Afternoon Video Rewind -The Intelligence of Crows – The 8 part puzzle!




Afternoon Video – two parrots commentary on the tourists they have had to endure!


Obviously these two parrots have absorbed quite a few passing conversations from the visitors – judging by the other videos available for parrots talking, like two year olds, they hear the words that they are not supposed to. I would have had to X rate the afternoon show!

The Afternoon video – Swallows take on crows in the intelligence game.


Automatic doors were fixed to a campus underground car park where swallows nested, within days the birds had figured out how to activate the motion sensors to open the doors to let them in and out!

We had swallows in our garage in spain and we had a covered stored car that rarely moved. When we took it out to clean and service the birds became confused and sat in the trees waiting until the car was replaced.

Every year when they swallows arrived back from Africa they would fly under the roof of the balcony where we would sit and have our evening glass of wine and out the other side to tell us they were back. When they left again before the winter, they would do the same to say goodbye.

Sally’s Café and Bookstore


Delighted to have been a guest of Ailsa Abraham today -talking about the origins of Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore and of course drinking great coffee and eating almond croissants from Pierre the mad baker! Only in France.. Must not forget to mention Lily… a four legged lovely.

The Bingergread Cottage

My dear friend Sally Cronin is coming in out of the rain today to sit by the fire and tell me about « Sally’s Café and Bookstore » so I’d better make some fresh coffee.

Dig in to those patisseries, Sally, my friend Pierre, the mad baker, gave them to me for nothing when I said I had a famous writer friend visiting.

Ailsa you have a wonderful way of making us feel very special and Lily has the same gift although somehow I feel that might be to do with the fact that I am eating her favourite almond croissant. Excuse me while I take a bit and let Lily have some too..

Tell us about the Café & Bookstore in your blog. What is it ?

Since starting the blog in 2013, I have wanted to promote authors and their books as creatively as possible. I ended up…

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Having Fun With Procrastination


Jo Robinson with one of her on point posts about the writing process. Procrastination.. Jo explores how to turn this time consuming waste of time into a positive exercise..

Lit World Interviews

Procrastination doesn’t set in because you suddenly see your writing as work, and all work must by its very nature be nasty. Procrastination generally sets in when you subconsciously convince yourself that you are going to fail. I read a very interesting article on a pretty good way to beat procrastination. Sit down quietly and visualise yourself – you, living your life from that point on.

See yourself pointedly not writing. Making coffee, washing long departed Granny Sue’s apron by hand on the off chance that you will ever desperately need to wear it. See your manuscript – just sitting there – not growing. See this going on for the next few weeks or months – or years. Then look that future self up in your head and say, “Hi.” Tell yourself how fabulous your new jeans are, and ask your future self how she/he feels about you not making…

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Miss Laura Mae’s House Part 5


If you have not visited Linda Bethea’s blog before then you are in for a treat. Nutsrok is the place for nostalgia full of humour and pathos that will have you laughing and crying.. head over for another brilliant story.


baconI dawdled a bit to talk to Miss Laura Mae one morning as she put plum butter and a piece of bacon on the hot biscuit she’d split for me. “Floyd died twenty years ago today. It shore don’t seem like it?”

That caught my attention. “Who shot him?”

She and Mother both burst out laughing. “Why nobody shot him, honey. He just got sick and died.”

“Looks like she’s been watching too much ‘Gunsmoke’.” Mother said, but I could tell she wasn’t really mad. “Linda, don’t be asking stuff that’s none of your business. Get your biscuit and go stand on the top step!” Mother sputtered. I certainly knew better than to ask nosey questions, but sometimes my curiosity got the best of me.

“She didn’t mean no harm,” Miss Laura chuckled, “But I tell you who I could’a shot.”

I lingered on the top step to listen in…

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Bradley gets Giggles – end the day with laughter.


I saw this in 2011 – my mother 94 at the time and more than a little dotty got the joke immediately and started to laugh – we dissolved into giggles together which at the time was wonderful. Someone posted on FB and my husband came rushing up to find out why I was laughing so much – he joined in. I dare you to keep a straight face. Thank you Bradley for ending the day on a high note.