Starting Monday 27th November – Smorgasbord FREE Christmas Book Promotions.

From next Monday 27th November all the four general book promotion posts will come under a festive heading of Smorgasbord Christmas Book Fair.

Rather than just open to new releases and recent reviews this is open to every author in the Cafe & Bookstore.

This is your chance to showcase any one of your books and its best review it has received.

I will still be checking for reviews and will include as many of the authors in the bookstore as possible but if you want to book a slot then please email me at

All new books that are released between now and Christmas will be posted in their own promotion… New books for Christmas. 

I know that some of you are releasing your latest books in the next month, so please get in touch with me so that I can reserve you a spot. It is better to schedule it for a day or two after release to make sure that the book is available without any problems, and also if possible included on your Amazon author page and Goodreads.

Email me on

If your new book has been released since November 1st and had not been featured in the Cafe and Bookstore updates then let me know and I will include in the New Books for Christmas. If it has been featured it can still go in the Christmas Book Fair.

The New Book for Christmas is open to authors who are not currently in the Cafe and Bookstore but would like to be going forward.

If you are in the Cafe and Bookstore, you will notice that I am currently updating entries with up to 7 book covers and I now include an extract of a recent review of one of the books on the shelf. I hope to have completed that update in the next couple of weeks.

To get the most from being in the bookstore, it is helpful if you do contact me when you have news about your books. I do check on each author every few weeks but with nearly 200 authors it takes up time I could spend on promoting you!

This is a FREE promotion and I want to keep it that way.. I only ask that authors respond to comments in their promotions and also share on their own social media. I do attempt to share regular updates for all authors and your support and participation is much appreciated.

I currently have 35,000 followers across the various platforms and they are mostly writers, but most importantly readers. I am continuing to build those platforms to promote my own books and I am very happy to share them with you.

So do email me on if you are in Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore and would like to promote any one of your books for Christmas with its best review.. I will also be putting thumbnails of a selection of other books in the post with a link to Amazon US and UK Author pages where they can all be purchased. Also the Goodreads link where there tend to be more reviews.

If you have neither, then it would be a good idea perhaps to do that if you have more than two books.

If you are not in the bookstore yet, but have a book published since November 1st 2017.

If this is your first visit to Smorgasbord then I will need more information from you. Apart from the book you wish to feature and its link (I can capture the cover from there), your Amazon Author page (even if you only have one book) and your Goodreads Link… I will need the following

  • Your blog or website link (in full please)
  • Your four top social media links (in full)
  • If you are happy for me to use your profile photo from your Amazon author page or blog then I will do so.. I can also take your bio from there. Please check that it is current.

If you are a new author with previously published book or books rather than a new release that you would like to promote.

I will put out the New Author on the Shelves for Christmas promotion and you can then participate in the other promotions going forward. I will need all the information I have listed above. thanks

Email me the details to

The first of the Christmas Book Fairs will be going out on Monday 27th November at 10.30 UK time.. there is still time to let me know if you would like to participate.

I look forward to hearing from you.. thanks Sally

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