Smorgasbord Book Promotions – Book Review – #Thriller #Fantasy – The Evil You Choose: Dreamer’s Alliance – Book 2 by Dan Antion

Delighted to share my review for Dan Antion and The Evil You Choose: Dreamer’s Alliance – Book 2

About the book

Zach Amstead has kept his ability to participate in lucid dreams a secret for over fifty years However, in the high-tech world of the 21st century, he has been discovered by an FBI Special Agent who has a corrupt agenda and who is willing to employ illegal tactics while working toward his goal.

Thomas Slocum gives Zach a choice – cooperate in an illegal operation or be treated as a terrorist. Slocum’s plan puts Zach on a collision course with organized crime leaders, a corrupt politician and brings innocent people into dangerous situations. Worse, the FBI process which allowed Slocum to uncover Zach’s abilities threatens to expose the abilities of his best friend, Billy.

My review for the book February 11th 2023

The first book Knuckleheads was a great introduction to the characters and also to the powers that Zach and Billy developed over their childhood and teen years.

Now at retirement age and having managed to stay beneath the radar of those who would love to exploit their special abilities, Zach has come to the attention of an ambitious and self-seeking FBI agent and his boss who seems to have his own agenda.

Another player in this game is a powerful underworld boss whose activities are now under scrutiny. Zach’s family and his have had close ties for at least two generations and had reached an understanding that Zach feels honour bound to respect.

This is a fast paced and cleverly written thriller with the added element of the supernatural, which at the same time is almost plausible. We all dream and sometimes those dreams feel very real and even frightening. It makes you wonder if there are people out there with gifts they too wish to keep under wraps, and based on this story, for very good reason.

Keeping track of the various parties and their complex legal and illegal activities, requires not just Zach’s observational skills but Billie’s sixth sense and technical support. Thankfully the author keeps the reader up to date as the plot thickens and then reaches a nail-biting climax.

I thoroughly enjoyed the concept and the flow of the story. It is refreshing to have more mature characters who have an opportunity to put years of experience to good use and are still portrayed as relevant.

I can highly recommend to anyone who enjoys action packed thrillers with plenty of twists and turns.

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Also by Dan Antion


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About Dan Antion

Dan Antion was born outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He grew up and attended college in the area around western Pennsylvania. Dan has written and published the popular No Facilities blog since 2011. A lifelong interest in writing became a reality after he retired from a successful 42-year-long career in information management.

Knuckleheads, published in June 2022, is the first book in the Dreamer’s Alliance Series. This story introduces the main characters in this series, in which the next two books will follow in late summer and early winter 2022.

Dan lives in Connecticut with his wife, a few pets and all the wildlife they can feed.

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  1. Wow! This was such a wonderful post to wake up to, Sally. Thank you! I am so glad you enjoyed The Evil You Choose, and even happier that you understand – you get it. Thanks for sharing this review. I will share this post on Tuesday. I hope you have a great weekend.

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  2. Great post and review, Sally! Dan is a wonderful writer, and like you, I really like his series. Congratulations, Dan–another great review! 🎉🎊🎉

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  3. I love Dan Antion’s settings in the future. This provides a great way diving deep into the story. But it also has an addictive effect, not to end reading before the last page is turned. Thanks for sharing a great review on his newest book, Sally! hugsx Michael

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  4. I read the first in the series, Sally, and really need to get to this one. “This is a fast paced and cleverly written thriller with the added element of the supernatural,…” That’s pretty irresistible. Congrats to Dan on the marvelous review!

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  5. What a fantastic review for Dan’s new book! This one is waiting for me in my TBR pile and I know I am going to enjoy it as much as I did the first one. Congrats to Dan! Thank you for sharing, Sally!

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  8. I loved Knuckleheads and I have the remaining two books in the series downloaded on my Kindle. I need to bump them up in my mammoth TBR.
    Congrats to Dan, and thanks for shining a spotlight on his work today, Sally!

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