The R’s of Life – New book by Sally Cronin


Welcome to my new book that I will be writing via my blog for the next few months.  I thought that I might enlist those of you who drop by, to kindly act as beta readers; it also gives me an opportunity to edit as I go. This means that I will take chapters down after a short period of time and re-work for the final version.

I do have some fiction projects on the go but this book shouted at me when I was dipping into a thesaurus the other day in the R section and realised that it was loaded with words that described many of the emotions and life events that many of us face.

When I mentioned to my husband that I was thinking of The R’s of Life as the title – he thought I meant the backside of life and I suppose in some circumstances that might be closer to the truth.. so the title has stuck. I do not intend this to be a life coaching event but more of a satirical look at life from the point of view of a rambunctious sixty-something who has experienced most of the R’s in the thesaurus.

Chapter One – Life is a Rollercoaster

Chapter Two – Respect

Chapter Three – Recognition

Chapter Four – Relations

Chapter Five – Relationships

Chapter Six – Romance – The biggest fairy story of them all

Chapter Seven – Reading, Riting and Rithmatic – Reasoning

Chapter Eight – Rights – Wishful thinking or a Reality

Chapter Nine – Rights and the Legal System

Chapter Ten –  Rights and our Personal Freedoms.

Chapter Eleven –  Rights and Freedom of Speech

Chapter Twelve – Rejection a Fact of Life

Chapter Thirteen – Retail Therapy – The Real Cost.