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Delighted to welcome author Stevie Turner to the Open House today. We will find out about those iconic figures in history that she would like to pop back in time to meet, her blog, the inventions that she wishes had never existed and the five experiences she believes we should all enjoy in our lifetimes.

First a little more about Stevie……..

About Stevie Turner

Stevie Turner works part time as a medical secretary in a busy NHS hospital and writes suspense, women’s fiction, and darkly humorous novels in her spare time. She won a New Apple Book Award in 2014 and a Readers’ Favorite Gold Award in 2015 for her book ‘A House Without Windows’, and one of her short stories, ‘Checking Out’, was published in the Creative Writing Institute’s 2016 anthology ‘Explain!’ Her psychological thriller ‘Repent at Leisure’ won third place in the 2016 Drunken Druid Book Award contest.

Stevie lives in the East of England, and is married with two sons and four grandchildren. She has also branched out into the world of audio books, screenplays, and translations. Most of her novels are now available as audio books, and one screenplay, ‘For the Sake of a Child’, won a silver award in the Spring 2017 Depth of Field International Film Festival. ‘A House Without Windows’ gained the attention of a New York media production company in December 2017.

Some of Stevie’s books are currently being translated into German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. This includes The Donor that is now in Spanish.

I will now hand over to Stevie to share the questions that she chose to answer.

Who would you like to meet from the past who you would like to have a conversation with. What would you tell them about their behaviour that you admired or disapproved of?

When I’m walking over Tennyson Down on the Isle of Wight, I often imagine Lord Tennyson striding along his favourite walkway as well, with his black cape flowing out behind him. I’d love to go back in time to catch up with him and have a little chat as we march along the top of the cliffs. I’d tell him how much I enjoyed looking around Farringford House, his home on the Island, and how much I admire his poetry. Then we’d pop into Dimbola Lodge nearby and have tea with photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, who might even take a picture or two of us to hang on her wall with all the other Victorian creatives already there. We’d sit and chat about poetry, about life, and about how on earth I’d managed to inveigle myself into Farringford House 120 years into the future.

Tell us about your blog and your main features. With a link to what you consider best sums you up as a blogger.

My blog is primarily a source of writing tips for authors, but I also blog about life experiences, and re-blog other writing that I find interesting. I’m enjoying running a free monthly short story/poetry competition on my blog, where I share a story of mine, and then choose my favourite story or poem from the submissions each month and share it on my newsletter and a few of my social media sites. Authors leave a link to their story on my blog so that the submissions can be read by everybody. It’s proving very popular, and at the end of the year I plan to collect all the winning stories or poems together and publish them in a free anthology.

Is there any invention that is a major part of our lives that you wish had not been invented?

Oh yes, the mobile phone! I got along without it very well for a good 40 years. It’s caused a whole generation of young people to be addicted to social media. They walk around in a trance, looking down at their phones and unaware of what’s going on around them. Teachers must have the devil of a problem trying to engage children, because even the youngest ones are carrying these phones around all the time. They are a terrible distraction and should be banned in schools, and have caused no end of problems regarding on-line bullying and even sexting.

Mobile phones are great for an emergency, such as breaking down on the motorway, and in my opinion they should be left in cars for just this kind of emergency. I’m sick of seeing people walking about lost in their phones in case they’re missing a message. Mobile phones are turning people into zombies.

What are the top five experiences or activities that you feel that everyone should complete in their lifetime?

  1. Find a soul mate. It makes life worth living if you can find somebody to love who also loves you back, and is there for you in times of trouble.
  2. Become a parent. It ‘rounds’ you off as a person; you learn tolerance, patience, and selflessness. Also, teaching your son or daughter to read and watching them grow to have a love of books is very satisfying.
  3. Find enjoyable employment: Everybody needs to work and earn a living unless you are born rich. It makes sense to find a job that you actually look forward to going to. If you hate your job you will be miserable.
  4. Travel to another country to sample a different culture. You will be amazed how some folks live! A few of the many places I’ve travelled to are The Sambadrome in Rio, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, St. Lucia, Canada, Switzerland, Minorca, Majorca, Ibiza, Crete, France and Germany. However, to me there is no place like the UK. It’s home!
  5. Learn to drive a car. It makes you independent. When I was 17 my father told me he was going to teach me to drive. I remember answering in the negative, because I was too nervous to learn. Undeterred, he told me I would thank him some day. He took me to a quiet road and with endless patience taught me how to make a car do something other than shoot forward ‘kangaroo’ style. Now I live out in the ‘sticks’ and thank him every day for not giving up on me and letting me learn to drive at my own pace.

Can you tell us about your WIP?

I’m currently working on a contemporary crime novel, but have no idea when it will be finished!

What is your favourite piece of music?

Too many to mention, but one that stands out is Chopin’s Nocturne in E Flat Major, Op.9 No.2

Here is the very accomplished Valentina Lisitsa Youtube Channel music available from Amazon

One of Stevie Turner’s books to receive a recent review.

About the book

Dr Beth Nichols thinks she has been held captive by Edwin Evans for about 8 or 9 years now. Amidst her grief she often looks back and thinks about her fiancée Liam; theirs was the greatest romance of all. She lays awake at night staring at the one light bulb that is never switched off, and prays that he is still out there somewhere searching for her…

One of the recent reviews for A House Without Windows

This book has an unusual storyline with each chapter taking us into the minds and real life thoughts of each character, I could liken this story to the book/movie – Room, but the story isn’t only about ‘the room’ Beth is held captive in, but life after she is freed and the perspectives of every day life after being a victim.

A House Without Windows is the story of Beth Nichols whose compassion as a doctor leads to a scary nightmare in real life when Edwin Evans forms a ploy to kidnap her and keep her locked up all for himself. The story begins as a psychological thriller where Beth’s captivity in a tiny room with no windows becomes her life and the only home she will know for almost ten years,

Turner does a great job of giving us readers a ringside seat into what life is like for Beth, leaving us feeling uncomfortable, anxious, taking us in, almost as though we were that hostage, and wondering how on earth she will ever get out of her hell. Beth is a strong-willed and an intelligent woman, which has much to do with how she manages to stay sane while enduring solitude and the daily abuse, all the while remembering her love for her dear fiancee Liam.

I don’t want to reveal spoilers so it’s better I don’t talk about what happens in the second half of the book. Suffice it to say, I will plant some questions here that came to my mind as I read this captivating book:

Beth: How does one continue on back in the real world when it comes to love and sex and trust?

Beth: How does a mother keep love in her heart for a child who was born from rape?

Amy: How does a child born in captivity adapt to the real world after young childhood years in 4 walls?

Liam: Does true love ever die no matter the circumstance even after moving on and accepting the love of your life is dead?

Joss: Does being born of the spawn of a psychotic maniac carry through the genes?

These are just a few questions that came to mind and will no doubt come to any reader’s mind as they read this book, and as you continue to read those answers will be revealed. Turner has done a fantastic job of fleshing out characters, settings and mood. I would highly #recommend this book!

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My thanks to Stevie for joining us today and as always we would love to have your feedback and questions… Thanks Sally.

New Book Fanfare – Repent at Leisure by Stevie Turner

New book fanfare

Today’s featured book is Repent at Leisure by Stevie Turner.. What happens when you wake up with a strange girl in your bed?


About the book

Paul McAdam wakes up with a strange girl in his bed, with no idea who she is or where she came from.

Cat Taylor worms her way into Paul’s life, eventually moving into his flat. The arrangement suits Paul quite well until he meets Anita Fairfax, the love of his life and the girl he wishes to marry. Cat has to go, but Paul finds that she is not interested in moving out.

When Cat is found dead in Paul’s flat, he’s the #1 suspect, even though there’s not a shred of evidence. Anita and Paul are happily married, but she soon begins to wonder whether her new husband could have been Cat’s killer all along…

A selection of other books by Stevie Turner


Buy Stevie’s books Amazon Author Page


I began my writing career as far back as 1969, when I won an inter-schools’ writing competition after submitting a well-thumbed and hastily scribbled essay entitled ‘My Pet’. A love of words and writing short stories and poems has carried on all throughout my life, but it is only now in middle age that I’ve started writing novels full-time and taking this author business seriously.

So far I have published 8 novels and 4 novellas, and am currently working on a collection of short stories to be published later in 2016. My novels are realistic, but tend to shy away from the mainstream somewhat and focus on the darker side of relationships. However, you’ll find I do like to add in a little bit of humour along the way.

My third novel ‘A House Without Windows’ was chosen as a medal winner in the New Apple Book Awards 2014 Suspense/Thriller category, and in late 2015 it won a Readers’ Favorite Gold Award. An excerpt from my latest creation ‘Repent at Leisure’ has made the shortlist for the Escalator Writing Competition (winners are announced on April 20th 2016).

I have also recently branched out into the world of audio books. ‘The Daughter-in-law Syndrome’, ‘A House Without Windows’, ‘No Sex Please, I’m Menopausal!’, ‘The Noise Effect’, and ‘A Rather Unusual Romance’ are available for purchase, and the rest are currently in production.

So here I am in the late summer of my life, and the words are tumbling out of my head. Living for more than a few years has given me plenty of subject matter to write about, and I look forward to sharing quite a lot of it with you.

I hope you enjoy checking out my books and audio books.

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