Smorgasbord Blogger Weekly – #Goodnews John Howell, #Steampunk Richard Dee, #Poetry Robbie Cheadle & Yvette Calleiro, #Characters Gwen Plano, #Reunion Pete Springer & Jennie Fitzkee, #Interview Marcia Meara & Mike Allegra

A small selection of posts I have enjoyed in the last week and I hope you will head over to read in full.

In the first post today John Howell shares a wonderful feel good story about how an anonymous donor has made a huge impact on 100 student’s lives by wiping their college debts.

Head over to enjoy this good news story: John Howell – Friday Good News

Next – If you were unsure about the genre Steampunk, Richard Dee shares the background and an excellent example to illustrate the finer points.

Head over to discover more about this interesting genre: What about Steampunk with Richard Dee

Now for a wonderful interview and poetry as Robbie Cheadle chats to author and poet Yvette M Calleiro about her work and favourite poetry..

Head over to enjoy Yvette’s poignant poetry and her interview with Robbie: Treasuring Poetry, meet Yvette Calleiro with Robbie Cheadle

Now an amazing post by Gwendolyn Plano writing for Story Empire on writing characters within a political or wartime environment. She uses the amazing story of War Correspondent Marie Colvin as an example and if you have not seen the film A Private War I can highly recommend.

Head over how to best portray your characters within a political environment: Gwen Plano – Our Characters and their political interests

It is wonderful when we can meet those friends we have made online in real life.. Pete Springer​ was on a road trip to visit his brothers and took the opportunity to meet up with one of the communities favourites, Jennie Fitzkee​ spending time in her classroom much to the entertainment of her students. Some lovely photographs of his time there and of Jennie and her husband. Jennie also posted a delightful post about Pete’s day in her classroom so you get a ‘twofer’

Image @Pete Springer

Head over to enjoy a day in Jennie’s classroom with the post from Pete : The Springer Brothers Reunion Tour Part 1

And also head over to Jennie’s to enjoy hearing about the day: Meeting a Blogger: The Letter, The Book, and the Otter

And to finish today, a highly entertaining interview with children’s author Mike Allegra who shares his thoughts with Marcia Meara on procrastination as a house husband and father, including pesky goat videos on YouTube and the need to clean the microwave…

Head over to enjoy this lovely interviewGuest Day Tuesday with Mike Allegra and Marcia Meara

Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy these posts in full.. thanks Sally.

54 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Weekly – #Goodnews John Howell, #Steampunk Richard Dee, #Poetry Robbie Cheadle & Yvette Calleiro, #Characters Gwen Plano, #Reunion Pete Springer & Jennie Fitzkee, #Interview Marcia Meara & Mike Allegra

  1. How lovely to have Mike’s fantastic interview included with all these super bloggers and their entertaining posts, Sally! Thanks so much for passing it along. So far, every single thing I’ve read by Mike has left me laughing like crazy, and I hope some of your followers will stop by to check out his visit on The Write Stuff! Great Blogger Weekly!! 😊😊😊

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  2. Thanks so much for sharing my meeting with Jennie. We may be more than 3,000 miles apart, but I will continue to be one of her biggest cheerleaders, Sally. (Where did I put my pom poms?) I am ecstatic about meeting Jennie, her husband, coworkers, and students. They’ve got many great things going on at her school.

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