Cooking from Scratch 2017- Guest post invitation to those who love to cook Fresh Food.

Recently you might have seen a series of posts from Carol Taylor and myself on foods, their health benefits and some recipes to encourage us to include in our daily diet.

Over the last four years I have enjoyed sharing your recipes that are Cooked From Scratch and I would love to share more of them.

Thanksgiving is coming up on November 23rd so it would be great to start getting recipes for that celebration and for the lead up to Christmas.

I would like to stay within the health area and invite those of you with favourite recipes that are cooked from scratch (no processed sauces etc) to guest post.  Old family favourites and new finds.  They do not have to be for specialised diets as long as they combine fresh food of all types. I am particularly keen on promoting recipes that will suit people on reduced sugar diets or have a problem with gluten.  Very often they can become stuck in a rut eating a handful of dishes that they feel safe with. When you submit a recipe it would be helpful if you have some illustrations with it but I can source those for you.

It would also be great to post dishes from around the world so that we can all share the wonderful ingredients such as spices that are so good for us.

You will of course receive full promotion for your blog, books and social media sites as I would like to make sure that you get some publicity from the post.

If you are interested please send an email to I look forward to hearing from you and we can talk about how best to showcase your recipe.  best wishes  Sally


Thank you for dropping by and I look forward to hearing from you.. Sally