Smorgasbord Bookshelf – New Book on the Shelves – #Travel – Caravanning with #Dogs – It Never Rains But It Paws: A Road Trip Through Politics And A Pandemic (Adventure Caravanning with Dogs Book 4) by Jacqueline Lambert

Delighted to welcome Jacqueline Lambert to the bookshelf with her books, and today I am featuring her latest release It Never Rains But It Paws: A Road Trip Through Politics And A Pandemic (Adventure Caravanning with Dogs Book 4)

About the book

“The mix of fun, humour, and travel exploits and anecdotes is lovely. A great romp through Jackie’s world, and very entertaining” Alyson Sheldrake – Artist & Author

A great mix of puppies, politics and a pandemic, with plenty of sightseeing thrown in. There’s something for everyone.” Lisa Rose Wright, bestselling author of the ‘Writing Home’ series.

Five years after giving up work to travel full time, Dog-ma Jacqueline (Jackie) and Dogfather Mark race against time to leave the UK before Britain exits the EU. If Brexit happens, their four Cavapoos (Cavalier/Poodle cross) Kai, Rosie, Ruby, and Lani will lose their puppy passports, and the Lambert Family will be unable to travel together. But Brexit isn’t their only obstacle. A few months into their adventure, the pandemic suddenly shatters their plans, and leaves them trapped in the epicentre of Europe’s No. 1 coronavirus hotspot.

The fourth road trip Europe adventure in author Jacqueline Lambert’s “inspirational and hilarious” series of true travel memoirs invites you to join the couple as they discover even more amazing and little-known places, this time in France and Italy. However, this isn’t just a priceless escape travel story filled with humorous mishaps and mountain adventure. The coronavirus pandemic separates the family from their loved ones at home, and leaves Jackie stranded alone during a blizzard in a remote Italian village, with Mark thousands of miles away, back in the UK.

Between terrible weather, political mayhem, and a global pandemic, Jackie and Mark try to take lessons from each hardship. Yet, even with a positive attitude, a sense of adventure, and a caravan full of loved ones, you can’t stop all the obstacles life rolls your way. These “amusing and informative” travel stories are certainly proof that It Never Rains… But It Paws!

One of the recent reviews for the book

Alyson Sheldrake 5.0 out of 5 stars A highly entertaining and enjoyable read  Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 28 April 2022

I’ve loved all of Jackie’s books, she has a brilliant way of describing her travels so that you feel you are actually riding along beside her, Mark her husband, and their four adorable cavapoos as they tow their caravan around Europe and into lots of scrapes and adventures. I’m always amazed at how resilient and optimistic they are – even when their caravan is firmly stuck in the mud or the lane they are travelling down gets narrower by the minute.

In this latest book, not only do they have to race against time to leave the UK before Britain exits the EU… they also have the small matter of Covid to contend with. There’s a good dose of politics, panic and the pandemic in the book and Jackie writes with a raw honesty about how all these issues affect their daily lives and ability to travel.

There is a wonderful mixture of sightseeing and descriptions of the places they visit, all brought to life by the local people and customs they encounter. This book is a great insight into their adventurous caravanning world and very entertaining. Highly recommended. 

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About Jacqueline Lambert

Jacqueline Lambert has long had a passion for travel and adventure. Always a bit of a tomboy, it was an accidental white water rafting trip down the Zambezi that really opened her eyes to the experiences that the world has to offer. The trip was not, as she expected, ‘floating down the river looking at wildlife’.

Somewhere between the adrenaline of tackling Grade 5 rapids in crocodile-infested waters and the raw beauty of sleeping under the stars on the banks of the river, she determined that she was no longer content to live her life in thin slices. She also realised that experience was more important than owning STUFF.

Since then, she has travelled as much as time and budget would allow and has rafted major rivers on every continent except Antarctica. Before meeting her husband, Mark, she took a sabbatical from work. Although she was single at the time, she asked for – and was granted – ‘maternity leave’ to spend several months backpacking around Fiji, Australia and New Zealand!

A keen off piste skier and windsurfer, Jackie is a Team Rider for the UK’s National Watersports Festival, to which she has contributed many articles and blogs about windsurfing. She is also the wordsmith behind her own dog-centric caravan travel blog, World Wide Walkies, which has been featured in the Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Newsletter and Dog Friendly Magazine.

She and Mark were made redundant in 2016. In their mid 50s, they decided to give up work, rent out their house and travel full-time with five dogs; their four Cavapoos; Kai, Rosie, Ruby and Lani and a stray that they adopted in Transylvania whom they named Blade, the vampire slayer.


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