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Today I am delighted to share an extract from from the fantasy adventure which I can highly recommend by D.Wallace Peach The Ferryman and the Sea Witch

About the book

The merrow rule the sea. Slender creatures, fair of face, with silver scales and the graceful tails of angelfish. Caught in a Brid Clarion net, the daughter of the sea witch perishes in the sunlit air. Her fingers dangle above the swells.

The queen of the sea bares her sharp teeth and, in a fury of wind and waves, cleanses the brine of ships and men. But she spares a boy for his single act of kindness. Callum becomes the Ferryman, and until Brid Clarion pays its debt with royal blood, only his sails may cross the Deep.

Two warring nations, separated by the merrow’s trench, trade infant hostages in a commitment to peace. Now, the time has come for the heirs to return home. The Ferryman alone can undertake the exchange.

Yet, animosities are far from assuaged. While Brid Clarion’s islands bask in prosperity, Haf Killick, a floating city of derelict ships, rots and rusts and sinks into the reefs. Its ruler has other designs.

And the sea witch crafts dark bargains with all sides.

Callum is caught in the breach, with a long-held bargain of his own which, once discovered, will shatter this life.

An extract from the book

Haf Killick ©D.Wallace Peach

Haf Killick, a city held together by chains, ropes, and anchors, shifted like a beast prodded from its reef with a harpoon. It growled, and across the skyline, its bristle of masts swayed. Grier leapt down the gangplank. Callum followed on his heels. Chains snapped. Planks broke apart and splashed into the sea.

“The Keel,” Grier shouted.

With a nod, Callum sprinted to the next deck that tilted beneath his feet. Lines tethering a fleet of rain-sails grew taut, and those that didn’t snap tore the sails in half. The roar of destruction drowned out the panicked voices of Haf Killick’s crews as they clambered from the holds.

He caught up with Grier in a market. Vendors scrambled to secure their goods, and a group of grease-smudged children shot from a sinking ship. Stacked crates overturned. Jars of slick oil rolled and shattered. Baskets of fish spilled their slippery contents in a vibrant flood of scales. The next ship, an ancient carrack, strained and shuddered against its chains. Callum stumbled. The thunder of cracking wood and rushing water joined with screams as the hull burst outward.

“The anchors,” someone bellowed. “Hoist the anchors!”

Callum shared a glance with Grier, the situation registering simultaneously. Haf Killick hadn’t raised her anchors or prepared the crews. Caspia had defied Panmar, and though the witch pushed the entire relic city toward Brid Clarion, as agreed, in doing so, she used the bargain to break it apart. Decaying relics would wreck, crushed between stronger ships or gutted when their anchors’ capstans ripped through their hulls. The ancient carrack sank, and a schooner glided over it, splintering what remained of its masts. Its forecastle shattered.

At the bulwark, Callum clambered from one deck to the next as the two hulls ground together. He and Grier worked their way south toward the Keel. The ship they traversed juddered sideways. Grier lost his footing, and Callum closed a fist around the man’s collar, heaving him forward. Sweat beaded on his brow, and tension vibrated through his sinews like strings on the verge of snapping. A blast twisted Callum’s head. Soot-filled smoke plumed in the east.

Relics cracked and screeched, broke apart and sank. While some gaps closed, others opened, and anything unsecured tumbled, slid, and crashed. Rats squealed and scurried along the gunwales, while crews bellowed orders and scrambled onto the decks of their sturdier neighbors. People fell to their knees, shielding their heads as the city disintegrated into chaos.

Callum dashed through the panic and bounded over debris, his ankle threatening to twist. Glass crunched beneath his boots. He backtracked when the sea yawned into gaping holes, forcing him to find a different path.

Grier dashed across a swinging bridge. Callum paused for a breath as the guide ropes stretched taut and began to fray. He ran onto the planks. Grier shouted a warning and held out his hand. The bridge fractured, and Callum splashed into the sea, the guide rope still clutched in his fist.

One of the recent reviews for the book on Goodreads

Dec 31, 2021 Bethany Salway rated it five stars it was amazing

Another brilliant novel from D Wallace Peach. This is the third of her books that I’ve read, and it probably won’t be the last. Her characters are instantly believable and their interactions are filled with depth and emotional nuance.

The Ferryman takes place in a vibrant world with a rich political dropback. The fantastic elements of the story are limited and well defined (plausibility is important to me). Mostly these involve breathing via mermaid, and making soul-binding bargains with mystical creatures. The tale invokes reminiscence of childhood fairy tales, especially those that trend towards the dark side, as bargains tend to go awry.

This book had everything I like: a haunting setting, grabbing reveals, and stakes that felt real. Highly recommended 

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About D.Wallace Peach

Best-selling author D. Wallace Peach started writing later in life after the kids were grown and a move left her with hours to fill. Years of working in business surrendered to a full-time indulgence in the imaginative world of books, and when she started writing, she was instantly hooked. Diana lives in a log cabin amongst the tall evergreens and emerald moss of Oregon’s rainforest with her husband, two dogs, two owls, a horde of bats, and the occasional family of coyotes.

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  1. This is my current travel read. And as with all of Diana’s previous stories, she’s managed to create fresh new characters caught in unpredictable circumstances within truly unique worlds and magic systems. I say this sincerely as a lifelong reader of the genre: I know no other author who does this as well and consistently as Diana does. No character, world or plot is ever “recycled.” Each is a new surprise.

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