Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New book on the Shelves – The Glowing Pigs, Snort Stories of Atonement, Tennessee by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene

Delighted to show case a new release by Teagan Riordain Geneviene which should help keep Teagan’s fans satisfied until the release of Atonement in Bloom later in the year.

About The Glowing Pigs – Snort Stories of Atonement, Tennessee – A short book long on characters….

These snort stories are part of the “universe” of the urban fantasy town created by author Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene ― Atonement, Tennessee. They continue the adventures of the otherworldly pigs and the residents of the quirky town.

Like some of the other Atonement characters, the otherworldly glowing pigs were loosely inspired by the ancient myth of Gwydion fab Don. The pig-tales snuffle alongside the novels

Atonement, Tennessee and Atonement in Bloom at various points in the time-line.

The first snort (“Robin’s Great Chase”) is a prequel to all the Atonement stories. The story-line comes into play in the next novel, Atonement in Bloom, where the glowing pigs snuffle, snort, and grunt into action.

The glowing pigs are one small part of the quirky, supernatural town of Atonement, TN. However, they are the most likely to steal your heart.

An early review for the stories

These are are very well-crafted short stories that introduce the reader to “another world”–our world, but with some clever fantasy twists. The author is a talented writer who sets a scene vividly. Her Atonement, Tennessee books are warmly recommended. She also has a delightful sense of humor…*snort, snort*.

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Also by Teagan Riordain Geneviene

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About Teagan

Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene lives in a major east coast city, but she calls the desert southwest home. She longs to return to those magical lands.

Teagan had always devoured fantasy novels of every type. Then one day there was no new book readily at hand for reading — so she decided to write one. And she hasn’t stopped writing since.

Her work is colored by her experiences from living in the southern states and the southwest. Teagan most often writes in the fantasy genre, but she also writes cozy mysteries. Her blog “Teagan’s Books” contains serial stories written according to “things” from viewers.

Major influences include Agatha Christie, Terry Brooks, David Eddings, Robert Jordan, and Charlaine Harris.

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Smorgasbord Book Promotion – Air Your Reviews – Teagan Riordain Geneviene and M.C.V. Egan

The first author to have received a great review recently is Teagan Riordain Geneviene with her Three Things Serial Novella.

About the Three Things Serial Novella

Everything about this story was determined by the random “things” readers sent. Absolutely nothing was pre-planned. First came the narrator, Pip, aka Paisley Idelle Peabody. I imagined the voice of Lucille Ball as Pip, telling a story of her youth. Then came the 1920s setting, inspired by oscillating fan. Next the “things” brought characters, particularly Andy who came back for another serial. Eventually a thing gave me the Florida setting. I think you get the idea of how this worked.

Pip, a modern woman — a flapper, begins the first of several adventures. In this story a mysterious white-haired woman is kidnapped. Pip finds a bent key, a scrap from a special quilt, strange tattoos and other “things.” Later, Pip and her friends find themselves on a luxurious yacht where they encounter figures from history and celebrities of the era. The mystery comes to the forefront when they reach the destination, the gilded mansion, Ca d’Zan.

Here are two recent reviews for Three Things Serial: Ballerina, Fireman, Movie Star.

By Vashi Quiroz-Vega: Author Spotlight

The Three Things Serial Story is a spontaneously written (“pantser”) story. Everything in it — characters, setting, plot, was driven by “things” left by readers of the blog Teagan’s Books, episode by episode. Each week readers left three more things. The story evolved according to what those random things inspired. The serial began with oscillating fan, which brought me the vision of the 1920s setting. The era and narrator continued in two more serials that followed. While it was not great literature, it sure was a fun ride! Here’s a trailer to put you in a Roaring Twenties mood.

Author Teagan Geneviene has spun a delightful little mystery. “The Three Things Serial Story: A Little 1920s Story” takes the reader back in time with characters and dialog that ring true. The story not only kept me guessing right from the start, it offered a charming tale with lots of surprises along the way. Well done!

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Also by Teagan Geneviene

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For the second update today new reviews for M.C.V. Egan’s book published in January 2017; Death of a Sculptor in Hue, Shape and Color

M.C.V EganAbout the book

Color coded love stories and revealing female anatomies lead to the murder of world renowned sculptor, Bruce Jones.

In life, the artist loved women, almost as much as women loved him. Adored for his art and colorful personality, Bruce is mourned by the world at large. The tale is launched with the multifaceted perspectives of four ex-wives, the current wife, and his new love interest and their children.

Mary , Bruce’s wealthy first love, is always in perfect pink; the color of love. Mother of Clair the famous actress and Aaron the corporate lawyer.

Leslie The Second’s color is yellow for her sunny nature as much as for her fears and insecurities. Her only son Bobby is vulnerable and lost. Mourning his father’s death, he finds himself.

Petra The Third, is outstanding in orange, representing not only her native Holland but also her love of the fruit. Cherished her freedom and had no children of her own.

Toni The Fourth is a vibrant passionate Italian red and part of the eventual glue that creates and solidifies this dysfunctional Jones family. Her teenage daughters Tina and Isa are as different as night and day.

Brooke The Fifth a gold-digger. Green, her color, reflects the color of money and envy. Her young son’s Kyle and Caleb are too young to understand why their world has been turned upside-down.

Mara, as blue as the ocean was the last woman to steal Bruce’s heart. Mother to newborn Baby Peter is the unexpected gift and surprise.

Bruce Jones’ eight children speak out, too. They are as distinctive as the women he loved, their mothers.

Loose ends are tied up by the insights of Sylvia, Aaron’s wife and a trusted keeper of secrets; Scott, the private investigator and family friend; Nona, the quintessential grandmother everyone loves but to whom few are truly related; and Detective Jim Miller who will not rest until he discovers Bruce Jones’ murderer.

The most recent review for the book

Seriously, how is it that I thoroughly enjoyed this color coded story of the death of a loved one? I SURE DID! Not that I wanted a character to die, it was the crafting of this story by the author that was fantastic.

This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I feel that M.C.V. Egan did a remarkable job at telling a beautiful story of Bruce, the Sculptor, his loves which were his ex-wives, his current wife, his current love and his children.

WOW…I had never read a story before where each chapter was devoted to an individual character in the story. I was given unique insight into each character by the author doing this and the story flowed beautifully!

This was not a somber read at all. Actually, quite enlightening and even some chuckles. Although the total number of pages in this story are short, I didn’t feel it was a short story at all.

This author wrote this story very artistically in a manner perfect so that even those not familiar with the “art world” could very easily envision and understand. Well done M.C V. Egan, a highly recommended read by me!

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Also by M.C.V. Egan

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Update – Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene, Karen Ingalls, Janice Spina and Cynthia Reyes

Sally's Cafe and Bookstore Update

Throughout the year over 120 authors have been promoted weekly on the blog and their books now reside in the virtual bookstore along with their buy links and websites. In the run up to Christmas I will be visiting all the authors in the store and checking for updates and new reviews on their most recent books. If you are in the bookstore and have recently published a new book, received a rave review then please let me know..

Sally's Cafe and Bookstore Update

My first update today is for author Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene who has delighted us over recent years with her vibrant and enchanting weekly series. Many of us have contributed ‘three things’ in the hopes that Teagan would weave her magic around them and we have all said… that needs to be a book .. and  a film.  Thankfully Teagan has published what we hope is just the first of the books based on her stories. Three Things Serial is also part of a promotion at the moment for a free signed copy and two digital copies. Full details can be found here:


About the Three Things Novella

Everything about this story was determined by the random “things” readers sent. Absolutely nothing was pre-planned. First came the narrator, Pip, aka Paisley Idelle Peabody. I imagined the voice of Lucille Ball as Pip, telling a story of her youth. Then came the 1920s setting, inspired by oscillating fan. Next the “things” brought characters, particularly Andy who came back for another serial. Eventually a thing gave me the Florida setting. I think you get the idea of how this worked.

Pip, a modern woman — a flapper, begins the first of several adventures. In this story a mysterious white-haired woman is kidnapped. Pip finds a bent key, a scrap from a special quilt, strange tattoos and other “things.” Later, Pip and her friends find themselves on a luxurious yacht where they encounter figures from history and celebrities of the era. The mystery comes to the forefront when they reach the destination, the gilded mansion, Ca d’Zan.

Also by Teagan Ríordáin Geneviene


One of the latest reviews for Atonement Tennessee

Engaging Urban Fantasy By tpolen on November 14, 2016

This book had me at old estate and cemetery – how can you resist a description like that? I settled in with it on a Friday evening and finished it Saturday afternoon.

Upon meeting the mostly charming characters (you’ve always got to throw some loathesome/questionable characters in the mix) in Atonement, you just know they all have a story to tell or a secret they’re hiding and you won’t want to put the book down until learning all there it to know about them. Small town settings seem to have the best eccentric residents and make for fascinating, entertaining reads and Atonement is no exception. The book is primarily told from Ralda’s POV, but being a cat fan, I especially enjoyed the sections with Lilith the cat’s POV and think she’s deserving of her own book.

With a mystery, paranormal elements, and a touch of romance, the author has crafted a fun, engaging read that I’d recommend to urban fantasy fans. I look forward to reading the sequel – or perhaps Lilith’s book (maybe?) in the future.

And some previous comments about the book.

I enjoyed reading Atonement Tennessee and like the writing of Teagan Geneviene. The story is told effectively with a changing point of view. We enjoy a third person narrative in describing Lilith’s activities when alone.

Who do I recommend it to? If you like spooky tales, old houses, mystery, cats, legends, magic and stories about women I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Ah, let’s not forget

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Sally's Cafe and Bookstore Update

My next update is for Karen Ingalls and her book published earlier in the year, Davida Model & Mistress of Augustus Saint-Gaudens. The book continues to receive excellent reviews since its promotion on the blog.

51uoh3ytil-_uy250_About the book.

Augustus Saint-Gaudens was the premier American sculptor from 1880-1920. Though married he fell in love with his model, Davida Johnson Clark and their love affair lasted more than twenty-five years. This fictionalized account will introduce the reader to some of the great art, historical facts, and the moral values of that era.

The author is the great-granddaughter from this union and her purpose in writing the book is to bring recognition to Davida and remove any negative stigma to her. Her grandfather suffered his whole life from being labeled a bastard while growing up and this story is intended to remove that label.

How can a love affair last for such a long period of time? What affect did it have on his career? How did his wife and son cope with their being a second family?

This is a compelling and beautiful love story that has needed to be told.

The most recent reviews.

Based on a true story, the author attempts to re-create the relationship between her great grandfather and his mistress (her great grandmother). The book is well-researched and includes chapter notes that explain sources and limitations. I found these notes very helpful, and I admire the author’s faithfulness in reporting the facts.

The book is also well-edited, so reading the book is a pleasure. The photos at the end of the book (of her grandfather’s sculptures and of Davida herself) are fascinating. In the end, one has to wonder, who are we to judge. Love can’t be imprisoned by tradition or the practices of the day. It erupts unexpectedly and creates its own reality.

Ingalls had my attention in her first paragraph as she introduced her main character (Albertina/Davida) on her steamship passage from Sweden to the United States in 1876. While the main theme is the love story between her famous sculptor great-grandfather and his model mistress great-grandmother, the nuances of immigration to a new land, the art world, having a child out of wedlock, and raising a fatherless child all lend themselves to a gripping saga of love, grief, misery, joy and challenge. I believe the book is well written and does a marvelous job of weaving the known facts about the characters with imaginative details of what might have been. It is a fascinating story that will leave you wondering and wishing it would go on.

Read the many excellent reviews and buy the book:

Also by Karen Ingalls


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Sally's Cafe and Bookstore Update

Award winning children’s author Janice Spina is celebrating four years of blogging and has enjoyed an exceptional year with the release of both children’s books and another book for those of us who are young at heart.

She is offering both of her novels, Hunting Mariah and How Far Is Heaven (Kindle copies) at the discounted price of .99 cents each – that is a discount of 81%. Now you must take advantage of this wonderful offer before you lose out. The promotion will run from 12/4/16 – 12/11/16 in time for Christmas shopping. Remember the price goes back up to $4.99 on 12/12/16.

51rve4ptl2l-_uy250_About Hunting Mariah

An insane killer, obsessed with blood and death, seeks revenge with those he perceives wronged him. He is now on the loose. His next victim may be Mariah.

Mariah has lost her memory. Will she remember what has transpired in her past? Can Mariah escape this deadly killer’s grasp. Will she finally be safe? Will the killer be apprehended?

One of the five star reviews for the book

This book held me on the edge of my seat from page one. The serial killer is introduced in a blood-curdling prologue rife with suspense, leaving the reader most eager to turn the page. When Mariah makes her appearance, she finds herself in a strange place, terrified and suffering from amnesia. This spawns the question: Is she already in the clutches of the “school girl killer”?

The author impregnates her story with intrigue by shrouding her main characters in mystery. Unknown to Mariah, their lives are intertwined and bear on each other significantly. Suspense builds as the veil is slowly lifted on each one’s secret, closely guarded for the sake of Mariah’s safety. Deeply rooted in the past, these secrets now threaten to explode into the present.

With a shocking introduction and seeding her story with crumbs of revelation, J. E. Spina captures and holds the reader’s interest throughout this action-packed tale of mystery and suspense. She gives nothing away until the very end, and then adds an epilogue that will delight horror fans.

I closed this book feeling that I’d just seen a very entertaining movie ~ and wearing a smile of utter satisfaction.


About How Far is Heaven published this year.

Parker and Priscilla Wilfork are happily married with two children. Life seemed perfect and peaceful until Parker goes on a business trip and does not return. Priscilla finds her world turned upside down when she searches for answers to how and why Parker disappeared.

One night Priscilla has a dream that Parker is an angel. Does this mean that Parker is now dead? After two years and no sign of Parker except in her dreams, Priscilla makes the decision to tell her children that their father has gone to Heaven.

Priscilla tries to get their lives back together until one day Deanna disappears too. Now Priscilla must go on a quest to find her daughter before it’s too late. She fears her daughter’s disappearance might be connected in some way to her husband’s. Can Priscilla go on with her life if she loses Deanna too?

With the help of a handsome police Sergeant, Blake Furelli, they work together to try to find Deanna and solve the mystery behind Parker’s disappearance. During this trying time, Blake, who suffered a loss of his own, feels drawn to the ethereal beauty of Priscilla.

One of the recent reviews for the book

How Far is Heaven” is a spectacular story of a young family, Parker, his wife, Priscilla and their children, Robbie and Deanna. Parker and Priscilla were deeply in love and enjoying a wonderful life together until Parker mysteriously disappears without a trace. The story is captivating. I didn’t ant to put it down. You can feel the emotions of the story so deeply that it brought me to tears. You’ll be astounded by the connection between Parker and Priscilla that even death can’t sever.

There’s no doubt you’ll love the story as much as I did. It’ magical. Award-winning author, Janice Spina, should be extremely proud of her abundant talents. She wove the story perfectly. I highly recommend it.

A small selection of Janice’s children’s books


Discover all of Janice’s books, read the reviews and BUY:

Author Janice Spine

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Sally's Cafe and Bookstore Update

My last update today is for An Honest House by Cynthia Reyes and is the sequel to her memoir A Good Home.


About the book

Picking up from the early days of her recovery from a car accident, as told in her first book, “A Good Home,” she shares in this new book intensely lyrical stories of life with her husband in her historic farmhouse north of Toronto.

You will hear the birds sing, smell the flowers in their beautiful gardens, and taste the red currant jelly and other dishes from plants grown on their property.

You will be challenged as the author immerses you in the reality of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and the courage it takes to live with chronic pain.

And you will say a wrenching farewell to the farmhouse as she opens a new chapter in a life still devoted to creating beauty out of the materials that life serves up to her, be they dark and haunting or light and joyful.

The most recent reviews for An Honest House.

This book is masterfully written. It is a continuation of her first book “A Good Home”, but you don’t have to read that to enjoy this one. She hooked me with the first page when she talked about the house as if it had its own personality and character. The house and yard were one of the constants through her struggle to recover from an accident. Sometimes the house helped, sometimes not. Her husband was another part of the constant in her life and this book is part love story.

Cynthia doesn’t clean things up for the readers, but gives an honest look into the struggles and difficulties she has had to deal with. She doesn’t give a three step path for overcoming, but rather a day to day encouragement to keep going in spite of where you find yourself. Her ability to involve herself in the lives of others, even while facing such struggles herself, was inspiring. I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to understand the day to day struggle of someone with PTSD. I would also highly recommend it as an excellent memoir that sweeps you away into her life.

Her first book I read in a weekend. This one I took longer, just because I wanted it to last. Not everything is resolved, so I hope to see another book down the road.

An honest account of the author’s transformation, through pain and through faith, from a young woman of high energy and ambition to an older, wiser, more compassionate person. Irresistible. Worth reading “A Good Home” first.

A must read!! on July 24, 2016

This is a beautifully written continuation of Cynthia Reyes’ first book, “A Good Home”. “An Honest House” takes you deeper into the struggles of a wonderful life quickly changed in the blink of an eye. Cynthia shares her personal challenges of every day life after a car accident and the PTSD that followed. With the love of her family and friends she finds a way to cope with her chronic pain and does not let it define her. She inspires with her words, strength and courage!!

As with her first book, I found myself lost in her writing feeling many emotions through the pages and not wanting it to end. As soon as I finished it, I quickly read it again!!

Also by Cynthia Reyes


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