Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Friday January 3rd 2020 – #Flash Charli Mills, #Betareaders John W. Howell, #Timemanagement James J. Cudney

Welcome to the first Blogger Daily of 2020 with a new look but the same purpose, to showcase a handful of bloggers each day and encourage you to head over to read their posts in full.

The first post is from Charli Mills of Carrot Ranch with news on the home front, and also this week’s 99 word flash fiction challenge. A lot going on at the Carrot Ranch and Thursdays one day a month are going to be very interesting with an opportunity to read your flash fiction and talk about your writing via Skype, Facetime or even phone.. more details in the post which as always is entertaining and full of great ideas.

Outside my front steps, little brown pellets form a scattershot design in the freshly scooped snow. “Farfennugens” comes to mind. It’s a made-up word from the last century — the 1990s. I don’t remember who came up with it, but I recall the incident. My eldest went into kindergarten, where Mrs. C had a classroom bunny. Gus was his name. Every student had a turn, taking home Gus for the weekend. He made similar brown pellets throughout our house, and we called them farfennugens.

These wild farfs puzzle me. Why at the front steps? Our neighborhood bunnies shy away from the doors. When I take Bobo outside, I wander their trails with my gaze, noticing where they dash, where they hunker, and where they hide. I’ve never seen them venture so boldly up the driveway to the steps. And then I recall my poor pitch. Let’s hope I have a better pitch for my thesis than I do with my arm!

Head over to read the post and find out more about this week’s flash fiction challenge: January 2nd 2020 Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge

John Howell has put out a request for Beta Readers for his latest novel.. so those of you who would be happy to fill that role, please head over to John’s for full details.

Friday JohnKu – AKA – TGIF and Call for Beta Readers

“What on Earth are you looking for Twiggy?”
“Friday is already here. Today is Friday.”
“You’re kidding. I thought it was Monday.”

It is Friday again on the calendar, and yet I am so confused as to what day it is really. Yesterday felt like a Sunday because of the mid-week holiday. I had what would typically be a Sunday meal yesterday, so my body still thinks today is Monday. Yes, today feels like Monday but then if it were, tomorrow would be Tuesday and four days before the weekend, and that feels all wrong. So let’s just go with the calendar. TGIF.

My WIP tentatively titled Eternal Road – The Final Stop is now ready for a beta read. This is a different story than the one I usually tell. Here is the blurb.

James and Sam are on a quest to find James an eternal home. You see, James just died today in a car wreck. Sam was taken fourteen years ago in an abduction and not seen since. Now Sam has come to lead James to his eternal home. Yeah, you guessed it. Sam was taken and murdered.

Why is she back? She has been in training all this time for the sole purpose of leading James through the process of selecting his eternal place. The point is, Sam, and James were close in grade school and so Sam was selected to help James cross over to his new life.

Head over and read more of the blurb and to contact John, I have read all his books and I am sure this will be excellent: John W. Howell looking for Beta Readers

John Howell, Buy: Amazon USand on: Amazon UK –  Goodreads: John Howell Goodreads Blog: John W. Howell. com

And now for a post that has some excellent strategies for increasing the amount of time you have to take care of the important stuff in your life… like writing, reading and blogging.. From James J. Cudney and I am sure he would love to hear your time-saving tips too.

Tips & Advice: General Life – Time Management

It’s the third installment of the General Life segment in the Tips & Advice feature on the This Is My Truth Now blog. If you’re new to this segment, scroll toward the bottom to learn more about it and me. Today’s topic will focus on developing our time management skills.

Time management is an art form. Many people have mastered it. Tons of people can’t figure it out. I’m somewhere in the middle. There are days where it’s mid-afternoon and I have no idea how the day passed by with so little accomplished. Sometimes I’ve gotten more done in two hours than most others finish in an entire day. It’s fluid, and not a day goes by where I don’t think about what I could’ve done differently. So, I ask a fun question before I delve into how I manage my time… who doesn’t think about how to best organize their day while in the shower each morning? (No funny/dirty comments either — save those for direct messages. No, please don’t. LOL)

Find out more about Multi-tasking and other time saving stratagies that James recommends: Tips advice, general and life – Time Management by John J. Cudney

James J. Cudney, Buy: Amazon US and:  Amazon UK  – Website/Blog: This is my truth nowGoodreads: James J. Cudney

Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will head over and read the posts in full.. thanks Sally.

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