Smorgasbord Coffee Time #Haiku – #Ireland Tree Stumps by Sally Cronin

During our renovations of our home here in Ireland, we had to take out some dead trees that would have been a danger to the house structure if they fell down… David who was instructed by his father on the art of tree felling (The Colour of Life – Work on a Timber Gang 1942 has always undertaken our tree felling.. this time it required not just the removal of several 30 foot trees but also necessitated the digging of six feet trenches to get the old roots out. He was as fit as a flea that first summer! And he is currently landscaping and leveling the garden so he is pretty fit this summer too….

My father-in-law Geoff Cronin apart from being a wonderful storyteller, was also a master wood turner, and if he had still been able I am sure he would have turned these discarded stumps into something beautiful. We are lucky to have been gifted some pieces that we treasure.

Here is an example of some of his work which was in high demand.

Thank you for dropping by today.. your feedback is always welcome. Sally

51 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Coffee Time #Haiku – #Ireland Tree Stumps by Sally Cronin

  1. Sally, I already am taken with the pieces before work has been done. Adding wood turning
    skill and art by someone like Geoff Cronin will enhance the woods beauty.
    Wonder what he would have created.

    Thank you for this lovely post.


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  2. I really enjoyed the timber piece yesterday and so this is a lovely follow up. The pieces are beautiful – apart from the professional technique there’s a wonderful feel for the wood itself that’s evident in the way the grain, shape and knots have been used. I’m sure you know how lucky you are to have these beautiful links to family. xx

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  3. I love wood. Thank you for sharing such wonderful objects/art pieces by Geoff. They are beautiful and it’s impossible to look at them without feeling compelled to touch them. And a perfect poem as well. Thanks, Sally!

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  5. Was there anything your father-in-law wasn’t good at?? Lol. Those are just beautiful, Sally. I’m a sucker for wood carved pieces, especially when they retain the unique character of the tree or stump. Your haiku says it all. Hugs.

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