Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – #YA #Fantasy – Bounty Hunter: Book 4 in ‘The Council of Twelve’ series by A.J. Alexander

Delighted to share the news of the latest release by A.J. Alexander, Bounty Hunter: Book 4 in ‘The Council of Twelve’ series on Pre-Order until March 13th.

About the book

When Centriel roams the Earth in a dark mood and atypical despair, in a mountain clearing, far from humankind, he unexpectedly discovers a runner, followed by a petite hunter. The way the woman treats the giant fugitive amuses the Archangel, but he quickly learns that neither of them are what they seem to be.

Simin Arnatt is an extraordinary woman. Her occupation as a Bounty Hunter takes her all over the world, as she follows her prey to the most unusual places. She would have never expected to meet the famous Centriel while on a hunt. When he offers to help her, she feels the enormous attraction, but she knows, with the secret she holds, she could never dare to hope for love.

Neither of them could guess that with her next assignment, Hell is breaking loose…

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Also  by A.J. Alexander

One of the recent reviews for Sundance

Jasmin 5.0 out of 5 stars Very entertaining and fascinating sequel  Reviewed in the United States on September 15, 2020

Following ‘Soul Taker’, ‘Sundance’ is the second book in the Council of Twelve Series.
The book is less a simple sequel than a parallel story to the first part, which first surprised me, but then I was enthusiastic about that fact. I found it fascinating to read the story from a different point of view and to find the skillfully orchestrated connections to the first book.

One of the things I love about this book is to see Sundance grow up into a strong woman. Also interesting is her education. Even though the book shows many known characters and places, the book still allows the reader to re-explore the world, AJ Alexander created masterfully.

I look forward to read book number three in the series.

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AboutAurora Jean Alexander

I’m a fantasy author working on a paranormal romance series. The first book of ‘The Council Of Twelve’ series, ‘Soul Taker’ was published December 15, 2018.

I have written short stories and poetry in the past. Some of my poems can be read on my blog ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest.

My rare free time I’m spending in extreme reading, excessive pool swimming and playing monster-monopoly. My strongest support system are my sister, most of my family, my friends and my three cats.


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Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves Pre-Order – #YAFantasy -The Green Door (The Eternal Artifacts Book 1) by Heather Kindt

Delighted to share the news of Heather Kindt’s new release, a YA Paranormal Fantasy, The Green Door (The Eternal Artifacts Book 1) on pre-order for June 11th.

About the book

The game was supposed to be easy… enter the door, find the object, collect the prize money.

But nothing is ever that easy for Meg Covington. Her dad keeps a roof over her head, but college is out of the question. Her best friend, Brek, will leave for school, and she’ll be trapped in her hometown—that is until Meg discovers the flyer for Rosenbaum’s game hanging in the entryway of the record store.

Within the basement of the mansion lies the white passage, a hallway lined with colorful doors. When each door turns out to be a portal to another world, things get complicated quickly. If they find the object within the world, Meg will take her first step towards freedom. But is it really just a game, or a one-way ticket to something much more dangerous?

The Green Door is the first book in Heather Kindt’s young adult fantasy series. If you like strong female leads, adventure, snarky attitudes, and sexy sirens, then you’ll love the first installment in the Eternal Artifacts series.

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Also by Heather Kindt

One of the recent reviews for The Watcher

Shannon T. 4.0 out of 5 stars Loved – cliffhanger Reviewed in the United States on May 4, 2020

I am still reeling over the cliffhanger at the end of this book! When is book three, The Ender , coming out?!? Okay, okay I know technically this installment isn’t even out yet. This second book in the Weaver trilogy is set to bet released in a few days, on the 21st to be exact, and I was thrilled when I was allowed to get an arc of The Watcher.

The Weaver series is set in Massachusetts where college freshman Delaney Holden learns the hard way that she is a Weaver and that she has the power to bring the stories she writes to life. Her book is set in colonial Massachusetts at the birth of the Revolution. Now bring in her antagonist and the man, literally, of her dreams and you have interesting things happening.

In the Watcher Laney is on a mission to save her hero and the love of her life. There is a new villain, a HUGE plot twist and chance for redemption. I absolutely adore this series so far. And the second book was even better than the first. It had a little more excitement and a lot more suspense. Where the first book was good it was a little predictable. The sequel was so exciting and had me rooting for some unexpected characters.

I loved this book!

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About Heather Kindt

Heather Kindt grew up in Derry, New Hampshire, but now resides in the mountains of Colorado with her husband and two children. She loves writing YA fantasy and humorous fiction. Her debut novel, Ruby Slips and Poker Chips, won the Dan Alatorre Word Weaver Writing Contest.

Connect to Heather

Website: Heather Kindt
Facebook author page: Heather Kindt

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