Smorgasbord Short Stories – Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction – True Grit by Sally Cronin

This week’s Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge by Charli Mills was to use the title of one of the greatest western’s of all time True Grit in one form or another.. Since is was my father’s favourite film (along with any John Wayne Western) I have responded with this.

True Grit

Each year on her late father’s birthday, Molly would watch True Grit, his favourite western. This year she was nine months pregnant and hoping after three boys it might be a girl. Her husband rubbed her ankles, passing her tissues as she wept at the end of the movie. The baby kicked and Molly felt a sharp pain.

‘It’s on the way love.’ She smiled at him. ‘I am going to call the baby Mattie, boy or girl.’

‘Thank God, I thought you were going to say Rooster for a minute.’ Laughing and excited they headed out the door.

©Sally Cronin 2019

If you would like to participate you have until September 10th:

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I hope you enjoyed my bit of flash and your feedback is always welcome.. thanks Sally.

40 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Short Stories – Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction – True Grit by Sally Cronin

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  2. You talked about remakes. I haven’t seen a remake yet that was as good as the original, and often wonder — with millions of books out there why the heck do the movie makers continue to do remakes?

    My dad’s favorite was Marion Morrison — uh, John Wayne — too. I think we watched every John Wayne movie in existence twice over. 🙂 But it was time with my dad, who worked 2 jobs, and that’s what I treasure the most.

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