Smorgasbord Invitation -Air You Reviews – #Throwback Thursday – Gigi Sedlmayer, Pamela S. Wight and Sally Cronin

Welcome to the Thursday edition of Air Your Reviews when I take a look at an author’s earlier books and give them a boost.

First is children’s author Gigi Sedlmayer and her Talon Series of books.  The review from 1st July 2017  is for book two in the series On the Wing. The book has already received over 50 positive reviews.

About On The Wing

What Matica has dreamed ever since she first befriended the condors is actually happening.
And now the adventures begin.

Finally accepting Matica into their community because of an incredible event, the people from the village love seeing her with Talon and demand she tell them about her adventures with the condors.

Matica is now happy to be small because she can do what she has always dreamed of – fly. She is accepted and loved, and because she is so small can have incredible adventures with her beloved Talon. In the meantime, her friendship with Amos continues to grow…
In this book, she has scores of adventures and near disasters with Talon.
The most recent review for On the Wing.

This exciting tale is the second part of a series of books about a ten-year-old sandy-blonde girl by the name of Matica who has a special condition that has stunted her growth, making her remain at the height level of a toddler. She is special in this book because of her remarkable relationship with a family of condors that live in the mountains nearby her home in Peru, South America. She and her parents Mira (mom), Crayn (dad), and younger brother Aikon are originally from Australia but moved to Peru due to Crayn’s occupation. In part one of this series, Matica was able to save an egg of two adult condors who was being eyed by a bunch of ruthless poachers. From this saved “egg” came a dear friend, Talon, whom which this series of books are about.

Now in this book, Matica had a dream that she was able to fly on Talon’s back across the Andes Mountains of Peru, where she was then abruptly dropped with Talon not making an attempt to help her at all. She woke up in time and proceeded to relay her nightmare to Aikon and her parents who took it lightly except that Mira thought she should be careful because you never know… This book is different from part one in that it introduces a bunch of new characters all eager to hear about Matica’s relationship with Talon as well as seeing her fly on his back. We have to consider the fact that this is something “extraordinary” and that no one has ever flown on the back of a bird in the skies or been recorded down in the history of the world. (I think.) There is a plot twist here where one of these new characters resents Matica because he had someone dear to him with her condition abandoned due to thoughts that this beloved person was of no use to society anymore.

I read this book with anticipation waiting for that lesson that part one had. I felt that the same moral was being played out here where Matica once again proved to her surrounding community that her disability and her friendship with Talon tells all those who have a friend or family member with her condition to embrace that person because they might come in handy someday. And all through the book, the Peru Indians were very thankful and adamant to listen to Matica’s tales of her friendship with these condors especially the title character, Talon. It gave them a reason to embrace these birds, Matica’s condors, knowing that they have a valid place in their environment and must be protected at all costs from poachers and all those who threaten to hunt them down for trading and consumption purposes.

I recommend this book to grandparents and parents who are looking for a book for that special, dear bookworm in their families. It will instill in him or her a sense of duty to look out for our friends in nature and teach him or her also the values of love, compassion, friendship and leadership. I also recommend this book to teachers who are searching for titles to add to their classroom libraries. Trust me, your students will enjoy this tale at story-time because the notion of a disabled girl befriending a bird (just like with a dog or a cat or a turtle) and showing it all of her tender love and care is something very kind and sweet that they can relate to. So what are you waiting for? Order this dear today! You will get your money’s worth!

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My next author with a recent review for her first book is Pamela S. Wight with her fast-paced The Right Wrong Man.


About The Right Wrong Man

Meredith Powers’ career as a medical editor seems safe enough as she searches for love with the right man. But she is pulled suddenly from her serene world in Boston to one of intrigue, kidnapping, and murder in the Caribbean.

Meredith’s simple life becomes terribly complicated when she works with an author who drags her into a drug heist. The reappearance of her ex-boyfriend, the D.E.A. agent, and the stunning response from her current accountant boyfriend all lead to complications, danger, and more than a few questions.

Meredith wonders if she really knows the people who surround her in her daily life. Her parents, her best friends, her boss, even her lover. She discovers that almost everyone holds secrets, and the unearthing of those cover-ups lead to mystery and danger that changes everything, and everyone, she thought she knew.

One of the recent reviews for the book

The first pages of this thriller romance were not particularly fast-paced, and I thought I would be in for a slow, but sweet upbeat romance flavored with a thin mystery. Boy, was I wrong. The book speeded up, faster and faster, until by the time I was about 1/3 of the way in, I became so engrossed I almost missed an appointment. When I got back from my appointment, I decided to set everything else aside and finish the book because I was obsessed with discovering what was happening to the protagonist, Meredith, a medical book editor, and which–if any–of the three mysterious and sexy men involved on one side or another of an illegal drug scheme she would choose as her true love. This books features lots of adventure, suspense, and mystery.

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Last but not least I would like to share a terrific review from Deborah Bowman for my What’s in a Name short story collection Volume One.

About What’s in a Name Volume One.

There are names that have been passed down through thousands of years which have powerful and deep-rooted meaning to their bearers. Other names have been adopted from other languages, cultures and from the big screen. They all have one thing in common. They are with us from birth until the grave and they are how we are known to everyone that we meet.

There are classical names such as Adam, David and Sarah that will grace millions of babies in the future. There are also names that parents have invented or borrowed from places or events in their lives which may last just one lifetime or may become the classic names of tomorrow.

Whatever the name there is always a story behind it. In What’s in a Name – Volume One, twenty men and women face danger, love, loss, romance, fear, revenge and rebirth as they move through their lives.

Anne changes her name because of associations with her childhood, Brian carries the mark of ancient man, Jane discovers that her life is about to take a very different direction, and

The most recent review for the book on Goodreads

Deborah Bowman rated it it was amazing – Recommends it for: EVERYONE!

Little slices of history (x2 generations approximately), but it’s so hard not to give spoilers when these anecdotes, family stories, and clips of emotion make you cry tears of happiness and sadness, literally only pages apart.

What’s in a name? Everything … your identity, your life, your dreams, desires, failures and triumphs. It’s all that you are or could have been. It’s inspirational, deep in meaning, and relates to every heart, life, and soul.

I took notes in the book, meaning to share, but reading it unawares is the only way to shed the light of day … or night on an epiphany of release, glory with each story, mind tingling and bell ringing. All I can strive to thrive in this heartfelt book is felt in but two teasers…Annie and Clive, mere drops of expression, packed with life’s lessons. That’s the reason to keep this unusual genre alive!

Congrats and sincere thanks to Sally Cronin … a masterpiece.

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