Whimsical Wednesday..with CarolCooks2…

Carol had posted her regular Whimsical Wednesday slightly later than usual, due to some sad family news. As Covid-19 spreads it is touching on all our lives and that of family and friends. Carol however lifts our spirits including sharing what we are missing by not living in Thailand… giant spiders trying to gain entry to the house and a snake going into its own isolation in her garden… happy with my field mice thank you…. some recipes and the usual whimsy to enjoy when you head over… thanks Sally

Retired? No one told me!

Good morning it is a lovely day here the birds are singing quite loudly today although the squirrels were licking up a fine racket with their antics so I think the birds are joining in…

We have had two uninvited guests over the last two days…the snake shows no sign of wanting to move but as long as he stays away from the house we are happy…The spider was trying to get in…

Both are harmless of left to their own devices…

Did you know?

Anna Maria “Marie” Tussaud, the woman behind one of London’s most famous tourist attractions, died on this day at the age of 89. She had spent a lifetime creating lifelike waxworks of the famous and the infamous from murderers to monarchs; from pop stars to politicians; from the beautiful to the beastly.

Today Madame Tussauds – there is no longer an apostrophe – has branches…

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