Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Monday 10th May 2021 – #Poetry #Trees Rebecca Budd, #SnailMail Pamela Wight, #BookReviews Jan Sikes

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed in the last few days and I hope you will head over to read in full. Thanks Sally.

Rebecca Budd with a wonderful celebration of poetry, resilience and trees, including a reading by Rebecca  of Trees Need Not Walk The Earth by David Rosenthal..head over to enjoy..

Launched twenty-five years ago in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets, National Poetry Month has been invaluable in igniting an awareness and appreciation of poetry. In Canada, we joined the party in 1998 and are commemorating our 23rd National Poetry Month

This year, the theme rests on the word resilience, which has come to symbolize the spirit of the past year. 

Head over to enjoy this lovely post: Trees Need Not Walk The Earth – Poetry – Resilience with Rebecca Budd

For anyone who misses the thunk of some personal mail hitting the welcome mat, especially for birthdays… here is a feel good post from Pamela Wight that I am sure you will enjoy.

Yesterday my guy received five crank calls that made no sense to him.

The phone calls originated from a CA town where we’ve never lived. The first two calls were hang-ups, then three voice mails, delivered in a shaky female voice: “I have your card. Please call me back.”

“My card? What card?” he worried. He checked his wallet; all of his credit cards were in place.

The next voice mail included more information: “I’m not Barbara, yet your card arrived here.”

My guy was even more confused. He doesn’t send cards. He pays bills, and that’s the extent of his use of stamps. Me? I love snail mail cards and send them often: birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, get wells, and any-excuse-to-send-this-cute-card-to-a-friend card. 

snail mail, birthday cards, mail, stamps

Head over to read this true story of serendipity: Amy Red – Snail Mail Snafu..

You can never have too many books… and Jan Sikes helps us load our TBR’s with her recommended reading from April. These include Cafe members Harmony Kent and Joan Hall.

I have had a month of fabulous reading and want to share the cream of the crop!

Bounty Hunted: Muddy River Mystery 5--a short read (Muddy River Mysteries) by [Judi Lynn]


Bounty hunters come to Muddy River to capture its amiable bartender, Derek Fang, Raven Black, a demon and the town’s enforcer, warns them off because the vampire hasn’t committed any crime. But a succubus who was Derek’s lover centuries ago has finally found him and wants him back–enough to pay big money to whoever brings him to her–alive. 

Head over to read Jan’s review for Bounty Hunted and the other recommended books:Jan Sikes Book Reviews April


Thanks for dropping by and  hope you will head over to enjoy the posts in full thanks Sally.

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