Writer in Residence- Paul Andruss

word-cloud-19I am delighted that author Paul Andruss has generously agreed to join Smorgasbord on a more regular basis going forward.. I hope that you will head over and follow his blog and download his books so that you can read a great deal more of his work.

Here are the new and exclusive posts so far.

A Christmas Tale of Woe


Stevie Smith – Still Waving (After all these years).




The Birch Maiden


Or a Horse Might Talk


Dorothy – My Gift from God


Writer in Residence Extra.

Paul has opened his own blog archives up so that I can share some of his older posts.

https://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com/2017/03/17/writer-in-residence-extra-kopi-luwak-or-civet-coffee-by-paul-andruss/  The cost in terms of animal welfare of drinking Civet Coffee

Blog Sitting Specials.

The conquerors who have shaped history across the centuries by forcing their will on our cultures.


A French ship is wrecked and men are faced with making inhuman efforts to stay alive.


A blast from the past..Lou Reed’s Walk on the Wild Side and  the legendary Andy Warhol and those that were drawn to his unique style and view on life.


The British royal family has a complex past that makes for fascinating reading. Tsars and Princesses, denial and mystery.


The Cottingley Fairies captured the attention of the British Public in 1917 and still devides those who believe or do not believe in the existence of these magical little creatures. Which side are you on?


Houdini was desperate to reach to the other side to speak to his mother but was appalled at the fraudulent practices of mediums and spiritualists.. He attempted to set up a method of communicating with his wife in the event of his death.. read on to find out how!.


In 1855 footprints in the snow in Devon were regarded as ominous by the local villagers. Cloven hooves.. but only two and in single file…. a similar event was recorded in 2009. So who could have made those prints across 154 years?


Find out more about Paul Andruss and his books : http://www.paul-andruss.com/about/

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