Smorgasbord Coffee Time Haiku – Wexford, Ireland – Abandoned House by Sally Cronin

This photograph was the first that we took of our new home in Wexford in 2016. Repossessed and abandoned with furniture inside and out, and half the garden growing over the roof at the back of the house; it looked very sad but we saw the beauty and bought on the spot.

In fact it was pure serendipity that I found it in the first place. We had sold our house in Madrid and I began looking for a home to buy in the Waterford area, and on one particular site, in amongst the houses for sale, was one in Wexford!

I took a look at the details and we agreed that the price was very good and it was only a 45 minute drive to my father-in-law’s house in South Dublin. However, when I emailed the agent he said that the property was sold but if that changed he would let me know.

A week later we arrived in Dublin to stay with my father-in-law for a few months as we house hunted, and out of the blue, the next day the agent rang to say the sale on the sale had fallen through and would we like to view!  Oh yes.

In June 2016 we moved in to the house knowing that we had considerable work to be done to restore it to its former glory. We stripped out all the brown carpets, redecorated throughout and all the external walls, installed new boiler, insulation, replaced warped wooden floors,a couple of bathrooms and tiled the hall through the ground floor. All the windows were replaced along with the front and back doors. One of the last jobs was to build a retaining wall and expand the patio at the back. David is currently leveling and landscaping the area that used to be just a big slope down to the wall and hedge separating us from the next property.

Outside there were 15 dead trees that had spawned creeping ivy that had migrated to the roof and gutters at the side and back of the house. David who had become an experienced lumberjack in our home in Madrid which contained a lot of pine trees, took out the most precarious of the dead ones over the first year. The week after he completed the work we had a hurricane which would have taken some out, probably to the detriment to the house.

Anyway  – here is my haiku that I wrote at the beginning of our renovations.

And here are few up to date photographs during the renovations

The garden is still a work in progress but having installed a new fence and lawns we are now working on providing a welcome to the local wildlife.

Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you enjoyed seeing our renovation project.  We are almost at that point where the house will get its wish for a dog to complete the transformation. Thanks Sally.

Smorgasbord Coffee Time #Haiku #Wexford #Ireland -Rescued from the Deep by Sally Cronin

We live on the Wexford coast and our harbour has small boat and some larger fishing vessels.. There is always something going on, even in the winter when the seagulls use the boats wintering in the inner harbour as roosts… This requires some deep cleaning once the spring comes around again!  This anchor is in pride of place and prompts the question.. what happened to the boat it was attached to?


Thank you for dropping by today.. your feedback is always welcome. Sally