Smorgasbord End of Summer Party – #Music requests from Sue Hampton, Janet Gogerty, Jane Risdon, Gigi Sedlmayer and Jena C. Henry

Unfortunately there was not the space or time to play all of the guest requests at the four meals over the weekend but I promised to do so during the week. Here were the missing tracks from Brunch.You can find more about these guests in more detail Afternoon Tea

My first guest whose request I did not have time to play is Sue Hampton whose website is Sue Hampton Author and you can find her books and reviews on Amazon

Sue requested Bach’s Concerto in D minor for two violins, second movement, because it played at the end of her wedding to Leslie Tate.

The next request comes from Janet Gogerty who blogs at Tidal Scribe  And here is a selection of books by Janet and you can discover more on Amazon

Janet requested Lark Ascending by Vaughan Williams and she explains why. When I first returned to England I went to visit my great uncle in Minehead, Somerset and he took me walking up in the Mendip Hills and pointed out a Skylark. I knew nothing about birds, not a lot now, but skylarks are unique perhaps, ordinary brown on the ground, so high you can hardly spot them in the sky and yet you can hear their beautiful song if you stop and listen.

I found this lovely version by a very accomplished young violinist and his channel is Stepan violin

My next guest is author Jane Risdon who shares a little bit about herself on her Blog.  You can find Only One Woman and anthologies Jane has contributed to on Amazon

Jane requested Never My Love by The Association and says: It is THE song – OUR song for Husband and I. the words are wonderful.

Both my next guests requested the same artist so I picked one of the tracks out of a hat… Children’s author Gigi Sedlmayer’s website is Gigi Sedlmayer and you can find all of Gigi’s books at Amazon

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Gigi requested Faith of the Heart by Rod Stewart and found it has been a great comfort when things have been tough.

Jena C. Henry is an author, blogger and reviewer at Jena’s Books  and you can find her books on Amazon

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Jena requested Tonight’s the Night by Rod Stewart and shared that if it was Friday night in my college dorm, this song was popping and calling us to action!

And the winner is…. Tonight’s the Night.. but I hope Gigi will enjoy as well.

I hope you have enjoyed this selection and will join us tomorrow for the Saturday dinner music selection and another request from a guest who could not make the party. Thanks Sally