Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New book on the Shelves – #Thriller – Death on the Move (Book 3) by Colin Guest

Colin Guest is celebrating the release of his latest book.. the last in a trilogy – Death on the Move.

About the book

Death on the Move is a thriller, and the last in a trilogy starting with Desperation Rules the Day. After learning that Iran was behind the plot to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge, the American president decides Iran must be taught a lesson. To avoid the loss of innocent lives, the president agrees to target the IRGC, who are the real rulers of Iran. Jeff Stone, the main character in the series, is head of a top-secret anti-terrorist organisation. On hearing the head of the IRGC is going to attend a secret meeting in Byblos, Lebanon, Jeff takes a team there to assassinate him.

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Also by Colin Guest


One of the reviews for Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps

Very interesting to read about time spent working in different countries & the adventures that took place there. For anyone who has travelled abroad but not worked abroad it will give a much better insight into the life of an expat & some of the difficulties that can be faced, as well as showing some of the amazing experiences & great people that you can meet! Even to those who have worked abroad it may come as a bit of an eye opener – these were not boring, sober times! If this doesn’t inspire you to take a trip abroad I’m not sure what will!

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About Colin Guest

I have ten books published in digital format, with seven of them also available as audio books. This all started after I retired from working as an expat for nineteen years in a total of fourteen countries spread through the Middle,Far East and North Africa. Given all my experiences, I consider myself as having lived a life most only dream.

Apart from his books, Colin has had articles published in various online magazines, with one published in Nexas, a UK expat magazine. Colin also writes poetry, with several in the final four in competitions, and one made into a film.

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