Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Guest Post – I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now! by Rebecca Budd

I am sure like me, there have been times when you have wondered what difference might have been made to your life, if your younger self had been gifted with the experience and knowledge you have accumulated over the years.

I invited several friends from the writing community to share their thoughts on this subject which I am sure you will enjoy as much as I did.

Today in wonderful style, Rebecca Budd… a huge supporter of the creative community across her several artistic and promotional blogs, shares her thoughts on the prompt. And one of the key elements, is to live in the present and make every moment count.

Rebecca is on a ferry on her way to celebrate the retirement of her younger brother, and it is a perfect time for reflection on her own life and journey.

I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now! by Rebecca Budd



My thanks to Rebecca for creating this wonderful video that shares her thoughts on her own youth and aspirations, but also reminds us that whatever time of life we might be in to make the most of the present and what is to come. I know she would love to hear from you.


About Rebecca Budd

I’m your host, Rebecca Budd.

I am a Blogger, Photographer, Traveler. Above all, I’m a life-long learner.

Tea, Toast & Trivia is about exploring the creative spirit within a dynamic, ever-changing global world. The pursuit of creativity is essential. It speaks to the soul of our culture and society. It allows us to celebrate our individuality and our togetherness. We live in a world that offers unimaginable possibilities.

My goal is to encourage a deep and profound awareness of our personal journeys. There is always a story to be read, an adventure to be imagined, and an idea to be understood. Our conversations and connections give meaning to the present while expressing the universal hopes and aspirations of humanity.

Sharing a cup of tea signals a pause, a breathing space.

Toast signifies bread – the staple food that has been with us since ancient days.

And trivia – those seemingly insignificant details that we soon forget – they are important. They influence our actions and define our lives. Isn’t it time to give relevance to what we overlook in our busy, even frantic schedules?

So put the kettle on and join me for Tea, Toast and Trivia.

I’m looking forward to sharing in our ongoing conversation.

Connect to Rebecca via her blogs includingTea Toast and TriviaClanmotherLady BuddChasing Art  – Facebook: Rebecca G. BuddTwitter: @ChasingArt


Thank you for dropping in today and it would be wonderful if you could share the post.. thanks Sally.

122 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Guest Post – I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now! by Rebecca Budd

  1. I loved this! Rebecca has such a calming and uplifting effect and she took your prompt and delivered it whilst in ‘transition’ on a ferrry, in one beautiful and considered response. The allegory of our lives as chapters in a book worked perfectly and I took down the same words as Pete – ‘Live boldly and with great joy’. Another unique take on this series, Sally, and one that was supremely positive and embraced an acceptance of the ‘now’. xxx

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  2. Wow! I just loved this. It made me somewhat homesick as I watched the scenery go by. I have taken that very same ferry many many times and never grow tired of it. Thanks so much, Rebecca for your words of wisdom and hope. My favourite part of the video was “And it turned out even better than I imagined.” which resonated with me because it certainly did. Thank you Sally for featuring Rebecca. The fact that my two favourite bloggers are connected, makes me so happy. You both rock!

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    • I was thinking of you, Darlene, because I knew that you have travelled this way many times. I was also thinking about Marcelle because I want to make that voyage to Mudge Island one day too. Many thanks for your heartwarming comments, for sharing your ability to tell stories, to bring joy to children 8 – 91. My mother, Frances, is looking forward to Amanda in France which I have pre-ordered on March 21, 2022. I love the quote by Colette, “What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner.” What I love best about moving on in my timeline, is that I have so much to look back on and can see more clearly, how wonderful my life turned out.

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      • We will. Frances has every one of the Amanda books in paperback and I have in Kindle. I splurged and bought a Kindle. What I found out was that all I need to do press a button on the screen and the book is immediately purchased. It is so exciting and I am practicing my “button pressing” skill sets.

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  3. Thank you Sally, for your support, encouragement, and care of the indie community. I am honoured that you would include me in “Then and Now” series, alongside such wonderful writers and storytellers. You create compassionate communities wherever you go – you embrace a global world. Thank you for your support of TTT – I am looking forward to our next conversation over tea. Sending much love and many hugs along with my gratitude for all you do.

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  4. What a positive way to look back, keeping the darker parts away! Thanks for an inspirational message Rebecca, much appreciated and yes, Sally builds a community wherever she goes! She is a light that brightens our blogosphere. 😊🤗

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  5. I love the idea of telling your 18 year old self to look at life as a story. I think I would have told my 18 year old self to enjoy the ‘ride’ more just as you were enjoying that lovely ferry ride as you were telling your story.

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  6. Beautiful video, Rebecca! I’m glad the weather held for your trip to the island, it’s been a windy, wild spring so far 🙂
    Your message is inspiring. I especially like your analogy with life being a story and all of our encounters, facets of that story- beautiful.
    Hope you enjoy your brother’s retirement party, congrats to him!

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  9. Rebecca puts together such a beautiful video, only matched by her inspiring positivity. What a treasure she is to our writing and arts community. I also share her belief that life is a story and most of us are free to write our own. It’s not a story to waste. Lovely guest and share, Sally. Thanks to you both for the beautiful post to end my day. 🙂

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