Smorgasbord Book Reviews – #Life #Change – Linda’s Midlife Crisis by Toni Pike

Delighted to share the news of Toni Pike’s latest release – Linda’s Midlife Crisis…

About the book

Meet Linda Lockwood: fifty, fat, frumpy and bullied by her horrible husband Ron and the vile students and principal at the school where she teaches English. But her life is about to undergo a total transformation.

Linda suffers a breakdown after a traumatic classroom incident, and that brings out the worst in Ron and devious principal, Wayne Forsythe. Then she is rocked to discover her husband has a shocking secret.

With her own determination and the help of friends and family, she starts to turn her life around. Her own success might be the best revenge, but life still has some more surprises for Linda.

My review for the book May 21st 2022

This is a heartwarming read that shares the journey of Linda Lockwood as she suffers bullies in and out of the classroom, a husband who treats her like a doormat and is very vocal in public about her ‘flaws’, and her own lack of self-esteem.

Just how much is too much, and when will Linda finally snap? At 50 years old and at the end of her tether she decides there has to be a better life than this. Especially when her secret dreams are thrown back in her face.

After years as a teacher she is resourceful and over the following months Linda gets back her joy in life and begins to open up to the world. Meeting new friends, being close to family and looking amazing she blossoms.The one area of her life that doesn’t tempt her is romance, but when you are not looking, sometimes it finds you anyway.

This story encourages all those who find themselves suddenly alone and facing an uncertain future that there is hope and a second chance. Recommended.

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A selection of other books by Toni Pike for children and adults

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About Toni Pike

Toni Pike is a multi-genre author who enjoys writing exciting thrillers for adults, non-fiction, and hilarious books for children. She also loves travelling and being with family and friends. She lives in Australia and firmly believes that coffee and long walks are an essential part of any day.

Do you like books that you can’t stop reading? Pike is the author of DESOLATION BLUFF, DEAD DRY HEART and The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series: THE MAGUS COVENANT, THE ROCK OF MAGUS, THE MAGUS EPIPHANY and HOLY SPEAR OF MAGUS.


She’s also the author of two non-fiction books. THE ONE WAY DIET is a no-nonsense guide to losing weight and coping with the journey. HAPPY TRAVELS 101 is a short book of travel tips with great advice for anyone who wants to travel overseas.


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80 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Book Reviews – #Life #Change – Linda’s Midlife Crisis by Toni Pike

  1. Hi Sally, Thank you so much for reading and reviewing Linda’s Midlife Crisis. I’m on cloud nine after reading your wonderful review. I will reblog this weekend. Hugs, Toni x

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  2. Love your review for Toni’s book Sal. Perfectly stated. I just finished this book and writing my review. Will feature next Sunday. Congrats to Toni for all the lovely reviews she’s receiving for this book. ❤

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  3. Congratulations, Toni. This sounds like a great read. I’ll be checking it out for sure! Thank you, Sally, for showcasing Toni and her latest. 💗

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  5. I enjoyed your review, Sally. I love that Linda tried to do what she enjoyed doing and made friends and started to feel good about herself. Your comment about her romance is so true. Congratulations to Toni on this wonderful review. 💖😊

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  6. I enjoyed this book as well. Toni did such a great job of creating a terrible, obnoxious husband. I wish he would have met a worse end. Maybe he will in the sequel. (Hint hint.) I feel Linda’s story isn’t over! Thanks for the super review, Sally.

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  7. Great review, Sally. I love the sound of Toni’s novel, and finding older protagonists always makes me happy. Congratulations to the author!

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