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Explore the spiritual side of our natures as D.G. Kaye shares her experiences and research into this element of our lives.

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Are you familiar with Astral Projection?

Welcome back to my Spiritual Awareness series here at Sally’s Smorgasbord. Today I’m speaking about the act of Astral Projection. So, what is Astral Projection?

The astral plane is the realm of dreams and spirits. When we astral plane, we are taken to a level beyond the physical where we live here on earth. Astral Projection is the vehicle method we use to visit an intermediate world of light between heaven and earth. Those who have astral traveled say when in the astral, they can feel they are in the present, along with all their senses. People often experience this during illness or if they’re involved in a near death experience, if not practiced intentionally.

Astral planing is a spiritual journey of the out of body experience, known as OBE. It is like floating out of our bodies and watching our body below, not unlike what many tell us they experience in near death situations, or while in an operating room as their soul spirit watches from above. The nature of astral traveling is we can explore another plane that does exist. It is said that approximately 10% of the population has had an OBE (out of body experience). So how would we know if we’ve astral planed?

Astral planing is basically, lucid dreaming. It is the separation of our spirit body from the physical body allowing us to experience the astral realm. And remember, our body is still connected by a silver cord, enabling us to return anytime. In actuality, it is the brain’s body schema (its perception) of our physical form being altered. Nothing is “leaving” our body, we can literally only feel our conscious self, leaving our body when we start to fall asleep, that is why we sometimes feel like we’re falling while dreaming as we are startled and our body shakes us awake. the first step to starting an astral projection.

The goal is to transcend our physical being, mentally. Our soul doesn’t disconnect completely from our body, it’s just something people say as a way to describe astral projection.

It’s important to do our research before attempting astral projection, making sure we have a clear and pure intention because astral projection is the law of attraction for the soul, meaning that whatever we reflect will come back to us during our soul journey.
While we sleep, our subconscious is in control. The difference between unconscious astral travel when asleep and dreaming, and practiced astral projection, is by using conscious astral projection, we’re able to control where our soul travels, also referred to as conscious sleeping.

How to Astral Travel

Lie down or sit in a chair in a quiet place and focus solely on your deep breathing. Do this until your mind draws blank and the only sound you hear is the sound of your deep breathing, and you’re just about to fall asleep, but still awake. Continue on with deep breaths for approximately 20 minutes when you will begin to feel a tingling or numbness within your body, and you eventually lose consciousness of your physical body. Don’t panic, stay focused, and do not move or allow in any thinking, just stay focused on the breath, this is part of the process. Once we’ve achieved this vibrational stage, we can begin to use our willpower in one of several ways.

Vibrational Stage

Our vibrations have now been shifted to an alternate frequency, which enable us to project. We must next visualize ourselves moving – without moving, as we need to begin lifting ourselves out of our physical bodies.

We must now focus our imaginations and intentions with eyes closed and using visualization. There are various methods we can use for visualization, and as time progresses with practice, we eventually discover what works best for our focus. But one suggested method is that we close our eyes and imagine there is a rope hanging above us. Then we must reach up (with our astral bodies) and grab on to the rope, without moving any body parts.

This event takes a lot of practice, and admittedly, I still have not mastered it myself, as I have a very active imagination and have a difficult time doing deep concentration, but I’m working on it. It’s natural for us to be pulled right back into our bodies the first few times until we get a natural handle on astral traveling. Once we master this, we will be free to journey to wherever we wish. When we’re ready to return to our bodies, all we have to do is ‘think’ it.

What will you experience in Astral Traveling?

  • We may feel as though our body is paralyzed, similar to when we sleep.
  • Some say they feel their heart rate escalate as astral traveling exerts a lot of energy.
  • Some will feel a tingling through their bodies, where others claim to feel an electricity-like vibration through them. This happens when energy points reach a synchronized resonation.
  • Others claim they begin to hear a loud buzzing noise, or a hum. Some say it’s a light buzzing sound, while others claim they feel as though they were near proximity to a jet plane.
  • Some explain they feel numbness, while others claim they feel a vibrational tingle throughout their bodies, feeling anywhere from a gentle brushing against them to a dire itchiness.
  • Some claim they feel an overwhelming blanketed feeling all around them, while others say they feel an immense pressure around their heads that doesn’t last long. Experts claim this is due to increased activity in the crown center from separation of body and spirit.
  • Another common sensation is a heated sensation through the center of the body, raising upward to the chest area. This is explained because of the amount of energy exerted to astral plane.
  • Some claim they feel either a sinking or floating sensation as they begin to separate mind and body, while others describe the feeling as one of being on a roller coaster. These occurrences are attributed to the separation of the astral body as the physical body leaves behind all the physical feelings associated with our physical form.

If we are feeling any or all these sensations, we are on the right path to astral projection.

Are there dangers in Astral Traveling?

It’s important to learn the caveats of Astral traveling. This journey is not a dangerous one, but it is advised that we prepare properly before beginning a journey. A common fear is that someone may die while trying this. This is not true.

Others question about whether or not we can become possessed by some demon entity. Keep in mind, we can only let in evil spirits if we invite them in, or if we are vibrating at a low frequency. We must be firm with any entities we may encounter while traveling. We have only to remember to say no to them and at the same time envisioning our protection of white light around us as a shield. It’s also a good idea to begin the procedure by asking the higher powers to protect us on our journey.

Remember, we can’t get be separated from ourselves or get trapped while in another realm or when returning back to our physical bodies because of our free will. It can sometimes feel as though we’re trapped, but we never are. We need only to focus our energies on returning to our bodies. And our ‘silver cord’ will always bring us back.
Remember, our physical world is a lot more scarier than the astral realms!

So, what is the Silver Cord?

In short, it’s an ethereal thread that connects our souls to our physical bodies – a link, so to speak, connecting our physical selves to our higher selves, which prevents us from getting lost in an astral realm. Some claim they can see the cord while astral traveling, and some don’t. Those who do have described it as a strand of silver tinsel, while others say it’s like a string connected to a ball of energy. It’s almost like an imaginary harness.

However, most people say they never see the string while traveling and say it’s like a tethering energy. Regardless of whether we can see the cord or not, just know it is always there. The cord is said to only be broken once we physically die.

It is said that if we were to have an NDE (near death experience), for example, if one is having a heart attack, the soul reaches up for the silver cord and hangs on until such time the patient is revived and comes back into themselves as they are revived. If they die, the cord is severed. This is why many people claim they have looked down on themselves onto their physical bodies and have seen all that has gone on before they were revived, they were still connected by the cord.

The silver cord has been referred to by many religions, cults, and history books. Here is a direct quote from the bible:

“Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern. Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return unto God who gave it.”

Below, I’d like to share some helpful links for you to learn more about Astral Projection.

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I hope I’ve enlightened you all about the Astral Projection journey. If any of you have tried this, please share your experience in comments.

Below is a good video that helps prepare the mind for Astral Projection

Here is a wonderful video to help guide you through an astral journey

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My thanks to Debby for another fascinating post on the spiritual side of our natures. I know she would love to hear from you.

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One of the reviews for P. S. I Forgive You

Martha Perez5.0 out of 5 stars Splendid Healing Read!!! Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 10, 2022

Many of us came from a flawed family. Unfortunately, we can’t choose our parents, and when a child is abused, they will carry the pain throughout their lives. It’s an emotional roller coaster; the author speaks from her heart and soul. This story is heartfelt. You will have tears flow down your cheeks. It’s not easy to forgive, but I am glad she has written this book.

A mother’s love should be unconditional, but when they have gambling and other problems, they exercise control over their children by being selfish and not loving. It’s a recipe for disaster. Why her mother wasn’t happy reflects on her daughter’s hurt she carries throughout her life and the neglect and abuse of the family.

I understand why writing her journey was so important. It’s like letting go of a butterfly jarred to be free to fly away from the Suffocation from her past.

I don’t think we can ever understand why some parents do what they do. We must heal from the bad and be grateful for the good. I could relate with D.G. Kaye. My parents were alcoholics and gave us away. It’s important to forgive, but you never forget. I highly recommend this fantastic book.

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102 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Spiritual Awareness – Are you familiar with Astral Projection? by D.G. Kaye

  1. I’ve heard of this but it seems as if it would take a lot of practice to maintain awareness at the edge of sleep. So interesting, I’ll have to do a little research, and study the process. Debby, always amaze me with your knowledge about these rare practices. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, C

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  2. One of the stories my mum always tells is of how she had an ‘out-of-body’ experience when giving birth to my youngest sister. (Who has also experienced out of body events too.)
    She recalls the long labour and how she heard someone nearby giving birth, she left her body to check on the patient nearby and returned to look down on herself in labour.
    She came back as the baby was born.
    Mum is/was keen on yoga and spiritual healing. (Colours, numerology and graphology)
    Probably why she is still so fit and active at 94?

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  3. I’ve done this many times, but not on purpose – it usually happens if I wake up in the night. It has been the inspiration behind my children’s novel ‘The Slapstyx’.
    (Sorry about the shameless self-promotion – it just seemed too good an opportunity to miss!)

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  4. I have heard of astral travel. My mother had an ‘out of body experience ‘. It was when my sister was living at home. She (my sister) had gone out with a friend. Mum was alone when she felt she was having a heart attack. She told me she found herself looking down on her body and thought, ‘If this is dying, it’s nothing to be afraid of.’ Then she said she thought of my sister and her friend. ‘I can’t let those two girls come back and find me dead.’ So she forced herself, somehow to return to her body.
    She lived for at least 20 years after that.
    Katherine Kerr refers to it in her Devery novels, too.

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  5. I had an OBE years ago. It was an unplanned event, as I knew absolutely nothing about astral projection at the time. I was in bed and suddenly I became paralyzed and up I went, out of my body, floating into what seemed like a tunnel with a bright light shining in the distance, a loud buzzing sound, and light beings paving the way. A lot of what you described reminds me of my experience, Debby. I will never forget it as long as I live. It changed my life. Thanks for sharing and thanks to Sally for hosting. Hugs

    Reblogged on Improvisation – “The Art of Living”

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  6. I haven’t done this, Debby, though I’d be a willing participant. I’ve had flying dreams, which I think must be similar, and I have half-moments of separating from my physical body, but the instant I realize it, I pop back in. Maybe something to work on in the new year. Thanks for the fascinating post, my friend. And thanks for sharing, Sally. 🙂

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  7. From time to time, when I am dreaming I become aware that it is a dream and I tell myself I can do anything I want since I’m dreaming. I almost always decide to fly like a bird, and it is a wonderful experience, and odd, since I’m not that fond of heights!

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  8. Very interesting, Debby. I’ve had an OBE one time, and it was not an intentional experience. I was meditating and suddenly I was looking down at myself from the ceiling. The spirit me felt compassion and curiosity for the physical me. The latter was struggling, and the spirit me was free. Anyway, it was an eye-opening experience, one I cherish. 😊

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  9. I have been actively practicing meditation since the seventies and have experienced what you describe in this post. I was thrilled to see you post a guided meditation to lead to astral projection. It’s an amazing experience. You are aware your body is still there, but you are an observer of it. Fantastic post, Debby! Great advice!

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  10. I’m still working through meditation and have not experienced anything similar (yes flying dreams, but nothing else), but, as you say, it’s a matter of perseverance. Thanks, Debby, for another fascinating post, and thanks, Sally, for hosting this series.

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  11. Good globe to all round the world!
    I’ve had Out-of-Body-Experiences for years.
    At first, I didn’t realize what was happening to me. I was only 12-years-old the first time.
    When I was 15 I met an older high-school student who’s parents were Pagan.
    She explained what was happening and started me on my way.
    As is the way of things and teens, I dropped it after a while.
    Then, in my early 40s I began a slow tttrip to my spiritual path and began studying in earnest.
    Now, I’m slowly making my way in this ever growing unexplored world.
    Thanks for the resources that’s helpful.

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  13. You have certainly enlightened me, Debby. I am a believer in spirits and angels, because I’ve seen them and met them. I feel so comfortable knowing they are close by that I often close my eyes and have mental conversations with them. They respond with a wave of feeling over me. It’s wonderful. I have not had an Astral Projection. Not yet.

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  14. Another fascinating post, Debby. I’ve never had an OBE – perhaps my thoughts are too hectic and unfocused. I do quite often wake with a falling sensation when dropping off to sleep. I hope you manage to Astral Travel soon – it sounds like a really comforting experience. (Also, that’s a lovely review from Martha.) ♥♥

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  17. I’ve had the near death experience when I was younger in a coma and looking down on myself and feeling completely peaceful. Another time I was meditating in a class with my oldest daughter and was suddenly dancing above us with a happy spirit. I found out my daughter was pregnant soon after and that’s how I met my grandson on the other realm 🙂 I can do it in dreams but haven’t been lately. Great post and information.

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  18. As I said on Debby’s blog, yes, I have had OBE.
    You might think I was crazy when I was young (er) (ish), but I did a lot of drugs.
    Hash brownies were a fave. I’d load up, sit back in a chair in the back yard, and go to it.
    LSD was a fave, but did not always achieve an OBE. However, there were other experiences. LOL!
    I make pot cookies now. They are amazing for focusing on creative endeavours, but more than a mouthful, and a OBE is inevitable, as incredible relaxation is achieved.
    Still, I haven’t partaken of this pleasure, recently.
    I find, at this age of my life, that I get a Pot-Over the next day.
    It’s nothing serious, just 24 hours of living in a fog, walking into the odd door jam, etc.! 🙄
    Anyway, I haven’t heard much about OBE in recent years.
    These spiritual awareness posts are great to find in blog land!
    🤗🤗 Thanks both of you! 😘😘

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      • Yes, such things can enhance Out of Body Experiences.

        If used correctly, along with a solid grounding spell and concentrated meditation and focus you’d be quite amazed at what you can do.

        However, if not done correctly it can be rather dangerous to the psyche.

        Of course, when we’re young and experimenting we don’t think about such.

        However, I have over the years of study had some amazing Out of Body experiences via way of Marijuana.

        All good things in moderation.

        I’m too old to be messing about with LSD anymore, but for a blind person I must state the audio hallucinations were rather fascinating.

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    • Lol Resa, I had to laugh at your creative endeavors. I appreciate your sharing your experiences here too. That is interesting though, to learn that smoking or eating pot or hash can evoke an astral projection. I would have to image something like LSD being a hallucinogen might very well give off an astral affect. Thanks again for hopping over here sharing with us. Hugs my friend. ❤ xx

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      • Debby!
        Just love that you have such a fab sense of humour.
        Yes, LSD is not relaxing, or never was for me. It’s kind of a crazy time, but that is in the past.
        Still, the experiences were beyond interesting, and do help with certain understandings today.
        I think you saying “an astral effect” is on the money. It’s not the real deal.
        I could never do a psychedelic today. LOL! Even Magic Mushrooms would be too much.
        Although they are a lot more subtle and gentle.
        I’m getting old! A glass of wine and a couple of puffs in the evening is about it!
        Hugs to you! You are so cool. I’m thrilled we have met! xox

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      • Lolol. You crack me up! Seems like we’re cheap dates LOL. One margarita (jumbo size), and I’m down for the count! Gone are the golden days of tolerance. Glad we met too! LOL Hugs xox

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      • “The golden days of tolerance” …gone.
        What happened? It was going so great! It was bad, and I mean that in the good way.
        Okay, you have a margarita & I’ll have wine.
        Hugs! xox 🌹

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      • Hi Resa, I’m with you on the couple glasses of wine and a couple puffs being enough.

        Wonderful to be so mellowed out at this stage in my life.

        But my out of body experiences are more now than ever before.

        Someone told me when we’re older our out of body experiences get easier.

        I wonder if that’s because one day our bodies will no longer be fit to serve us and we know it and are getting ready to travel onward to another place?

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