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Welcome to the first author update in the Cafe this week and the first author is Victoria Zigler who is releasing another of her series in audio. Previously only available as eBooks and paperbacks, the seven books in the “Kero’s World” series are now available in audio, narrated by Giles Miller.

A review for book one in the series on Goodreads

Chris The Story Reading Ape rated it Five Stars

A smashing little tale (or should that be tail since Kero loved to wag his a lot) about the author and her dog going walkies in the park and by the sea.
Great for little ones (with or without dogs) – but be warned – they might want a Kero for themselves.

I am giving you the main links for the series on Audible and Smashwords as not all the series are listed on Victoria’s author pages.

You can buy all the series in audio here: Kero’s World audio series

In print from Smashwords in various formats: Kero’s world Smashwords

Also available at Barnes and Noble and Kobo.

A small selection of other books by Victoria Zigler

You can download all the other audio books from Amazon:

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Victoria has a great many reviews on Goodreads and I suggest that you head there first to read:

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The next author with news is V.L. Mcbeath with her brand new release on November 15th. Part three of The Ambition & Destiny Series: When Time Runs Out.

About the book

Inspired by a true story, When Time Runs Out continues the epic saga of one family’s trials, tragedies, and triumphs as they make their fortune in Victorian Era England.

A husband unwilling to change. A wife who craves a place at the business table.

Victorian Era England: Harriet won’t stand by while her family’s inheritance slips through their fingers. Her uncle worked hard to build a stable business before he passed it to her husband William. But when her stepfather-in-law, Mr. Wetherby, presumes ownership of the company, Harriet fights to stand her ground…

William longs for a quiet life, but with a growing family and Harriet’s determination to succeed, he stretches himself beyond his means. When Mr. Wetherby refuses to help, only the intervention of William’s mother Mary keeps their dream of a better future in reach…

After a tragic twist of fate, Harriet fights for her family’s rights. Collaborating with Mr. Wetherby now seems impossible, and she and William must somehow carve out a living without him. But as tensions in the family business escalate, Harriet may have far more to worry about than pursuing her own ambitions…

When Time Runs Out is the third book in The Ambition & Destiny Series, a saga of historical fiction novels covering a seven-decade span. If you like family sagas, accurate historical depictions, and tales that investigate women’s impact on history, then you’ll love the third book in VL McBeath’s captivating series. ;

One of the early reviews for the book.

An excellent read on November 15, 2017

This is another excellent read in the continuing story of a family’s trials and tribulations. Knowing it is based on a true story gives it an added interest. The various members of the family are becoming very well known and some characters are really liked while others not so! The storyline highlights the pressure on women to know their place in Society by the majority of men. This was particularly difficult for one member of the family. Although there were signs of improvement in the education of girls. It does finish on a cliffhanger so you will need to read the next book but that won’t be a hardship ! I received a copy and have voluntarily reviewed it. This is my honest review.

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Also by V.L. McBeath

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The next author with a brand new release is Sacha de Black with Keepers: The Eden East YA Novels

About Keepers

Eden’s life is balanced… …until her soul is bound to her enemy.

When her parents are murdered, the realm of Trutinor is threatened. Then a mysterious human arrives and changes everything.

As Eden’s world spirals out of control, she doesn’t need a charismatic Siren from her past returning to complicate life.

Now, saving Trutinor is the last thing on Eden’s mind.

Three boys.   Two murdered parents.  One deadly choice.

One of the early reviews for the book

FIRST THOUGHTS – I have been following Sacha on her blog and social media for some time now. I’ve read and followed her through every update this book and I can’t believe the time has finally come – it is out in the world. Sacha approached me to advance read this book and I was more than happy to accept.

PLOT -Keepers has the most unique plot I’ve seen in a while. The world is fleshed out to the max and the characters are super important in their own way.

We follow Eden East as she tries to do right in her world, Trutinor. Everything changes when her parents are murdered, her soul is bound to not one, but two boys. One of those boys being her enemy and neither of them being the man she truly loves. Then it’s a race against time to fix their binding and Balance their souls once more.

It’s hard to explain only because this world was so cleverly crafted and the rules are complicated (but they’re easy to understand within the pages). A lot of worldbuilding went into this book and it certainly shows. The plot revolves around Keepers, Fallons, Shifters, etc., with the occasional human sprinkled in. While I would not want to be in Eden’s shoes, the world of Trutinor seems like an interesting place.

There was a good amount of romance thrown in, as once you’re Bound your soulmates. You may not be Bound to who you love. That called for a perfect opportunity for a love triangle. I’m not a big fan of romance or love triangles, but it was well done in this story and I found rooting for one guy over the other.

CHARACTERS- I loved each and every character. They all fulfilled a certain role and no talent was wasted.

Eden made a great protagonist. I loved her voice and her strong will. I felt that she had a nice balance of being “tough” and “vulnerable” at the same time.

Victor made a nice antagonist. Though I have to admit, even though we were meant to hate him, I actually liked his character in the beginning… then I hated him.

Trey made a great supporting character as did Bo, Kato, and everyone else in the story. It was a great cast of characters.

WRITING STYLE – This book was written in the third person limited through Eden. I felt that was a good choice for the narrator for this kind of novel.

The pace was smooth, yet it was action-packed. It sped up and slowed down at the right moments. I never got lost in the reading as it was easy to understand and it flowed well.

There’s a lot of learning as you read this novel. It’s a big world with many new terms, but it’s easy enough to stay caught up.

OVERALL – I don’t read a lot of science fiction or even this kind of fantasy for that matter, but I can very easily see myself getting sucked up in this world. The ending had a great twist. I’m really looking forward to the sequel.

Favorite Quote: – “Scars are memories. They’re real. Moments we shouldn’t forget.” –Sacha de Black, Keepers

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Also by Sacha de Black

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Smorgasbord Air Your Reviews – V.L. Mcbeath, Stevie Turner and Jann Weeratunga

Welcome to the first of the review posts this week. I am going to be offline for a couple of days so I am leaving these authors in your capable hands.. I would be grateful if you could share around. thanks Sally.

The first author is V.L Mcbeath with one of the recent reviews for Less Than Equals – Part Two of The Ambition & Destiny Series.

About the book

Inspired by a true story, Less Than Equals continues the epic saga of one family’s trials, tragedies, and triumphs as they seek their fortune in Victorian Era England.

GOLD Quality Mark

“This is an excellent book, well written and with impeccable timing. The ending is sure to make readers eager for the next book in the series.” BooksGoSocial

As a family struggles for survival, one woman refuses to be another cog in the machine…

Victorian Era England: Harriet is desperate to escape the clutches of her abusive uncle. As an unmarried woman with few prospects, she has little choice but to live under his roof. When a charming man comes to work for them, Harriet thinks she’s found her way out…

But after the marriage ceremony and birthing two children, Harriet’s new family still doesn’t have a home of their own. And she can’t decipher the reason why. As tensions rise, an argument with her uncle spirals out of control causing him to lock her away in an asylum…

While corrective therapy is meant to replace her headstrong ways, Harriet has other plans for her captivity. If her idea works, she could free her family from her uncle’s control once and for all…

Less Than Equals is the second book in The Ambition & Destiny Series, a Victorian Era historical fiction family saga. If you like heroines who are ahead of their time, then you’ll love the second instalment in VL McBeath’s engaging series.

The most recent review for the book

on September 29, 2017

The feminist torch is passed down from Mary to Harriet as she weds into the Wetherby clan in Author VL McBeath’s second chapter of her Ambition & Destiny Series, “Less Than Equals”, and the family could not be more at odds.

After having read “Hooks & Eyes: Part I of the Ambition & Destiny Series”, reentering the world of the Wetherby’s felt like coming home to family, for the novel reflects a familiarity and warmth that only family can provide. Soon enough, however, “Less Than Equals” becomes a real page-turner as a conflict of generations and ideas begins to impact households, causing a vast assortment of ill-tidings and tragedies to occur.

McBeath’s writing is superb and her characters reach a depth seldom attained in any of today’s modern romance novels. The grand tapestry of their lives reflects the burgeoning tide that heralded the movement away from the prim and proper matrons of the Victorian Era toward women’s equality in the modern age. In “Less Than Equals” we see women taking on more responsibilities and a greater voice in shaping the destinies of their families, and thus their own lives. This is a powerful journey that gives today’s woman a unique perspective on the tremendous, and oftentimes bitter challenges that our fore-mothers had to overcome I order to earn their places in a male-dominated world.

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Also by V.L. Mcbeath

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The next author with new reviews to share is Stevie Turner for her latest release Mind Games new on the shelves in October.

About Mind Games

Frances Andrews is sick of her husband Martin’s addiction to pornography, and has lost her trust in him. Martin views porn as a harmless pastime, but when Frances threatens to leave, he is distraught and begs her to go with him for marriage guidance therapy. Counsellor Rhona suggests they take a holiday in the first instance, and start talking to one another again. Frances just wants out of the marriage, but finally agrees to go on a cruise…as long as they have separate cabins.

Told from both Frances and Martin’s perspectives, Mind Games shines a light on the effect that an addiction to pornography can have on a previously happy marriage.

One of the early reviews for the book

What do you do when trust has been destroyed in a marriage? Frances and Martin have had a happy marriage, except that his pornography addiction and her obsession with catching him out have rendered them unable to trust one another. He still loves her, but she’s completely disgusted by him. Is there anyway to find common ground?

I won’t give away the ending, but I thought it was interesting how Stevie Turner resolved the main conflict of the novel.

Well-written, insightful. Turner doesn’t give in to the usual conventions of romance make-up literature. She writes real people undergoing a believable crisis. Although I haven’t known any couples struggling with porn addictions, I have heard similar stories in other 12-Step groups. After a partner has deeply damaged the relationship, that partner stepping onto a better path doesn’t erase the hurt their spouse feels. You can only try to find a compromise where love remains.

Lest you think this story is a real downer, it’s not. There are some truly hilarious lines in this book. You definitely get the sense that Martin loves Frances and, if she weren’t so mad at him for repeating the same unfaithfulness over and over, she’d love him too.

I would definitely read more of Turner’s books.

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A selection of books by Stevie Turner

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The third author today is Jann Weeratunga and recent reviews for Polly’s Piralympics (Paralympics for Parrots)

About the book

Polly’s pirate’s armed with their new prosthetic blades, arms and wheelchairs compete for gold. This series of books provides tools for parents and teachers to help identify life lessons for 8-10yr olds. It covers anti-bullying, it not cool to cheat, littering, listening to others, and alternative resources of power.

One of the recent reviews for the book on Goodreads

Gregg Davies rated it Five Stars on October 17th 2017

This review should actually be written by my son, Ryan, aged 8. I’ve been reading a bit of this book to him every night for the past month and through reading to him for years I thought he’d really tuned out and just liked my presence and voice keeping him comfort as he went to sleep and the story had become irrelevant.
Hmm what do dad’s know!!

So I finished this book by Jann this week and as he was still awake he asked what we are going to read next. I hesitated, unsure what books still remained at home that we hadn’t read. He stepped up and said ‘can we just read that one again please Dad’.

In that one sentence from Ryan lies the essence of this review. He loved the story and wanted more and it is as simple as that.

Besides being filled with great lessons for kids about not judging, bullying or singling out others for their perceived weaknesses, flaws or disabilities it was entertaining and sprinkled with humour.
I’ve promised him I will seek out the others in this series for future bedtime tales.

Well done Jann!!

Read all the reviews and connect to Amazon:

Also by Jann Weeratunga

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New on the Shelves – Condemned by Fate – The Ambition & Destiny Series by V.L. McBeath

Welcome to V.L. McBeath and her books to the shelves of the Cafe and Bookstore. As a prequel to The Ambition & Destiny Series here is the short story, Condemned by Fate.

About Condemned by Fate

As Charles fights to clear his name, will it be enough to give him a future with the girl he loves?

Farm labourer Charles Jackson doesn’t expect much from life. For the price of a few pints of ale and enough food on the table, he’s happy to take work where he can get it. But when he finds himself at Chadwick’s farm, all that changes…

Falling in love with the farmer’s daughter wasn’t part of his plans. But when they’re found in an intimate embrace, his troubles are only just beginning…

Framed and imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, Charles must clear his name. But sometimes it’s the threats you can’t see that turn out to be the most dangerous…

Condemned by Fate is a short story prequel to The Ambition & Destiny Series, a Victorian Era family saga. If you like love stories that are more than just a romance, then you’ll love the prequel to VL McBeath’s engaging series.

One of the excellent reviews for Condemned by Fate.

An Emotional Read!  on February 17, 2017

I read Condemned by Fate at the end of January. I read it on the plane on my way to California. I have to say when I was finished I was pretty upset with the ending. It has taken me some time to put up a review because I wasn’t sure what I felt about the story. I can tell you that for some reason this book crosses my mind a few times during the week. Tonight I have found it easing it’s way back into my thoughts. When an author’s writing can touch on your emotions like that and breath life so well into the characters that you think about them I have to give it 5 stars.

Read the reviews and buy the book:

Book one and two in The Ambition & Destiny Series

One of the recent reviews for Less Than Equals – Part Two of The Ambition & Destiny Series.

I was very shocked by the way Harriet was treated by her uncle as she grew up. My goodness she wasn’t allowed to read, do arithmetic, etc. all she was encouraged to do was embroider, sew, knit, crochet, how to run a home, etc. why were women treated like that back then? It’s no wonder they rebelled.

This story was definitely an eye opener. I enjoyed it very much. Harriet was a very strong determined woman, she deserved a pat on the back. I’m sure others would enjoy this book too if they got it, it’s well worth the time to read it.

Read all the reviews and buy the books:

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About V.L. McBeath

The ‘Ambition & Destiny’ Series was inspired by VL McBeath’s interest in family history. When she started her research she had no idea what she would find or where it would lead. A couple of years later, however, she felt compelled to turn the unfolding story into a novel.

The story is an epic family saga of love, loss and betrayal set against the backdrop of Victorian Era England. It starts in 1839 with a short story prequel ‘Condemned by Fate’, before moving into the main series which is told in five parts, spanning 1846 to 1911.

Born and raised in Liverpool (UK), Val trained as a scientist and has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. She now lives in Cheshire with her husband, youngest daughter, and cat. In addition to family history, her interests include rock music and Premier League Football.

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