the blog.

Like most of you focus on being creative has been a little hit and miss during the last few months, and I am thankful for the blog to keep me busy and in contact with you all. I have been working on my next book in my head and finally have got my thoughts together and have picked up where I left off in March. Hopefully you will see something coherent in the autumn! It is another collection of syllabic poetry and a collection of 24 + short stories based on two central themes… I plan to really get the writing finished in August (unless summer decides to return and I spend too much time in the garden!)

It is our 40th anniversary in November and we cancelled our planned trip with my two sisters in September to Malta.. old stomping grounds for both of them who were 16 and 17 when we lived there and it was going to be a step back in time for us all. November is the start of the usual flu season and I have an inkling that the 14 day quarantines for visitors is likely to be in place again. So are planned trip to the UK to see my sisters is also at risk. It will make it two years since we have had a family get together but it is better to be safe than sorry.

This now has presented us with an opportunity to get creative with our own celebrations as the occasion deserves to be marked in style…as long as the two of us are there…it will be special.

Just a reminder of the opportunities to promote your books…

  1. If you have a new book due out in August then please let me know when available for pre-order or released so I can do a new book on the shelves promotion.
  2. If you are not already in the Cafe and Bookstore you can find out how to join the other 150 authors: Free book marketing in the Cafe and Bookstore.
  3. The new series of Posts from Your Archives open to all bloggers where I pop in to your blog and select two posts to share along with your books and links: #NewSeries August 2020- Pot Luck and Do You Trust Me??
  4. If you are a children’s author you will find a new feature from Monday where your books will not only be on the shelves of the main Cafe and Bookstore but any books for ages up to 12 years old, will also be in the new Children’s Cafe and Bookstore.. A post is going out on Monday that gives the details to existing authors in the Cafe and to new ones.
  5. The new author spotlight series for September has a theme that I hope you will find interesting – Life Changing Moments.. and the promotional post is on July 30th.

As always I am very grateful to the contributors who share their expertise and creativity each week and also to you for all the support that you offer…you have no idea how that has helped me stay positive during the last few months. 💐 😍

Here are this week’s posts…..

The Music Column with William Price King – Josh Groban Part Three

‘N’ is for Nicoise, Nori, Nuts, Noodles, Nettles and Naan Bread.

#Spain – Tales from The Garden -Chapter Eleven – The Last Summer Ball and the Winter Fairy – Part Two

The Colour of Life -Cattle Dealing and The Ferguson Tractor 1948 by Geoff Cronin

#Courtown, Wexford – Sea Birds Seek Shelter and Photos

July 4th 1985 Celebrations, Mechanical Bulls and Tennis

Welcome to a new series where I will be sharing book reviews I have posted in the last few years. I would like to take the opportunity to showcase books that I have enjoyed and their authors and if you have not read the books, I hope it will encourage you to check them out.

#Afghanistan Mary Smith, #Historical Andrew Joyce

Chesebro’s weekly Tanka Challenge -#Butterfly Cinquain – Washed Up

The importance of a healthy gut (part three) #Candida by Sally Cronin

Herbal Medicine – Peppermint – fresh breath, digestion and anti-bacterial

#History – The Story of the Huguenots: A Unique Legacy by Joyce Hampton

The Places We Haunt: Short Story Collection by Cecilia Kennedy

#Mystery – Walking Into Trouble by Geoff Le Pard

#Pre-Order -Children’s – A Beechworth Bakery Bears e-Book (The Beechworth Bakery Bears 1) by Frank Prem

#Mystery Noelle Granger, ##DystopianSciFi Terry Tyler, #Mystery Anne R. Allen

#Poetry Miriam Hurdle, #FamilySaga Judith Barrow, #Fantasy, #Paranormal C.S. Boyack

#Childrens Victoria Zigler, #Fantasy D.Wallace Peach, #Fantasy Fiona Tarr, #Contemporary M.C.V. Egan

#Prehistoric Jacqui Murray, #Children’s Toni Pike, #Humour J. E. Pinto

#Memoir Joy Lennick, #WWII Paulette Mahurin, #Mystery J.A. Newman

#Thriller Richard W. Wise, #Fantasy Sue Vincent and Stuart France, #Lemons Valentina Cirasola

#Writing Jane Sturgeon, #Poetry Leon Stevens, #Coming of age Bette A. Stevens

Hugh W. Roberts

#Shortstories Hugh W. Roberts, #Thriller Gwen M. Plano, #FamilyDrama Margaret Lindsay Holton

Smorgasbord Laughter Lines – July 21st 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin

Smorgasbord Laughter Lines – July 23rd 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin

Possible Book Titles and some Grammar funnies Host Sally Cronin

Thank you again for dropping in today and for all your support.. it is much appreciated..

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – 17th – 23rd May 2020 – Rainbow Fairies, Sound of Music, Books, Guests and Funnies

Welcome to the weekly round up with posts you might have missed in the last week.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying some minor lifting of restrictions in the last week, certainly here and in the UK. It does look if travel plans are still on hold for millions who were planning to go away in the next few weeks, and for those without plans, the prospect of 14 day quarantine there and when you return is a daunting.

We have no plans before November but we might have to rethink that depending on virus resurgence and restrictions at each end. For us a minor inconvenience but for so many their livelihoods not just this year but going forward.

Looking at local businesses there are some who have adapted, gone online or offer takeaway if they are a food provider. I wonder though if my family run hairdresser and some of the small coffee shops in our high street will survive. I hope so and I know that the government is going part way to helping businesses.

Apart from that we have had some lovely bright days and I have managed to top up my tan in the garden.. we have had 48kph winds the last two days so whilst sunny not particularly enjoyable to sit out in…or  to wear a dress.

Apart from starting the new series Project 101 – Resilience – Get fighting fit, which seems to be going down well…I have been plotting another author promoting series for lunchtime for the month of June for every author in the Cafe and Bookstore.

This time, you don’t need to do anything as I will be taking care of the details but it would be great, if you are featured as one of the four authors each weekday, if you would share on your social media.  I will tag the authors on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn if you are there too. Starting Monday June 1st…

As always my thanks to guests who have contributed to this week’s posts and to you for dropping in to read them.

Here are the posts from the week.

Robbie Cheadle – How did we come up with the idea for Sir Chocolate and the Ice cream Rainbow Fairies story and cookbook

Something Good – The Sound of Music

Animal, Chicken, Hen, Poultry, Beak

The Colour of Life – The Devil Finds Work 1936

Tales from the Garden – Chapter Two – The Sanctuary by Sally Cronin

Cadiz – Coastal Defenses

Spain Magnolia and Bees

Brazos State Park, Anacondas and Doggy Bags

Fantasy, Paranormal Viral Blues by C.S. Boyack

Double Nonet – The Crocodile

Project 101 – Resilience – An opportunity to get fighting fit

Improving lung function, Weight loss hack – The Power of One and Music Therapy

Resilience – Weight Loss Hack No 2 – Improving lung function No 2, Musical Therapy

#Childrens – Busy Bee and the Silent Spring by Paul Noel

#Romance Jacquie Biggar, #Mystery Mae Clair, #Adventure Audrey Driscoll

#Thriller Paulette Mahurin, #Fantasy Marcia Meara, #Mystery J. A. Newman

#Memoir Pete Springer, #Writing Jane Sturgeon, #Fantasy Fiona Tarr

#Thriller – My GRL by John W. Howell

#Fantasy The Prince’s Man by Deborah Jay

#Thriller The Magus Covenant – Book 1 in The Jotham Fletcher Series by Toni Pike

Short Stories The Alternative by Suzanne Burke

Food Therapy – Salmon – Omega 3 on a Plate

May 19th 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin

Smorgasbord Laughter Lines – May 21st 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin

Another Open Mic Night with author Daniel Kemp

Thank you so much for dropping in and I look forward to seeing you again next week…thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – 10th – 16th May 2020 – Relationships, ABBA, Ink Fish, Italian Tomato Sauce, Books and Laughter

Welcome to the Smorgasbord Weekly round up with posts you might have missed during the week..

It has been a full house this week with our regular contributors D.G.Kaye, William Price King, Carol Taylor and Silvia Todesco making sure that we have plenty of food for thought about relationships, music to dance to, recipes using ingredients beginning with the letter ‘I’ and the way you should be making the classic Italian tomato sauce.

We are seeing a lifting of some of the restrictions from Monday here in Ireland with bubbles of four people allowed to mingle, DIY and Garden Centres opened (I will wait a week until they get over their first rush of customers) and an extended exercise range of 5k. The Irish government are taking a very cautious approach and making adjustments every two weeks so that they can monitor the impact of lifting restrictions piecemeal.

Our tourist industry that welcomes 9 million visitors a year will be taking a hit of around 5 billion Euro as they face a two week guarantine period when they arrive. Restaurants, cafes and pubs are going to be the last to be opened which also means local communities will be struggling, and some businesses may never open again.

I am sure that countries will recover, but the world as we knew it is going to be changed dramatically, especially in regard to working environments and world travel.

I hope that wherever you are, and whatever your particular government is doing with regard to restrictions, that you will continue to take care when out.

Just a reminder that the new series of the Health Column – Project 101 – Resilience starts on Tuesday. I will be looking at the small changes we who are over 65 can make in both diet and lifestyle to improve our resilience to opportunistic pathogens that cross our paths. This includes addressing the key issues that have been identified at putting us at greater risk of not surviving being infected. Being 67 has made me conscious of the areas that I need to address and I have been working on these over the last nine weeks and I hope you will find them helpful.  I promise there will be some fun involved…

Now time for posts from the week.. and thank you for all your support, it is much appreciated.

D. G. Kaye Explores the Realms of Relationships – Forming Healthy Relationships – What’s Inside the Box?

William Price King – ABBA – Part Three – Mid-1970s

Carol Taylor – A – Z of Food – ‘I’ is for Icing, Ink Fish, Indian Black Salt, Infusing Immortalittea and Irish Stew…

Italian tomatoes sauce: the truth about “Marinara”

Part Six – Malta and the Far East 1946

How the Stable was Built 1936

Adventures in the USA – 1985 – Easter in New Orleans

Tales from the Garden – The Guardians

Etheree – Advancing Years

Drought Spain

UFOs at Sunset

Apricot, Fruit, Power, Apricot, Apricot

Apricots – no honeymoon should be without Them!

#Scifi Richard Dee, #Romance Ritu Bhathal, #Thriller Carol Balawyder

#Childrens Deanie Humphrys Dunne, #Vietnam Chuck Jackson, #Dystopian Sandra J. Jackson

#Thriller S. Burke, #Mystery Lizzie Chantree, #Shortstories Anne Goodwin

#WWII – While the Bombs Fell by Robbie Cheadle and Elsie Hancy Eaton

#Memoir – My Ideal Partner by Abbie Johnson Taylor

#Memoir- My Gentle War by Joy Lennick

#SciFi – The Godsend: Innerscape: Book Two by A.C. Flory

#YAFantasy – The Curse of Time : Book One – Bloodstone by M.J. Mallon

Afghanistan – No More Mulberries by Mary Smith.. on offer this weekend 99p/99c

May 12th 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin

May 14th 2020 – Hosts Debby Gies and Sally Cronin

More seclusion humour from the senior team

Thank you very much for dropping by today and I hope you will join us again next week.. thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – April 12th -18th – Relationships, ABBA, Guacamole, Pasta, Guests, Poetry and Funnies.

Welcome to the Smorgasbord weekly round up with posts that you might have missed.

I hope you are all doing okay and that family and friends are doing well also. It has reached that critical mass in the pandemic, that it  is more likely you will know someone who has been infected with Covid-19, and it the case with us with friends in America and Spain. Thankfully recovered, but still very concerning, when all you can do is offer platitudes rather than practical help.

Being over 65 here in Ireland as far as the supermarkets is concerned, puts you in the elderly and vulnerable category, and it is certainly less stressful shopping in the designated time slots. It is tough though to accept that is how you are perceived, despite being active and in good health.  I know it is for our own benefit, but I have to make sure that fear does not drift into the rest of my activities.

Despite physical changes to our bodies, how we feel inside is unlikely to have changed dramatically since our mid-20s. Our thoughts and emotions may have matured to achieve balance, but that does not change our fundamental personality. If we did not look in the mirror, our perception of ourselves is largely based on how we feel and think, and it is important that the label that has been given us during this crisis, does not take away our independence or freedom to undertake new  adventures in the future.

I will admit that right now going through an airport, getting on a plane and mingling with thousands of strangers is not top of my wish list, but I hope that over time, I will still spread my own wings and live as I have always lived, seeking new places, people to meet and stimulating experiences.

In the meantime we have a lot to be grateful for with the Internet, so that even from my office chair, I can reach out around the world and touch base with you from the safety of my own comfort zone. I realised the importance of the world wide web before this pandemic, but now treasure it beyond belief, as I am sure you all do.

Anyway, around here things are operating as usual, and my thanks as always to the contributors for keeping their wonderful posts coming and to you for your continued support.

And despite the lock down…a little bit of a celebration as the blog passed 1 million views since October 2013 this week.

Here are the posts from the week that you might have missed.

Part two of the Easter Parade with flashback photos and music from D.G. Kaye, Robbie Cheadle, John Howell, Miriam Hurdle and Mary Smith

D. G. Kaye Explores the Realms of Relationships – Know when it’s time to go – When giving becomes one-sided

The Music Column with William Price King – ABBA – Part One -Meet the Group. Posted on April 14, 2020 by Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life.

Carol Taylor – A – Z of Food -‘G’ for Ginger, Garlic, Guacamole, Goosefat and Gribige…

Butternut squash and porcini pasta

Italian Cookery with Silvia Todesco – Butternut squash and porcini mushrooms noodles. Different. Fast. Easy. Delicious

Memoir – Life on the Ocean Wave – Chapter Two – Royal Navy Training -1936 and two encounters with the King and HMS Nelson by Eric Coleman

#Memoir #Waterford #Ireland 1920s – The Colour of Life – My Grandfather’s Story 1930 by Geoff Cronin

Letters from America 1985-1987 – Adventures in the USA – Homesickness, First Dinner Party, Huntsville State Park

Western Romance Thundertree by Sandra Cox

Double Etheree – Sunflower Seeds

Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore Special – #Non-Fiction – #Anthology – #Pre-Order May 1st – Deep Down & Dirty Writing Secrets: : A Treasure Trove of Writing Tips

#Thriller Paulette Mahurin, #Memoir Marian Longenecker Beaman, #Fantasy #Western Jean Lee

#Mystery Judy Penz Sheluk, #Dystopian Teri Polen, #Writing Denise O’Hagan

-#Thriller Mark Bierman, #PsychologicalThriller Lucinda E. Clarke, #Dystopian Alex Craigie

How a novel is born: “Love of a Stonemason” by Christa Polkinhorn

Friendships – Online and Otherwise by D.G. Kaye

Adding Real Life Issues In Our Novels #DiabetesSucks by Jacquie Biggar

Remembering my Frugal Mother by Sharon Marchisello

#Convents: the Religious Life of Medieval Women by Patricia Furstenberg

Food Therapy – Green Tea – One small leaf with terrific health benefits

More funnies from D.G. Kaye and a joke or two from Sally.

More funnies from D.G. Kaye and a joke or two from Sally.

Thank you for visiting and your support.. stay safe and look forward to seeing you again next week.. Sally.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up December 1st to 7th – Christmas Music, Festive Brussel Sprouts, Italian Biscotti, Winter Sun and plenty of other Shenanigans!

Welcome to the weekly round up of posts that you might have missed. Things are definitely getting festive around here and I hope that you will enjoy the fun.

It has been a busy week at the homestead with the new fence up and awaiting staining once the weather dries out a bit… excellent job by the workmen who stuck it out through wind, hail, pouring rain, up to the knees in mud… brilliant. Now we need to put tons of stones down for drainage all along the bottom covered by more tons of topsoil and new turf.. The last major job before we put the house on the market in the spring.

And.. I launched by new book…just in the nick of time….more details later in the post in the New Books on the Shelves..

As always a huge thank you to regular guests to the blog who have pulled out all the stops to inform and entertain us…and to you for dropping in and leaving comments and sharing the posts.

First a reminder of the Christmas short story series…

Last Sunday I posted a Christmas story from my collection Flights of Fancy – Father Christmas And I also extended an invitation to you, to share a fiction short story with a Christmas theme.

I would like to invite you to share your fiction here in December with one of your stories.

  • I know how busy everyone is at this time of year, but perhaps you have a short story you have already published on your own blog and would like to share with another audience over here.
  • I will leave the word count to you but as an approximation I would be happy with stories between 500 and 1,500 words…if longer then I am sure it will not be a problem.
  • If you are an author I will also be delighted to share the link to buy your work on Amazon.
  • Some of you are already in the Cafe and Bookstore and I have all your details, so no need to include again, but if you are new to the blog then I will need some information.

If you are already in the Cafe and Bookstore then please send the following to

  1. The link to your short story if already on your blog
  2. Or, your word document of your story.

If you are new to smorgasbord the please send the following to

  1. The link to your short story if already on your blog
  2. Or, your word document of your story
  3. Your amazon author page link for your books (so I can find your bio and book covers)
  4. Links to your blog and two other main social media links.

Look forward to hearing from you…

On with the other posts from the week.

Over the next four weeks, I am so pleased that William Price King will be a sharing a selection of Christmas music to get us into the festive spirit. The Lullay Song and What Child is This…

Christmas music with William Price King The Lullay Song

For any of us in the colder and wetter climates, a respite somewhere sunny is top of of most of our wish lists. Today three wonderful destinations where you will enjoy warm weather and an even warmer welcome from your hosts. I have selected islands where you can relax and even if it is for just two weeks, boost your tan and well-being before the real winter kicks in.

The Travel Column with D.G. Kaye – Three Winter Sun Destinations – Kauai, Hawaii, Malta and Martinique

It is that time of year when we bring out the decorations and over here – The Cook from Scratch Christmas recipes... I look at the health benefits of the food.. and my friend Carol Taylor turns them into something delicious the whole family will love.  This week the wonderful Brussel Sprouts.

Sally Cronin and Carol Taylor – Healthy and delicious Brussel Sprouts

If you are looking for a different kind of Christmas cookie this year then these Cantucci Biscotti from Silvia Todesco look amazing… and if memory serves me right, dipping them in your coffee or hot chocolate adds to their deliciousness…


Italian Cantucci Biscotti by Silvia Todesco

This week Mike Biles continues with his A-Z of Christmas starting with the Turkey through to Figgy Pudding.. more next week.

Christmas, Britain, Christmas dinner

Mike Biles – A – Z of Christmas from Turkey dinner to Figgy Pudding

Delighted that Anne R. Allen accepted my invitation to be a guest during the run up to Christmas. As writers, we don’t always get the feedback we expect from family and friends, and Anne shares some of the ways it might sabotage our efforts.

How Well-Intentioned Loved Ones Can Sabotage Your Writing Career

Anne R. Allen explores how well intentioned loved ones can sabotage your writing career

Earlier in the year editor Sarah Calfee wrote a guest post on editing that I think is well worth sharing again as part of the Christmas Book Fair.

Demystifying the levels of Fiction Editing by Sarah Calfee

Being the first challenge of the month, Colleen’s Tuesday Poetry Challenge 156 is left to our discretion as ‘Poet’s Choice’.  I have written a double etheree – Happy Christmas

Colleen’s Tuesday Poetry Challenge 156 – Happy Christmas

My response to this weeks Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge by Charli Mills  the prompt is ‘Key Lime Pie’.... and I hope you enjoy the ingredients in my story……

Flash Fiction – Key Lime Pie

New Releases for Christmas

Life’s Rich Tapestry: Woven in Words by Sally Cronin

Supernatural Thriller Eventide – A Hodes Hill Novel Book 3 by Mae Clair

Post Apocalyptic – Blackthorn by Terry Tyler

Thriller – At the Seaside Nobody Hears you Scream by Janet Gogerty

Author updates

#Saga Judith Barrow, #Poetry Vandan Bhasin and Smitha Vishwanath, #Crime Sue Coletta, #YARomance Angie Dokos

#Fantasy Julia Benally, #Drama Deborah A. Bowman, #Mystery Diana J. Febry, #Adventure Jacqui Murray

#Wardrama Marina Osipova, #Memoir Cynthia S. Reyes, #Thriller Gwen M Plano, #Poetry Frank Prem

#Romance Linda Bradley, #Drama Mary Crowley, #Adventure Audrey Driscoll, #Memoir Brigid Gallagher

#Thriller Anne Goodwin, #YA Donna W. Hill, #Childrens Deanie Humphrys-Dunne #Mystery Judy Penz Sheluk

#Review D.G. Kay, Olga Nunez and Interview Jane Risdon with Jennifer Ash

Robbie Cheadle with Frank Prem, #History Darlene Foster, #Chai and Chat Ritu Bhathal

#Spain Joy Lennick, USCitizen Liesbet Collaert, #Thistledown Teagan Geneviene

#Freebook James J. Cudney, #Reading Nicole Osmond, #Story Becky Ross Michael


#reading Nicholas Rossis #Afghanistan Mary Smith, #Writing Shelley Wilson and Owen Mullen

Laughter Lines with D.G. Kaye and Sally Cronin

Even more funnies from Debby Gies and Sally

Thank you so much for dropping in today and I hope you will join me again next week with more fun and games.. Sally.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – The Weekly Round UP – #Thanksgiving and #Christmas all on one page.

Welcome to this week’s update which is now being moved to Saturday… It has been a busy week and so I will dive straight into the posts you might have missed from the week.

With Thanksgiving and the Christmas Book Fair, I hope there is something you will find interesting.

I have put all the Christmas Book Fair posts, including the new releases, author updates and guest posts, in a page in the menu so that they are all together. I have made the page my pinned tweet on Twitter and will update the page each day with the new posts. My intention is to include every author currently in the Cafe and Bookstore so plenty more to come in the next couple of weeks.

I would be so grateful if you are an author in the cafe and bookstore if you would visit the page and tweet or if you are on Twitter pop in to my account @sgc58 and retweet from there.

Here is the link to the page: Christmas Book Fair 2019

As always I am very thankful for all the wonderful contributions from guests and to you for dropping in.  Much more to come from tomorrow and for the rest of next week and I hope you will join me again..

I wanted to take the opportunity to say a special thank you to the collaborators who write columns each week to entertain and inform us..

D.G. Kaye, The Travel Column and Laughter Lines

William Price King in Concert, The Music Column

Carol Taylor The Food and Cookery Column

Annette Rochelle Aben a thank you and December’s Universal Energy

Over the next four weeks, Mike Biles will be sharing the A-Z of Christmas in Britain, history, tradition and trivia with us… this week part one… with much more to come.

Mike Biles shares his comprehensive A-Z of all things Christmas – Part One

Doggerel: Life with a Small Dog by Sue Vincent

Etheree – Thanksgiving

week has
me thinking
about the things
I am grateful for.
I have many blessings
on the material side,
but they fade away to nothing,
compared to the greatest gifts of all,
our health, and love of people around us.

©Sally Cronin 2019

Time for this week’s Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge by Charli Mills and the prompt was ‘winners’ in 99 words, no more, no less…

Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction ‘Winning’ by Sally Cronin

Delighted to welcome James J. Cudney with a guest post on his perspective on book reviewing. James is a prolific reviewer and they are always thoughtful and constructive. Always a pleasure to receive his opinion about your work.

What Makes Jay a Happy Reader

After some time offline it is great to welcome back author Don Massenzio. In this post Don explores the urban myth?… real thing?… Writer’s block!

Writer’s Block, Is it a thing? by Don Massenzio

New books on the Shelves

Short stories When I Rise by Karen Ingalls

The Call me Mom by Pete Springer

Christmas book fair author update

Roberta Eaton Cheadle, Lucinda E. Clarke, Jack Eason and Darlene Foster

Romance Jacquie Biggar, Poetry Dorinda Duclos, Saga Liz Gauffreau, Mystery Teagan Riordain Geneviene

#Fantasy Fiona Tarr, #Poetry Bette A. Stevens, #Children Pamela S. Wight, #Mystery Mary Adler

#Memoir D.G. Kaye, #Scifi Richard Dee, #Crimeshorts Jane Risdon #Fantasy C.S. Boyack, #Afghanistan #Dogs Patricia Furstenberg

Blogging Natalie Ducey, Writing Sue Vincent, Toxic makeup Christy Birmingham

#Thanksgiving – Soup Linda Lee Greene, Paris Cheese Potato Cake John Rieber, Turkey Snack Plate Home is Where the Boat is, Poetry Colleen Chesebro

Afghanistan Mary Smith, Nostalgia Antoinette Truglio Martin, Blogging Jenny in Neverland

#Carrot Ranch Rodeo Results, #WATWB with D.G. Kaye, #BlackFriday with Kim of By Hook or by Book

D.G. Kaye and Sally with a Thanksgiving Special

Thank you for all your support this week and have a wonderful weekend.. thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up- 18th – 24th November – Storms, Malta, Thanksgiving Menu and Tributes, and Christmas Book Fair.

Welcome to the week round up of posts that you might have missed here on Smorgasbord.

For most of us in the Northern Hemisphere it has been a stormy week with flooding, high winds and lashing rain… and political highs and lows too!. I watched as four hardy workmen dug holes in a hail storm for our new fence posts, and had my wish for a swimming pool on the doorstep fulfilled. I even unearthed some of my dog walking gear from the depths of the wardrobe and was thankful that other shoppers in Tesco looked like they were heading out on an Antarctic expedition too.

As an antidote to the continuous downpour, I spent several days researching our destination for our 40th wedding anniversary next year. A month or two earlier than the actual date to ensure good weather, we are heading to Malta. I can recommend Oliver’s Travel who made the process very straightforward and were very responsive at every step.

My father was Commanding Officer of  Royal Naval WT station Rinella in Malta from 1959 to 1961 and whilst I have very happy memories of our time there being age 6 to 8 years old, my two sisters were 16 and 17 years old and remember a great deal more than I do. They will be joining us for a week and hopefully despite the amazing changes to Malta, we can still find some of their old haunts. We have an amazing villa booked, and as the wind and rain lash the windows, we do at least have some sunshine to look forward too. Hopefully after a good summer here to prime the tan.

We went to the movies yesterday, and despite being a wet Saturday afternoon, we and one other couple were the only occupants. The film was in its second week and the weather was atrocious and I suppose people had been out shopping all day. I do wonder how multiplexes will manage as more and more film streaming services come online with annual subscriptions. Even with a senior ticket you are still looking for £20 for two, multiply that by a cinema visit once a month and you would be able to stream a great many movies for a great deal less per year.

Anyway.. being into action films, we enjoyed 21 Bridges – a police drama set in Manhattan – great action, script, acting and production. If you are into that kind of film we can highly recommend.

Here is the official trailer for the movie..courtesy of Movieclips Trailers

It is Thanksgiving for many of you this week and in the spirit of being grateful, I have a few posts this week paying tribute to four of the contributors during the year who continue to create new content to entertain, inform and inspire you…

In this post today I am featuring my friend D.G. Kaye, Debby Gies who has been a supportive influence since I began the blog and who writes the Travel Column and co-presents the Laughter Lines and Afternoon Video.

A time to be thankful for friends and collatorators – D.G. Kaye

On Tuesday I am featuring William Price King in concert, celebrating over five years of the Music Column, on Wednesday a spotlight on Carol Taylor our food columnist but also an advocate for the environment, health and Thailand. And on Thursday the lovely Annette Rochelle Aben who for the last year has been introducing us to our universal energy with her numerology column… A talented poet and broadcaster, Annette is a wonderful talent.

I little bit earlier than last year, but with Thanksgiving not until 28th of November, I thought those of you having Turkey for that celebration might enjoy some of the dishes Carol Taylor created for this menu. Traditional Christmas Menu (and some ideas for Thanksgiving)

Carol Taylor’s Thanksgiving/Christmas Traditional Menu

I have saved up this repeat of Jessica Norrie’s Literary Column  to share as we move into the gift buying season… these books are timeless and the recommendations are never out of date. Picking the right book for the person you are buying for is an art. Jessica shares the books that she has gifted her daughter….

Christmas Book Gifts from Jessica Norrie

This week Mike Biles takes us to Oxford and shares a pint or two with literary greats who have frequented the ancient pubs of the city….How often do you walk into a pub mentally dwelling on things like wizards and talking lions? Be honest now. If you need help with this, try stepping over the threshold of Oxford’s Eagle and Child, because it was a favourite watering-hole of close friends JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis.

Eagle, Child, pub, Oxford, Tolkien, Lewis

Aslan and Gandalf Go for a Pint

Another one of my favourite movies with stunning soundtrack.. Gladiator.

Music from the Movies – Gladiator – Now We Are Free

Pneumonia – Appalling statistics – Six children per hour hospitalised in the UK

I was staggered and shocked when I read this headline . I cannot believe that in this day and age, in a country with access to one of the finest medical systems in the world, that people are so crass as to ignore the dangers to their children by avoiding vaccinations.

Shocking statistics on children with pneumonia in UK

Mirror Cinquain – Westward by Sally Cronin in response to Colleen’s Tuesday Poetry Challenge 154

We wait
within the cave;
looking towards the east.
The sun rises to guide the way
We leave,
driven to pass on precious genes,
of strength and stamina,
humans will need
to thrive.

Colleen’s Tuesday Poetry Challenge 154 – Mirror Cinquain – Westward

This week’s prompt for the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge by Charli Mills  is Romance... in all its glory… It is the glue that keeps a relationship strong along with other elements such as laughter and respect. And your heart can flutter at any age when you receive a romantic gesture, grand or as brief as a touch of a hand on your cheek.

Flash Fiction – Romantic Gestures

My review for Vikings – Taken (The Great Heathen Army Book 1)

In the first part of the Sewing Circle, a group of elderly women are faced with a violent and devastating event.

Flights of Fancy – The Sewing Circle Part One.

Justice is on the agenda for the Sewing Circle and with a little outside help, they are determined to achieve it.

Flights of Fancy – The Sewing Circle – Part Two

Delighted to welcome author and book reviewer Kevin Cooper as a guest to talk about book reviews and I am sure you will find it very helpful as I did.

Kevin Cooper on Book Reviews

New book on the shelves

Doggerel – Life with a Small Dog by Sue Vincent

Examining Kitchen Cupboards by Stevie Turner

The Secret Life of Humans by Jo Robinson

Oh Baubles Romance Novella by Harmony Kent

Author updates and reviews

Anita Dawes, Chuck Jackson, Sharon Marchisello and Olga Nunez Miret

Denise O’Hagan, Christa Polkinhorn, Miriam Hurdle, Iain Kelly, Harmony Kent

Vashti Quiroz Vega, Mary Smith, Teri Polen, Karen Ingalls, Patty Fletcher

Jan Sikes, Janice Spina, D.Wallace Peach, Terri Webster Schrandt

Laura M. Baird, Lizzie Chantree, Colleen M. Chesebro, S.A. Harris

Mary Smith Afghan Adventure, WIP Jacqui Murray, Marketing Nicholas Rossis

25 books Patricia Furstenberg, 99p/99c Bette A. Stevens, Funnies Story Reading Ape

Christmas Carol Taylor, Dogsitting Debbie ‘The Dog Lady’, Blueberry Pie Dolly Aizenman

Crystals M.J. Mallon, Indies showcase Richard Dee, Blog comments Hugh W. Roberts

Free books James J. Cudney, Spotlight Valentina Cirasola with Robbie Cheadle, Hanging Curtains Beetley Pete

More fun and laughter from Debby and Sally

Even more fun from Debby and Sally


Thank you very much for dropping in during the week and today, and I hope you will join me again next week.. thanks Sally.