Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Memories, Music and Movies – 1986 – Halley’s Comet -Hawaii – Magnum PI – Top Gun by Sally Cronin

I cannot remember a time when music and movies where not a part of my life.

1986 – Halley’s Comet -Hawaii – Magnum PI – Top Gun

In celebration of our time in America and the wonderful people we met and still are in touch with, here is our second year living in Houston and some of the adventures we enjoyed. We actually ended up visiting all the East and West Coast as well as driving across country.. On this trip we wanted to see the once in a lifetime visit of Halley’s comet.

It is now 1986 and we were very aware that we only had a year left of David’s contract in America and that we needed to step up our explorations. In that twelve months we visited the East and West coasts and made the epic road trip from Houston to New Mexico with a friend to try and glimpse Halley’s Comet: Wikipedia

Halley’s Comet only appears every 76 years and being such a rare visit we needed to find a very special place to try and view this once in a lifetime event . We opted for the car park of Carlsbad Caverns which is an enormous underground network of caves.

We explored the 119 caverns hundreds of feet below ground in the day; at night we returned to the car park miles from any light pollution and lay on ground sheets searching the star filled sky above us.

The second night we were rewarded with the most amazing, if very tiny, sight of this elusive comet with our low resolution telescopes and just about with the naked eye. We had taken a rucksack with us with hot coffee and snacks and as we watched this astral display, we heard the rucksack being dragged off into the undergrowth. Fearing we had been targeted by large felines; we aimed our combined torches at the predator. A raccoon stared back at us challenging our refusal to pay the car park fees! We persuaded him that this was not acceptable and were able to enjoy our breakfast at dawn surrounded by deer and a view that stretched for miles across the Chihuahuan Desert.

That year David and I also took advantage of the air miles he had accumulated on all his sales trips and flew to Hawaii for the first of several visits to these magnificent islands. I have to admit at this point that I have always had rather a crush on Tom Selleck…. Magnum P.I and I rather hoped that I might be lucky enough to encounter him on our trip. Whilst waiting for a glimpse of an earthbound comet…. we did some of the usual tourist activities and I splashed out on a wonderful MuuMuu which was set off by my 80s hair.

We also discovered the delight of rum cocktails and completed pre-dinner tasting sessions. The outright winner is the Molokai Mule which is a drink not to be attempted on an empty stomach with the expectation of being able to stand up again afterwards.. It certainly has a mighty kick…here is the recipe for those of you brave enough to attempt! The Cocktail App Molokai Mule

Eventually my secret wish was fulfilled and the day before our flight back to Houston, whilst at a four way stop near Diamond Head, I was rewarded with a fleeting encounter with Magnum P.I. He was in a convertible at the stop opposite us and as we glided past each other like ships in the night I knew that 1986 had been a very special year!

1986 Music

The music of that year was great with many hits making their way across the Atlantic in both directions. Here is a small selection: Lionel Ritchie Say You Say Me, Dionne Warwick & Friends That’s What Friends are For, Robert Palmer Addicted to Love, Pet Shop BoysWest End Girls, Steve WinwoodHigher Love, Simply Red Holding Back the Years, Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer, MadonnaDon’t Preach, Billy OceanWhen the Going Gets Tough and Bananarama Venus.

In honour of the passing years I have selected Simply Red for this weeks chart track from 1986.Simply Red  

Films were equally interesting in 1986 and we managed to get in a weekly cinema visit wherever we might be at the time. Aliens, Platoon (stunning) The Mission, Crocodile Dundee, The Name of the Rose (highly recommended) Star Trek IV- The Voyage Home, The Color of Money, and Mona Lisa (amazing). Without a doubt the film that followed in the wake of An Officer and a Gentlemen in the romance category, with action thrown in high in the skies for good measure, was Top Gun with the every youthful Tom Cruise. Here is the theme song.. and 30 years later the soundtrack is still on my playlist.

Buy Top Gun:Amazon

Halley’s Comet Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License;

I hope you have enjoyed my step back in time in tribute to our American friends and the two wonderful years we enjoyed as guests in Houston. 

53 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Memories, Music and Movies – 1986 – Halley’s Comet -Hawaii – Magnum PI – Top Gun by Sally Cronin

  1. That is the prettiest MuuMuu ever. My mom bought one when we visited Hawai and she wore it to my daughter’s wedding. She looked so sweet in it. You certainly made the most of your two years in the US and even saw Haley’s Comet and Tom Selleck!

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  2. Sally, I’ve no words which are adequate for describing how much I enjoyed this post.
    Though I was barely moving from my teens into my 20s, I would enjoy this year as none before.
    My life changed the year after with the birth of my child but I’ve not thought of the Pet Shop Boys in years.
    Thanks for a lovely stroll down your memory lane.

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  4. You must have had a blast driving across the US and sightseeing. So cool that you caught the comet, and weren’t devoured by wild raccoons. Lol. And awesome that you made the jump to Hawaii too. Great memories and music, Sally. 🙂

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  5. Love the muu-muu, Sally! We actually got a pretty good glimpse of Haley’s in Chapel Hill, surprisingly. Hawaii was our favorite vacation spot of all the long-distance places we traveled with the kids. I forgot about work for the entire time we were there!

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  6. I agree 1986 was a fantastic year 🙂 I love to explore caves and that one is on my list to see. What a thrill to catch a glimpse of Magium PI!

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  8. I remember your rum adventure in Hawaii! The US Army always said that Top Gun was the Navy’s best recruiting tool. It was! What a great movie. I love Simply Red’s Holding Back the Years. Thanks, Sally!


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