Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – New Series – #Nonfiction – Guest Posts – Who has influenced you the most in your life?

Recently I shared a short series on people how I considered an been a positive influence in my life, either by teaching me to read and write, that dreams can come true, that human kindness comes in many forms or by helping me transition into a responsible adult.

Of course our parents and other members of the family have a direct impact on who we are today, but for me  in addition there are those who came and went in my life, but whilst there changed the way I looked at life in general and my own future.

This series is about the person you feel has had the most influence on your life and has shaped the person you are today, and what you have achieved.  That might be in reaching personal goals or to do with your career.

This is of course also a marketing opportunity for your blog and books, and a showcase of your writing skills.

At the end of the post I have shared the links to my recent series so you can see how it might look when posted.

Some guidelines.

  • If you look back at your life, who would you say had the most influence on who you are today or your life’s achievements?
  • It might be a parent, grandparent, or other relation, perhaps a teacher, employer or someone who you only encountered for a brief period, but changed the course of your life in a positive way.
  • It might be someone you have never met but influenced you in another way such as by their actions or a book that you read by them. This is a tribute to that person.
  • It can be a post your have already written or one that is unpublished.
  • If already published just send me the link.
  • I will top and tail the post with the usual links and a recent review etc.
  • This is an opportunity to show off your writing skills and to encourage readers to follow your blog or buy your books…dress to impress.

What I need from you sent to my email

If you are have been promoted here before.

I just need your word document 1000 to 1500 words and two or three photographs to break up the text.. perhaps of you at that stage in your life or one of the person who you are writing about.

If they are an author then an Amazon link so I can copy the cover of their book or books with a link.

If you have not been featured on the blog before

  • In addition to the word document and photographs for the post I will need your information.
  • A profile photograph, up to date  biography, social media links for website or blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin.
  • If you are an author your Amazon Author page, Goodreads and Bookbub if you are there too.

Once I have received your post

  • I will schedule and let you have the date.
  • On the day of publication I will send you a link for the post.
  • It would be great if you could share your post on your social media.
  • I ask that all comments are responded to individually as it does make a difference to the number of times the post is shared.
  • When shared on social media I will tag you if you are on that platform and it would be great if you could thank the person who has shared the post..

I am looking forward to discovering the amazing people who have inspired you and sharing them here in this series… get in touch… thanks Sally.

My series of posts on those who had an influence on my life.

Thank you Mrs Miller – luv Sally age four ‘n’ haf

Grazzi hafna from Sally aged seven to the old Prickly Pear farmer and his donkey

-Baie dankie my vriend Linda Mooi from Sally aged Ten. Capetown 1963

Thank you Betty Lavington from Sally aged Seventeen – #Drama

Thank you Roland Phillips DDS for teaching me about work ethics


Look forward to hearing from you soon… Sally.


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