Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now! – Guest Round Up – Part Three – Jacquie Biggar, Harmony Kent, Jan Sikes, Gwen M. Plano, Darlene Foster, William Price King, Toni Pike, The Story Reading Ape, Jennie Fitzkee

Over the last three months, I have been privileged to share the thoughts and wisdom of friends within the writing community in response to the prompt ‘I Wish I Knew Now What I Knew Then!’. In case you have missed any of these guest posts I will be sharing their links in this catch up series.

Romance author Jacquie Biggar shares a short story based on the prompt, that reaches out to those who are trapped in addiction and scared to reach out for help.

I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now! #Shortstory by Jacquie Biggar

Author and poet Harmony Kent shares what wisdom she would impart to her younger self as she struggled to find her own way in the world.

I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now! by Harmony Kent

Author Jan Sikes shares how her experiences in life may have benefitted her as a teenager in tenth grade.

I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now! by Jan Sikes

Author Gwen Plano shares her appreciation of the love and strength she received from her father throughout her life and the lessons she absorbed.

I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now! by Gwen M. Plano

Author Darlene Foster admits to coming from a long line of worriers and wishes she could pop back and tell her younger self that it is largely a futile exercise.

I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now! by Darlene Foster

Jazz singer and composer, and permanent contributor to Smorgasbord, William Price King, explores dancing and its benefits, in particular tap dancing which he wishes his younger self would have taken more advantage of.

I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now! #Tapdancing by Jazz singer and composer William Price King

Author Toni Pike shares a number of areas that she feels have impacted her life and would have benefited from her experience gained over the years.

I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now! by Toni Pike

Chris Graham is more frequently referred to as The Story Reading Ape. Chris has been a huge supporter of my blog since the early days and this support extends out across the writing community. Chris shares his thoughts on the prompt in the form of a delightfully thought provoking piece of poetry.

I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now! by Christopher Graham – The Story Reading Ape

Pre-school teacher Jennie Fitzkee shares her thoughts about the narrow views we tend to hold as children and young adults, and how life and experience teaches valuable lessons…

I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now! by Jennie Fitzkee



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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday September 14th 2021 – Jessica Norrie, D.G. Kaye, Joy Lennick, Carol Taylor, The Story Reading Ape

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed this week so far and I hope you will head over to enjoy in full…thanks Sally.

The first post is from Jessica Norrie with an interview with one of the authors in her writing group who has recently published a new novel.

News from the writing group

Some authors roam their keyboards alone, but many like the comfort of a writing group. I found mine when, after weeks critiquing each others’ work on a Writers & Artists course, four of us decided to continue.

When the world was normal we met in an art deco cocktail bar in Holborn. Sometimes we’d emailed extracts in advance, sometimes it was more ad hoc. Then in lockdown we read each others’ entire books and commented, raising our glasses on Zoom. It really has been invaluable.

One of us, Sofia Due, has just published an earlier novel. Ed and Lily is a cleverly constructed story of the dangers of “couple fatigue”

Head over to find out more about the book by Sofia Due: Jessica Norrie with news from the writing group

The next post is from D.G. Kaye (Debby Gies) and is her monthly look at the blogs posting on writing..

Writer's Tips

Welcome to September edition of Writer’s Tips. In this edition it’s chock full of goodies for authors. Author Marketing and a new series open for writers from Sally Cronin. Anne R. Allen keeps us up to date on scams against authors. Ruth Harris on writing the danged blurb. How to structure memoir using storyboard. Harmony Kent on writing in 2nd person, and a warning to check your Google extensions so you aren’t auto-opted in to their exploitive policy.

Head over to check out all the posts as some very helpful information provided: Writer’s Tips – Publishing Scams, Google Caveat, Writing the Blurb, #Scammers, Author Marketing

The next post is by Joy Lennick with a wonderfully detailed tour of the home of the Brontes and the background to their tragic lives and their iconic writing.


The sun slunk behind a threatening cloud as we trudged, slightly out of breath, up the winding, steep hill, past a tea shop which registered and whispered as we passed…My hitherto excited mood, dampened slightly, but I was determined to enjoy the experience. After all, I was about to visit Haworth Parsonage, where a tragic, literary family doggedly wrote their way through too many illnesses and deaths, and a slender-built young woman literally penned one of my favourite books, JANE EYRE.

Head over to read this delightful post and enjoy the photographs: The Brontes World with Joy Lennick

Carol Taylor shares her packed week in the round up with some sobering facts about rainfall.. something we take for granted here in Ireland.. but in some parts of the world there might only be 3 days a year…there is also an update on plastics, a recipe for coconut cookies how to use neem oil, banana flowers and Saturday Snippets…

Welcome to this week’s edition of my weekly roundup of postsEspecially for you just in case you missed a few posts during this last week…Time is marching on…

 We are now just into the month of September time just fliesYesterday was a sad day of remembrance around the world, particularly in the USA…my thoughts and prayers were with you yesterday as was the rest of the world…for those who lost their lives and for those left behind with memories of the horror…God bless you all xx

Head over to catch up with Carol’s busy week and enjoy her informative and entertaining posts: CarolCooks2 weekly roundup…September 5th-September 11th 2021…Culinary A-Z, Coconut Cookies, Ants, Neem Oil and Banana Flowers…

Now time for some words of wisdom from Aunty Acid that are also very funny, courtesy of The Story Reading Ape, Chris Graham…

Head over to enjoy all the funnies: The Monday Funnies with The Story Reading Ape


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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – #Profiles – Bloggers – Motivators and Inspirers – The Story Reading Ape, Annette Rochelle Aben

Today two more long term supporters of the blog who I believe deserve a special mention. The Story Reading Ape, Chris Graham shares the posts of many of us each week as well as featuring guest writers, post links to all aspects of writing and of course his infamous Monday Funnies that usually star members of his own extended family including Maxine and Aunty Acid…not to be confused with Mary Poppins!!

My literature Hero is Terry Pratchett who, in one of his Science of Discworld books, postulated that Homo Sapiens Sapiens survived all the pitfalls that made other Homo Sapiens species become extinct, by being story telling apes.

If this is the case, then in order to be effective, for every story telling ape there had to be a story listening ape.

I am descended from them, except I read stories instead of listening to them; and author’s are the tellers of the stories I read.

I don’t so much read books as devour them, (sometimes re-devouring them several times), so I’ve set myself a long term task, to list all the books I’ve ever read on Goodreads – trouble is I’ve got the memory of a sieve and I must have read thousands of them!

After years of lugging books around with me when I travelled (pre-internet), or order them to be delivered to wherever I was (post internet), I got an eReader, which enables me to support my local library, as well as giving me access to practically every Kindle, EPUB & PDF format book ever published, via the internet.

Now all I have to do is spend the next several lifetimes reading them (I hope re-incarnation is true, although not having memories from previous lives might be a snag)

What is the purpose of my blog?

1. To introduce YOU to new (to me) authors I’ve come across in my wanderings through books and the cyberforest.

2. To provide a platform (battered old homemade soapbox) for authors to introduce themselves to you. (See my Contact Me Section for Guest Author article Guidelines)

3. As an informal information service to authors, poets, or anyone else who is thinking of becoming a published person of that ilk.

4. To promote FUN and an OASIS OF CALM and Font of useful Knowledge andTips for Indies (please do NOT feed my naughty chimps or they may follow you home) from the woes and stresses of the real world.

The Story Reading Ape buy: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK Blog: The Story Reading Ape Twitter: @StoryReadingApe

Here is this week’s Monday Funnies for you to enjoy and I do hope you will head over if you are not familiar with Chris and his blog and discover more: 24th May Monday Funnnies with The Story Reading Ape

The next person who I would like to place the spotlight on is Annette Rochelle Aben who has been a motivator and supporter to many of us. Her mindful and inspiring daily messages have brightened many a day. You will see evidence of her wide ranging support if you are on twitter @YouAreTheExpert

About Annette Rochelle Aben

Annette has an attitude of gratitude that she spreads around on a daily basis… Annette’s Blog and also by interviewing authors on radio Tell Me A Story with Annette Rochelle Aben | The Magic Happens (TMH)

A love of writing, began for Annette when she was but a small child. Of course, she gives all the credit to her parents, who read to her and her siblings from the moment they were born. Once in school, teachers took over the roles of main influencers, as they required the students to do a lot of (wait for it… wait for it…) WRITING!

Over the years, Annette has been blessed with having both hobbies and jobs that required her to write. This resulted in her winning the admiration of peers and industry professionals alike. Publication lead to awards, which provided even more encouragement and now, Annette Rochelle Aben is a #1 Best Selling Author!

These days, Annette writes poetry books, coaches others through the writing of their books, and edits articles for the digital magazine The Magic Happens.

Along the way, Annette found time to explore the worlds of Aroma Therapy, Astrology, Bach Flower Essences, Crystal Therapy, Feng Shui, Hypnotherapy, Music Therapy, Numerology, Reiki, and Tarot. Guided by her Angels as to what to study and with whom, Annette turned many of her studies into sideline businesses.

A selection of  books by Annette Rochelle Aben

Read the reviews and buy the books: Amazon US – And : Amazon UK – Follow Annette: Goodreads – Blog: Annette Rochelle Aben WordPress – Twitter:@YouAreTheExpert


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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Monday December 16th 2019 – #Afghanistan Mary Smith, #Advent Sue Vincent, #Funnies The Story Reading Ape

Time to catch up with Mary Smith’s Afghan adventures and this week an experience that must have been both a bit scary and heartwarming….

Afghan Adventures #13 #Babies

Although Hussain didn’t encourage house visits he could never bring himself to refuse, even though experience was teaching him the messenger’s ‘emergency’ was probably nothing worse than an indigestion attack. But there was always the fear that perhaps, this time, it really was a crisis.

Slide13 (Custom)

Shortly before dinner, one evening, a man arrived at the clinic to say that his wife was in labour and the ‘baby did not want to come out’. This threw us both into a panic. When visiting Rosanna, I had examined quite a number of women in various stages of pregnancy, but never had anything to do with actually delivering a baby. Before hurrying after the expectant father, we thumbed through the obstetrics books, trying to memorise relevant chapters.

Head over to read the rest of the story and if you have missed the previous episodes check them out:  Mary Smith’s Place Afghan Adventures #13 Babies

Mary Smith, Buy: Amazon US
Website: Mary SmithGoodreads: Goodreads

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No More Mulberries - web ready51ArFSI2FFL._UY250_

Ani, The Small Black Dog has not only celebrated two book releases this month but has also been let loose by Sue Vincent to post her daily Advent Calendar. With some prestigious guests, including Garfield who owns the hooman author Noelle A. Granger.. expect some shenanigans…

Ani’s Advent 2019! Exploring, Cats and Christmas Trees…with Noelle Granger’s Garfield

Hey Santa!

It’s stopped raining for a bit, so things feel a lot better around here this morning. I don’t mind it being cold after all, even if she does complain when we go out for or early morning romp.

We both need that, to blow the cobwebs away and get our bodies moving on a morning… We don’t run as much as we used to and we’re not as supple as we used to be, but that doesn’t stop us playing like puppies sometimes.

It is too dark just now for her to take the camera thingy when we go out in the mornings, but she says it is good to just enjoy the day breaking and not think about anything else for a while. The sheep are still sleeping when we go out too and the cows are in their shed for the winter, so, unless there is the odd deer or pheasant out early, she doesn’t need to be too careful of me while we are out.

Head over to meet Garfield and enjoy his memories and meet more friends: Ani’s Advent Calendar – With Garfield and Christmas Trees

Sue Vincent  Buy: Amazon UKBlog: S.C. Vincent Goodreads: Sue Vincent

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And for those of you who don’t like Mondays.. I have the perfect antidote…Funnies courtesy of Chris Graham, The Story Reading Ape…

Head over to enjoy all the funnies and cheer up it will soon be Christmas…lol:

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Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday November 19th 2019 – #25books Patricia Furstenberg, #99p/99c Bette A. Stevens and #Funnies The Story Reading Ape.

The first post is from Patricia Furstenberg who has compiled a list of 25 books that she recommends having read them in 2019. You will see some familiar names on the list including D.G. Kaye, James J. Cudney, Jacqui Murray  and Brigid Gallagher as well as a mention for one of my books.. Always great to have recommendations and there are plenty here.

25 Books for Christmas, The List #GiftIdeas #FeedYourKindle

25 Books for Christmas celebrates engaging stories by talented authors. If you’re in need of a kids’ gift, a captivating YA or Sci-Fi for your teen, a romance or a Rom-com, a humorous book, poetry or memoir, a captivating historical novel, crime or contemporary fiction -I hope you will find that Christmas stocking filler or last-minute e-Book to feed your kindle right here. The books on this list are written by gifted authors with vibrant personalities and talents that extend beyond these publications.

Happy browsing and a happy holiday! Thank you for visiting.

Choose from:

Books for Children
YA, Science-Fiction and Fantasy
Women’s Romance, Saga and Rom Com
Spiritual, Poetry, Memoir, Short Stories
Historical Fiction
Humorous Fiction
Crime and Contemporary Fiction

Head over and top up your Kindle with some great books: Patricia Furstenberg – Feed your Kindle for Christmas

Patricia Furstenberg, Buy:Amazon US Blog:  Alluring Creations Goodreads: Goodreads

Now more books that are on offer from Bette A. Stevens between now and 21st November – all 99p/99c.

Head over to get more details and the links to buy the books: Free books offer Bette A. Stevens

Bette A. Stevens, Buy: Universal link Website/blog: 4 Writers and ReadersGoodreads: Bette on Goodreads


And to end the post, a touch of humour from the enclosure of The Story Reading Ape.. and after reading, please check your sofa beds for unwanted visitors…

Check the rest of the funnies…. and the sofa bed: The Story Reading Ape Monday Funnies

I hope that you will head over and enjoy these posts in full… thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday October 8th – The Story Reading Ape, Alison Williams and Shehanne Moore

This series is an opportunity to showcase posts from around our community and the brilliant bloggers who share with us. It would be amazing if you would follow the links to the post I have highlighted and whilst visiting follow and support the blogger.

I know that it is only Tuesday and probably a little early for the mid-week blues… but it is always a good day to share The Story Reading Ape’s weekly funnies.. here are a couple to whet your appetite…

Head over for more Halloween fun and games:

Buy the Book: https://thestoryreadingapeblog.comGoodreads:

The next post is a book review from Alison Williams…for The Good Daughter by bestselling author Karin Slaughter

One ran. One stayed. But who is…the good daughter?

Twenty-eight years ago, Charlotte and Samantha Quinn’s childhoods were destroyed by a terrifying attack on their family home. It left their mother dead. It left their father – a notorious defence attorney – devastated. And it left the family consumed by secrets from that shocking night.

Twenty-eight years later, Charlie has followed in her father’s footsteps to become a lawyer. But when violence comes to their home town again, the case triggers memories she’s desperately tried to suppress. Because the shocking truth about the crime which destroyed her family won’t stay buried for ever…

Head over and read Alison’s review:

Editing Services:

The final post today is from Shehanne Moore (and the Dudes) who is interviewing Sandy Barker author of One Summer in Santorini..

Head over and read the rest of the interview and don’t let the Hamstahs distract you.. easily done!:

Shehanne Moore, Buy:
Blog: – Goodreads:

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