Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Book #Reviews – Swimming for Profit and Pleasure (The Port Naain Intelligencer) by Jim Webster

I have been enjoying my first venture into the world of Tallis Steelyard and other residents of Port Naain, created by Jim Webster… and here is my review of Swimming for Profit and Pleasure (The Port Naain Intelligencer)

About the novella

Benor Dorfinngil learns a new trade, joins the second hand book trade, attempts to rescue a friend and awakens a terror from the deep. Meddling in the affairs of mages is unwise, even if they have been assumed to be dead for centuries.

My review for the book

This is my first venture into this wonderful world of Port Naain created by Jim Webster. I was immediately engaged with the story as we meet Benor Dorfinngil being taken through the steps needed to become a professional diver by his friend Timms. The description of the minimal equipment in use, which is clearly state of the art of its time, clearly identifies that this profession is not for the faint hearted.

Like any good mystery we are introduced to the characters that will play their part on either side of good and evil and although this was my first introduction to the regular cast, I felt I had known them for ages. Following a soiree, Tallis Steelyard introduces us to the mysterious Westfran family who live in Stone Harbour and raises questions about the hard faced women in the family who appear to be in charge. However, work is work in difficult times and first Timms, and when he goes missing, Benor take on a diving assignment in Stone Harbour on behalf of the family, where hidden forces beneath the dark waters tamper with the task.

Many questions are raised about the origins of the Westfran family, what happened to Timms, and what is in the harbour that is so valuable to both the family and the dark shadows beneath the water?

As the mystery unfolds and reaches a climax, it is difficult to put the book down. The author keeps the suspense going throughout the 71 pages with a very exciting climax.

I am looking forward to my next encounter with the characters in this world and I can recommend that you explore Port Naain for yourself.

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About Jim Webster

Jim Webster is probably fifty something, his tastes in music are eclectic, and his dress sense is rarely discussed in polite society. In spite of this he has a wife and three daughters.
He has managed to make a living from a mixture of agriculture, consultancy, and freelance writing. Previously he has restricted himself to writing about agricultural and rural issues but including enough Ancient Military history to maintain his own sanity. But seemingly he has felt it necessary to branch out into writing SF and fantasy novels.
He lives in South Cumbria.

He has even been cozened into writing a blog, available for perusal by the discerning (or indeed by the less than discerning).

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I am sure you will enjoy the book as much as I did and I am going to be moving on to read The Plight of the Lady Gingerly in the near future…